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Texas blank.svg Texas
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Hello and welcome to the Texas State Highways task force. If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing.

Scope and goals

The scope of the Texas State Highways project will include all of the highways in Texas that are built and maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), to include the highways part of the United States Numbered Highways or the Interstate Highway System. The scope of the project will also include all toll roads not operated by TXDOT as well other notable roads in Texas that do not fall under the above criteria. For US highways and Interstate highways, a Texas specific version should exist for those that transverse more than the state of Texas, i.e. Interstate 10 in Texas. For the intrastate highways such as I-27, a separate article for Texas is not necessary.

The goal is to document all of the State highways built and maintained by TxDOT, past and present.


Recognized content

AARoads:Texas/Recognized content



I-10.svg Interstate Highways A list of interstate highways within Texas.
US 75.svg U.S. Highways A list of U.S. highways within Texas.
Texas 6.svg State Highways A list of all state highways within Texas.
Texas Loop 9.svg State Highway Loops A list of all state highway loops within Texas.
Texas Spur 18.svg State Highway Spurs A list of all state highway spurs within Texas.
Texas Recreational Road 2.svg Recreational Roads A list of all Recreational Roads within Texas.
Texas FM 1957.svg Farm to Market Roads A list of all Farm to Market Roads within Texas.

Maintenance Categories


Use the following boilerplates to start new articles:


All articles follow the project-wide standards at AA:MURA.

Naming conventions

Road Type Article Location Example
2 digit interstate only located in TX Interstate X Interstate 37
TX specific 2 digit interstate located in multiple states Interstate X in Texas Interstate 10 in Texas
3 digit interstate with only occurrence in TX Interstate X Interstate 820
3 digit interstate with occurrences in other states Interstate X (Texas) Interstate 110 (Texas)
U.S. route only located in TX U.S. Route X U.S. Route 96
TX specific U.S. route located in multiple states U.S. Route X in Texas U.S. Route 90 in Texas
State highways Texas State Highway X Texas State Highway 6
State highway loops Texas State Highway Loop X Texas State Highway Loop 1
State highway spurs Texas State Highway Spur X Texas State Highway Spur 364
Farm to market roads Farm to Market Road X Farm to Market Road 1
Ranch to market roads Ranch to Market Road X Ranch to Market Road 1221
Urban roads At common name, Farm to Market Road X or Ranch to Market Road X Farm to Market Road 270
Principle Arterial Street System roads At common name, i.e. Huebner Road (San Antonio, Texas) or Mykawa Road (Houston, Texas)



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Citation templates

{{TxDOT}} is used to cite the TxDOT Highway Designation files. See that template for full documentation, but it's used to produce something similar to:

  • Transportation Planning and Programming Division (n.d.). "Interstate Highway No. 35-E". Highway Designation Files. Texas Department of Transportation. Retrieved January 1, 2012.

{{TxDOT map}} is used to cite various maps published by the Texas State Highway Commission or the Texas Department of Transportation. Currently, it supports 1917, 1919, 1922, 1926, 1928, 1933, or 1936 maps.

{{TxDOT minutes}} is used to cite various minute orders, minutes and agendas published by the Texas State Highway Department, Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation and Texas Department of Transportation between 1917 and the present.

{{Texas Mapbook}} is used to cite either the current (2014) or most recent old (2012) version of the Texas Department of Transportation County Mapbook.

Stub templates

User templates

{{AARW user|USA|TX}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

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