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Request a map


To request a map, please post below. Your request will be then handled by a member of the maps task force. To submit a request, please follow these instructions for the quickest processing time:

  1. Add a new section by clicking the plus sign next to "edit this page".
  2. Enter the link to the road article you want to have mapped in the subject/headline.
  3. Leave a short blurb in the edit box and sign.
  4. Save the page.

Your cooperation in following the above instructions is greatly appreciated.

Maps task force members: To accept a request, please sign up for it by typing *'''Accepted''' --~~~~ in the blank line located between the section header and the beginning of the request paragraph. Exceptions for static images must be requested from the rest of the task force; otherwise, maps should be created using GeoJSON in commons.

B-class articles and better requests

These are the top priority requests and they will be filled prior to lower quality articles requests.

C, start and stub class requests

These requests will only be completed once the above requests have been completed or if an editor takes a special interest in your request. In order to expedite your request, improve the article to B-class assessement quality.