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Highway 416 entering Ottawa

King's Highway 416 is a 400-series highway in the Canadian province of Ontario that connects the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 417) in Ottawa with Highway 401 between Brockville and Cornwall. The 76.4-kilometer-long (47.5 mi) freeway is part of an important trade corridor between New York and Eastern Ontario. It passes through a largely rural area, except near its northern terminus where it enters the suburbs of Ottawa (approach to Ottawa pictured). It had two distinct construction phases. Highway 416 "North" was a 21-kilometer (13 mi) freeway starting from an interchange at Highway 417 and bypassing the original route of Highway 16 into Ottawa along a new right-of-way. Highway 416 "South" was the twinning of 57 kilometers (35 mi) of Highway 16 New—a two-lane expressway bypassing the original highway that was constructed throughout the 1970s and finished in 1983—and the construction of a new interchange with Highway 401. Sections of both opened throughout the late 1990s. Highway 416 was commemorated as the Veterans Memorial Highway on the 54th anniversary of D-Day in 1998. The final link was officially opened by a World War I veteran and local officials on September 23, 1999. (Full article...)

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Brick-paved section of Lincoln Highway in West Omaha near Elkhorn

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