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Dedicated to the highways and roadways of the Caribbean


Antigua and Barbuda





  • The Chronicle - might show up in British Newspaper Archive eventually, 1910-1917 there now - no website
  • Dominica Guardian - weekly, mostly before 1920

Dominican Republic

  • MOPC
  • Geoportal - has a routelog and shapefiles, but no easy mileages
  • [2] - describes the system




St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Lucia

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago


Templates and categories for the Caribbean project
Country ISO code Module Jctint Jcttop Category Notes
Anguilla AIA AIA {{AIAint}} {{Jcttop}} Anguilla GBR dependency  
Antigua and Barbuda ATG ATG {{ATGint}} {{Jcttop}} Antigua and Barbuda  
Aruba ABW ABW {{ABWint}} {{Jcttop}} Aruba NLD dependency  
Bahamas BHS BHS {{BHSint}} {{Jcttop}} Bahamas  
Barbados BRB BRB {{BRBint}} {{BRBinttop}} Barbados  
Bermuda BMU BMU {{BMUint}} {{Jcttop}} Bermuda GBR dependency  
British Virgin Islands VGB VGB {{VGBint}} {{Jcttop}} British Virgin Islands GBR dependency  
Caribbean Netherlands BES BES {{BESint}} {{Jcttop}} Caribbean Netherlands NLD dependency  
Cayman Islands CYM CYM {{CYMint}} {{Jcttop}} Cayman Islands GBR dependency  
Cuba CUB CUB {{CUBint}} {{Jcttop}} Cuba  
Curaçao CUW CUW {{CUWint}} {{Jcttop}} Curaçao NLD dependency  
Dominica DMA DMA {{DMAint}} {{Jcttop}} Dominica  
Dominican Republic DOM DOM {{DOMint}} {{Jcttop}} Dominican Republic  
Federal Dependencies VE-W VE-W {{VE-Wint}} {{Jcttop}} Federal Dependencies VEN dependency  
Greenland GRL GRL {{GRLint}} {{Jcttop}} Greenland DNK dependency  
Grenada GRD GRD {{GRDint}} {{Jcttop}} Grenada  
Guadeloupe GLP GLP {{GLPint}} {{Jcttop}} Guadeloupe FRA dependency  
Haiti HTI HTI {{HTIint}} {{Jcttop}} Haiti  
Jamaica JAM JAM {{JAMint}} {{Jcttop}} Jamaica  
Martinique MTQ MTQ {{MTQint}} {{Jcttop}} Martinique FRA dependency  
Montserrat MSR MSR {{MSRint}} {{Jcttop}} Montserrat GBR dependency  
Puerto Rico PRI PRI {{PRIint}} {{Jcttop}} Puerto Rico USA dependency  
Saint Barthélemy BLM BLM {{BLMint}} {{Jcttop}} Saint Barthélemy FRA dependency  
Saint Kitts and Nevis KNA KNA {{KNAint}} {{Jcttop}} Saint Kitts and Nevis  
Saint Lucia LCA LCA {{LCAint}} {{Jcttop}} Saint Lucia  
Saint-Martin MAF MAF {{MAFint}} {{Jcttop}} Saint-Martin FRA dependency  
Saint Pierre and Miquelon SPM SPM {{SPMint}} {{Jcttop}} Saint Pierre and Miquelon FRA dependency  
San Andrés y Providencia CO-SAP CO-SAP {{CO-SAPint}} {{Jcttop}} San Andrés y Providencia COL dependency  
Sint Maarten SXM SXM {{SXMint}} {{Jcttop}} Sint Maarten NLD dependency  
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VCT VCT {{VCTint}} {{Jcttop}} Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  
Trinidad and Tobago TTO TTO {{TTOint}} {{Jcttop}} Trinidad and Tobago  
Turks and Caicos Islands TCA TCA {{TCAint}} {{Jcttop}} Turks and Caicos Islands GBR dependency  
U.S. Virgin Islands VIR VIR {{VIRint}} {{Jcttop}} U.S. Virgin Islands USA dependency