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A subpage for a department of the project

ω, or the WikiWork factor, is a metric for assessing the current status of articles. ω is the number of classes a WikiProject is away from having all articles be featured. The formula for obtaining ω is:

ω = b + 2c + 3d + 4e

where b is B-class articles, c is C-class articles, d is D-class articles, and e is E-class articles.

Relative wikiwork, or Ω, is the average wikiwork level of all articles in the project (currently 15). The formula for obtaining Ω is:

Ω = ω/{number of articles}

Current metrics

ω = 18

Ω = 0

Computing the metrics

These metrics are computed by hand using a spreadsheet made in KSpread 1.6.3. One can compute the statistics themselves very easily using the equations above, or you can use this form to get the statistics. However, when manually computing the metrics, be sure to include As in the total number of articles, even though they count zero in the total stats.