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Tabliczka E1.svg Europe
Dedicated to the highways and roadways of Europe



Templates and categories for the Europe project
Country ISO code Module Jctint Jcttop Category Notes
Åland Islands ALA ALA {{ALAint}} {{Jcttop}} Åland Islands FIN dependency  
Albania ALB ALB {{ALBint}} {{Jcttop}} Albania  
Andorra AND AND {{ANDint}} {{Jcttop}} Andorra  
Armenia ARM ARM {{ARMint}} {{Jcttop}} Armenia  
Austria AUT AUT {{AUTint}} {{Jcttop}} Austria  
Belarus BLR BLR {{BLRint}} {{Jcttop}} Belarus  
Belgium BEL BEL {{BELint}} {{Jcttop}} Belgium  
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH BIH {{BIHint}} {{Jcttop}} Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Bulgaria BGR BGR {{BGRint}} {{Jcttop}} Bulgaria  
Croatia HRV HRV {{HRVint}} {{Jcttop}} Croatia  
Cyprus CYP CYP {{CYPint}} {{Jcttop}} Cyprus  
Czechia CZE CZE {{CZEint}} {{Jcttop}} Czechia  
Denmark DNK DNK {{DNKint}} {{Jcttop}} Denmark FRO, GRL
England ENG ENG {{ENGint}} {{Jcttop}} England GBR dependency  
Estonia EST EST {{ESTint}} {{Jcttop}} Estonia  
Faroe Islands FRO FRO {{FROint}} {{Jcttop}} Faroe Islands DNK dependency  
Finland FIN FIN {{FINint}} {{Jcttop}} Finland ALA
France FRA FRA {{FRAint}} {{Jcttop}} France ATF, BLM, GLP, GUF, MAF, MTQ, NLC, PYF, SPM, WLF
Georgia GEO GEO {{GEOint}} {{Jcttop}} Georgia  
Germany DEU DEU {{DEUint}} {{Jcttop}} Germany  
Gibraltar GIB GIB {{GIBint}} {{Jcttop}} Gibraltar GBR dependency  
Greece GRC GRC {{GRCint}} {{Jcttop}} Greece  
Guernsey GGY GGY {{GGYint}} {{Jcttop}} Guernsey GBR dependency  
Hungary HUN HUN {{HUNint}} {{Jcttop}} Hungary  
Iceland ISL ISL {{ISLint}} {{Jcttop}} Iceland  
Republic of Ireland IRL IRL {{IRLint}} {{Jcttop}} Republic of Ireland  
Isle of Man IMN IMN {{IMNint}} {{Jcttop}} Isle of Man GBR dependency  
Italy ITA ITA {{ITAint}} {{Jcttop}} Italy  
Jersey JEY JEY {{JEYint}} {{Jcttop}} Jersey GBR dependency  
Kosovo XKX XKX {{XKXint}} {{Jcttop}} Kosovo  
Latvia LVA LVA {{LVAint}} {{Jcttop}} Latvia  
Liechtenstein LIE LIE {{LIEint}} {{Jcttop}} Liechtenstein  
Lithuania LTU LTU {{LTUint}} {{Jcttop}} Lithuania  
Luxembourg LUX LUX {{LUXint}} {{Jcttop}} Luxembourg  
Malta MLT MLT {{MLTint}} {{Jcttop}} Malta  
Moldova MDA MDA {{MDAint}} {{Jcttop}} Moldova  
Monaco MCO MCO {{MCOint}} {{Jcttop}} Monaco  
Montenegro MNE MNE {{MNEint}} {{Jcttop}} Montenegro  
North Macedonia MKD MKD {{MKDint}} {{Jcttop}} North Macedonia  
Northern Ireland NIR NIR {{NIRint}} {{Jcttop}} Northern Ireland GBR dependency  
Norway NOR NOR {{NORint}} {{Jcttop}} Norway BVT, SJM
Netherlands NLD NLD {{NLDint}} {{Jcttop}} Netherlands ABW, BES, CUW, SXM
Poland POL POL {{POLint}} {{Jcttop}} Poland  
Portugal PRT PRT {{PRTint}} {{Jcttop}} Portugal  
Romania ROU ROU {{ROUint}} {{Jcttop}} Romania  
Russia RUS RUS {{RUSint}} {{Jcttop}} Russia  
San Marino SMR SMR {{SMRint}} {{Jcttop}} San Marino  
Scotland SCT SCT {{SCTint}} {{Jcttop}} Scotland GBR dependency  
Serbia SRB SRB {{SRBint}} {{Jcttop}} Serbia  
Slovakia SVK SVK {{SVKint}} {{Jcttop}} Slovakia  
Slovenia SVN SVN {{SVNint}} {{Jcttop}} Slovenia  
Spain ESP ESP {{ESPint}} {{Jcttop}} Spain  
Svalbard and Jan Mayen SJM SJM {{SJMint}} {{Jcttop}} Svalbard and Jan Mayen NOR dependency  
Sweden SWE SWE {{SWEint}} {{Jcttop}} Sweden  
Switzerland CHE CHE {{CHEint}} {{Jcttop}} Switzerland  
Turkey TUR TUR {{TURint}} {{Jcttop}} Turkey  
Ukraine UKR UKR {{UKRint}} {{Jcttop}} Ukraine  
United Kingdom GBR GBR {{GBRint}} {{Jcttop}} United Kingdom ENG, NIR, SCT, WLS, AIA, BMU, CYM, FLK, GGY, GIB, IMN, IOT, JEY, MSR, PCN, SGS, SHN, TCA, VGB
Vatican City VAT VAT {{VATint}} {{Jcttop}} Vatican City  
Wales WLS WLS {{WLSint}} {{Jcttop}} Wales GBR dependency