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State Highways M-54 and M-83 as a "wrong-way concurrency", near Frankenmuth, Michigan, in the United States

The AARoads Wiki is a free online gazetteer dedicated to roads that anyone with an account can edit in good faith.

Written collaboratively by volunteers, anyone with Internet access (and who is not presently blocked) can write and make changes to AARoads Wiki articles, except in limited cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism.

The mission of AARoads is to provide the most comprehensive coverage of roads and highways online. Featured throughout our sites are photo guides, highway history, project news, maps, and other resources. A variety of topics on AARoads aids in trip planning and research while providing the latest information on an assortment of subjects covering roads across the world.


What are the origins of this project?

This project was formed by former editors of the English Wikipedia, and much of the content was forked from the English Wikipedia in mid-2023.

Why did they leave the project?

After several months of extended discussions and uneven enforcement of policies towards the road subject area, many felt that starting a new project with a new community solely focused on road transportation would be a more viable option. A sampling of such discussions can be found here and here.

What is AARoads?

AARoads is the leading road website in the United States.

How do I contribute?

All users must create an account in order to edit on the wiki.

How do I upload images?

We intend to still use Wikimedia Commons; however, images still on the English Wikipedia will have to be migrated to Commons, or if fair use (i.e. a copyrighted marker), uploaded here. See the images section of the content policy for details.

What about roads outside the United States?

At the inital launch, the AARoads Wiki included articles in the United States and Canada.

For other countries, we are currently evaluating responsible and sustainable methods to incorporate the English Wikipedia content while maintaining a reasonable standard of quality. If you are interested in editing other countries, please reach out at AARoads:International.

What if I still want to contribute to the English Wikipedia?

We desire to respect people's decisions wherever they choose to contribute. However, there have been significant concerns raised about the continued viability of road-related content on the English Wikipedia, leading to an uncertain future.

What are the rules on sourcing? Will they be the same as on the English Wikipedia?

There will be more flexibility with sourcing on this wiki. See the sourcing section of the content policy for details.

Who are the administrators?

With the exception of Alex, the AARoads site owner, most of the initial administrators were former #wikipedia-en-roads channel operators or established members of the U.S. roads project.

What policies do I need to know about to contribute to this site?

Overly rigid enforcement of policy is one of the reasons for forking in the first place. Therefore we have made an effort to be more flexible on policy. With that said, policies that will be enforced can be found at AARoads:Policy. This page is a work in progress and policies will be added as the site matures.

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