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AARoads logo.svg Administrators
A subpage for the AARoads project

The following is a list of administrators:

Administrators have the technical ability to:

  • block users
  • delete pages and hide revisions
  • protect pages
  • rollback vandalism

Rules governing the use of administrator tools will be discussed at a later date, but administrators are expected to be accountable to the community. Administrator rights may be requested at AARoads:User rights requests.


Bureaucrats can add and remove administrators, other bureaucrats, interface admins, and bots, and can also rename users.

Interface admins

Interface admins can edit CSS and JS.

Site owner

As the owner of AARoads.com, Alex (talk · contribs) is the final authority on the site.


This tool is only to be used to remove information sensitive enough to be hidden from other administrators.