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USRD Shield.svg Shield requests
A subpage for a department of the AARoads project

You can request missing or custom shields below. Your request will then be handled by a participant of the shields department. Instructions and guidelines are provided below. Requests will typically be handled by a member of the shields department; however, they can be completed by anyone willing to take on the request.

  • Please be respectful. The editors who create shields are volunteers; give them enough time to create the requested shields while working at their own pace and leisure.
  • If there is a large, repetitive group of graphics needed, please try to request them all at once. When a large request is fulfilled, do not immediately make another large request.
  • Consider using pre-made templates to make the desired shields yourself. Instructions for using the templates are given on the tutorial page.
  • It is currently the working policy of the project that county routes are generally not notable enough to receive their own articles, nor major enough to appear in most junction lists. If you are here to request county route shields, please ensure your request is truly necessary.
Requesting shields
  • Click on the "new section" tab atop the page next to the "edit" link or click the big blue button. Request shields
  • Fill in the fields as follows:
    • Subject/headline: A description of your request; this is typically the name of the road(s) that you are requesting a shield for.
    • Edit box:
      • List the shields that you are requesting and include a wikilink to the main article for each shield. A link Interstate 10 would be provided when requesting File:I-10.svg.
      • If it is not clear what the file is supposed to look like, please attach a picture of what the file should look like. Example
      • Don't forget to sign at the end!
  • Click "Save page".
  • You may also use the "needs-shield" parameter in the project banner on the talk page of the article that needs the shield. Just add |needs-shield=yes and the article will be added to Category:U.S. Roads project articles needing shields.
Completing a request
  • To accept a request, type '''Accepted''' or {{Doing}} in your response to the request.
  • To decline a request, mark the request with {{Not done}} and explain why the files were not made.
  • Unless they are non-free files, upload all files to Commons.
  • Mark completed requests with {{Done}}.
  • If a request is resolved and {{Done}} or {{Not done}} are not applicable, mark it with {{User:ClueBot III/ArchiveNow}}
  • Marked requests will be archived automatically.

Florida SR 570B & 686A

The page List of toll roads in Florida needs shields for SR 686A and SR 570B. Andumé (talk) 17:59, 25 August 2023 (UTC)