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B candidate (aa alternate).svg B-Class review
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Welcome to the B-Class Review (BCR) page, where articles or lists are judged by our community of editors and may be promoted to B-Class. A B-Class article or list is defined as one that is mostly complete and offers a good exploration of the topic for our readers. To that end, B-Class articles and lists comply with the B-Class criteria.

If you know of an article that meets these criteria, you can nominate it below. If you are not a significant contributor to the article, you are encouraged to consult a significant contributor prior to nominating. From time to time, current B-Class status is reviewed to ensure that they are still of acceptible quality. Articles that no longer meet the current criteria may be nominated for demotion using the process below.

List articles may also be nominated here to award BL-Class, or B-Class list status.

How does BCR work?

The BCR process is fairly simple.

  1. An editor nominates an article that he or she feels meets the B-Class criteria. When BCR is busy, editors are urged not to have too many open nominations at a time.
  2. An interested reviewer starts a review and offers feedback based on the criteria.
  3. The nominator addresses the reviewer's concerns by editing the article accordingly.
  4. The reviewer then closes the review when it concludes, updating the article assessment as appropriate.


Initiating a review

  1. Add |BCR=yes to the end of the {{talk header}} banner on the article's talk page, and save the edit.
  2. Click the link in the line that reads "Follow this link and fill out the details in the edit window" to preload the nomination page. Fill in the details and save the nomination page.
  3. Add the name of the article to the end of the Current discussions section below using: {{BCR listing |article= |nominator= |reviewer= }}.
  4. Consider reviewing another nominated article to ensure that they are completed in a timely manner.

Participating in a review

To claim a review, add your user name as the reviewer in the list below. Then start offering your review comments on the linked review page.

Normally only one reviewer participants in each review. If there is an impasse between nominator and reviewer, a second opinion can be solicited by adding |second=yes to the listing template.

Closing a discussion

When the reviewer is satisfied that the article meets the criteria, the review should be closed.

  1. Remove |BCR=yes from the end of the {{talk header}} banner.
  2. If the discussion resulted in a change in the article's quality assessment, then change the assessment as necessary.
  3. Add the review to the article history in the {{talk header}} on the talk page of the article.
  4. Remove the review from the listing below.

Current nominations