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September 7, 2023, is our official grand opening.
See AARoads:Cleanup for editing tasks with which anyone can help.


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As we get this new wiki functional, there are a lot of things new editors can do to assist.

Cleanup list

If you are a new editor here and want to contribute, please do any of the following:

  • Participate at AARoads:The Interchange.
  • Parse an article and redirect non-road articles back to Wikipedia. There is a gadget that can be enabled in your user preferences called Bluelinker that can help with this.
  • Clearing Category:Pages with broken file links. Articles may be calling images that are only hosted on the English Wikipedia instead of Wikimedia Commons, which means we can't access them on this wiki.
    • If the files can be moved to Commons, they should. Please perform a null edit on the article afterwards to remove it from the category.
    • If they are fair-use, then they should be tagged with wikipedia:Category:WikiProject U.S. Roads non-free media on Wikipedia so they can be imported at a future date. (Update: please open a ticket at [1] for any fair-use uploads. If you do not have access to the organization, please contact Rschen7754).
    • Other images may not be eligible for Commons and are not fair use. These will need to be individually analyzed later.
  • Look through imported articles looking for breakage and report them below.
    • Non-road templates that have not been imported should be imported. something like {{cn}} isn't going to be deleted from the English Wikipedia, so importing it here doesn't require any special attribution. They can also be reported below to be imported by admin.
    • Road-specific templates that have not been imported. These could be deleted from the English Wikipedia, so we have to run AttributionBot on them here.
      • Portal and Attached KML templates should be removed
      • If they are state-specific (like a state highway map citation template) and that state's articles have been imported (see AARoads:Import status), then we need to know.
      • If the state hasn't been imported yet (see AARoads:Import status), hold off on an error report until it has. It may be included in another import batch.
  • Importing issues. We need to know if the wrong revision of an article was imported or the attribution template wasn't posted on the article's talk page, among other possible issues.
  • Any page on Special:Contributions/AttributionBot that isn't marked as new. The bot may have added multiple attribution templates that need to be merged together. (However, there are many cases where there are multiple attribution templates to handle former articles that were merged and redirected into the current article).
  • Missing articles. If a region's articles have been imported and an article is missing, we need to know so that it can be imported.
  • Report Special:BrokenRedirects to targets that will never be imported, i.e. out of scope.
    • For redirects for states that have already been imported - a judgment call should be made on whether we want to import that page (and report it as an error), retarget the redirect, or delete it.
  • Fix Special:DoubleRedirects.
  • If you are comfortable working with geographic data and/or OpenStreetMap and have an account on Wikimedia Commons, there are many articles that need GeoJSON files to be generated to allow the use of interactive maps. See AARoads:Creating a GeoJSON file from OpenStreetMap for instructions on how to do this.
  • Clerk this page and mark what is done as done, and archive completed requests after a few days
  • Clean up imported WikiProject pages at Special:PrefixIndex/AARoads:WikiProject and set up AARoads:The Library.

Error reports

/Archive 1 If you see something that needs admin/bureaucrat intervention, please list it here.

Requested articles


This section is for articles that have imported an earlier version that should be replaced with an updated copy. Please note that requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you are expecting to work on both AARoads and Wikipedia, then you should make edits simultaneously rather than relying on someone else to do a reimport for you.

Requested templates