U.S. Route 90 in Texas

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U.S. Highway 90

US 90 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length607.633 mi[1][note 1] (977.891 km)
Major junctions
West end I-10 BL / SH 54 in Van Horn
Major intersections I-10 / I-35 / US 87 in San Antonio

I-37 in San Antonio
SH 130 Toll in Seguin
I-45 in Houston

I-69 / US 59 in Houston
East end I-10 / US 90 in Orange at Louisiana state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesCulberson, Jeff Davis, Presidio, Brewster, Pecos, Terrell, Val Verde, Kinney, Uvalde, Medina, Bexar, Guadalupe, Caldwell, Gonzales, Fayette, Colorado, Austin, Waller, Fort Bend, Harris, Liberty, Jefferson, Orange
Highway system
SH 89 SH 90

U.S. Route 90 (US 90) is a major east-west highway in the U.S. state of Texas with large portions of it running concurrently with I-10. US 90 begins at Bus. I-10 in Van Horn, travels through San Antonio and Houston, and continues on into the state of Louisiana.

Route description

Van Horn to San Antonio

US 90 begins in Van Horn at an intersection with Bus. I-10 and SH 54. US 90 travels in a southeastern direction towards Marfa where it starts an overlap with US 67. US 90 travels south and runs parallel to the US-Mexico Border near the Rio Grande. US 90 crosses the Amistad Reservoir then runs through Del Rio. US 90 turns right and runs east towards Brackettville. US 90 runs through Uvalde and Medina counties. US 90 then arrives in San Antonio where it serves as a major freeway. Multiple stack interchanges are under construction to gain access in and out of the freeway along the intersections at Loop 1604 and I-410. Further, the highway has a major junction with TX-151 as it continues eastward towards the city's inner Westside until its interchange with I-10 and I-35 at the southwest corner of Downtown.

San Antonio to Houston

East of Downtown San Antonio, US 90 multiplexes with I-10. This overlap ends in Seguin, and continues where the two highways continually cross each other en route to Houston. US 90 once again duplexes with I-10 east of Columbus briefly separating near Brookshire and continue overlapping from Katy all the way to Houston. At I-610 east of Houston, US 90 becomes independently known as the Crosby Freeway.

The Crosby Freeway from east of Beltway 8 to east of Runneburg Road in Crosby, was constructed in the early 1990s and opened to traffic in 1992. After several delays, construction work on the inner section of the freeway began in 2006 and was opened to traffic in January 2011.[1] The western terminus of the Crosby Freeway connects to the I-610 and I-10 interchange via two freeway ramps:

  • a ramp from westbound Crosby Freeway, joining an exit ramp from westbound I-10 to enter southbound I-610
  • a newly constructed two-lane exit ramp from eastbound I-10 connecting to eastbound Crosby Freeway.

The previous interchange was a four-level stack interchange though the new interchange is not a full five-level stack.

Because of funding constraints, two sections of the freeway inside Beltway 8 were not built to full freeway standards: a half-mile section over Greens Bayou and an approximately mile-long section east of Normandy Street. As of December 2012, only the feeder roads have been constructed, with space reserved in the median for future freeway mainlanes. Unlike most new freeway extensions in the Houston area built in recent decades, the Crosby Freeway is not tolled. Also unlike most of Houston's existing freeways and tollways, the Crosby Freeway does not have continuous feeder roads.

The Crosby Freeway has four to six mainlanes for its entire length.

Houston to Louisiana

The US 90 (Beaumont Highway when inside of Beltway 8 or Crosby Freeway when outside of Beltway 8) heads northeast leaving Houston and ends its freeway status in Crosby. US 90 then continues traveling east through Beaumont and is locally known as College Street, passes by Baptist Hospital Beaumont and meets I-10 at a T-interchange. It then passes through Orange and has a business route (Business US 90-Y). It then crosses the Sabine River into Louisiana towards Lake Charles. With the exception of an 11-mile-long (18 km) section with only two (briefly three) lanes between Liberty and Devers, US 90 has at least four lanes between Crosby and the Louisiana state line.

Major intersections

CulbersonVan Horn0.00.0
I-10 BL to SH 54 – Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Access to Culberson Hospital; BL-10 is former US 80
0.20.32 I-10 – San Antonio, El PasoI-10 exit 140A
FM 1523 south
FM 1523 north
Jeff Davis21.634.8
FM 2017 north
45.573.2 RM 505 – Fort Davis National Historic Site, Davis Mountains State Park, McDonald Observatory & Visitor's Center
RM 2810 south (Hoover Street)

US 67 south / SH 17 north – Fort Davis, Fort Davis National Historic Site, McDonald Observatory and Visitor Center, Presidio
West end of US 67 overlap
FM 1703 north
SH 118 north (5th Street) – Fort Davis, Fort Davis National Historic Site, McDonald Observatory and Visitor Center
West end of SH 118 overlap
SH 118 south (Cockrell Street) – Big Bend National Park Headquarters
East end of SH 118 overlap
SH 223 north (North Harrison Street)
US 67 north – Fort Stockton
East end of US 67 overlap
US 385 south – Big Bend National Park Headquarters
West end of US 385 overlap
US 385 north – Fort Stockton
East end of US 385 overlap
PecosNo major intersections
US 285 north – Fort Stockton
SH 349 north – Sheffield, Iraan

RM 1865 north – Pumpville
Val Verde
Loop 25 east – Langtry, Judge Roy Bean Museum

Loop 25 west – Langtry, Judge Roy Bean Museum
Pecos River Bridge over Pecos River
PR 67 – Seminole Canyon State Historical Park
RM 1024 north – Pandale

SH 163 north – Ozona, Barnhart
Spur 406 – Amistad National Recreation Area
Spur 349 – Port of Entry, Amistad Dam, Amistad Reservoir, Amistad National Recreation Area, Governors Landing
Spur 454 – Amistad National Recreation Area
Del Rio
Loop 79 south – Sonora, Junction, Uvalde

US 277 north / US 377 north – Rocksprings, Junction, Sonora
west end of US 277 / US 377 overlap

Spur 239 south (East Gibbs Street) / Spur 297 south (Veteran's Boulevard) – Ciudad Acuña, Business District
East end of US 377 overlap

US 277 south (Bedell Avenue) – Eagle Pass, Laredo
East end of US 277 overlap
RM 2523 – Carta Valley
Loop 79 – Sonora, Junction, Eagle PassInterchange

RM 3008 north to RM 2523 – Rocksprings

RM 693 south to US 277 – Quemado
Brackettville RM 2804

Loop 166 east

RM 3348 south (Las Moras Road) – Fort Clark Springs
RM 334 / RM 674 – Rocksprings, Kickapoo Cavern State Park

SH 131 south – Spofford, Eagle Pass

Loop 166 west

FM 1572 west – Spofford
RM 1022 south – Blewett
Nueces River Bridge over Nueces River

FM 2369 east (Dunbar Lane) to FM 1403 – Rocksprings
FM 481 south – Eagle Pass

FM 1052 north

FM 1435 south (Evans Street)
West end of FM 1435 overlap

FM 1435 north (Grove Street)
East end of FM 1435 overlap

US 83 / SH 55 north (Getty Street) – Leakey, Junction, Rocksprings, Crystal City, Laredo

FM 1023 north (4th Street)
West end of FM 1023 overlap

FM 1023 south (Garner Field Road) to FM 1049 – Uvalde Garner Field Airport
East end of FM 1023 overlap

FM 3447 north

FM 1574 south to FM 1023 – Airport

FM 2369 west – Uvalde
FM 1049 north – Concan
West end of FM 1049 overlap

FM 1049 south to FM 1023
East end of FM 1049 overlap

FM 2730 north to SH 127
SH 127 north / RM 187 – Utopia, Leakey, Concan, Garner State Park, Pearsall
FM 1796 north

FM 2200 south – Yancey

FM 1250 east to FM 462

FM 462 north / Avenue M – Tarpley
West end of FM 462 overlap

FM 462 south / Avenue E – Yancey
East end of FM 462 overlap; access to Medina Community Hospital
SH 173 – Bandera, DevineInterchange

FM 1343 south to County Road 4516 / SH 173 – Quihi

FM 471 north – Rio Medina
West end of FM 471 overlap

FM 471 south – Castroville Airport, La Coste, Natalia
East end of FM 471 overlap
Bexar SH 211Interchange
Montgomery RoadInterchange
San Antonio Loop 1604 (Anderson Loop)Interchange; west end of freeway
Hunt Lane / Ray Ellison Driveno direct eastbound exit
I-410 / SH 16 – AirportI-410 exit 6
Loop 13 (Military Drive) – Lackland AFB
Old Highway 90No direct westbound exit
Callaghan Road
Acme RoadNo direct eastbound exit (signed at Callaghan Road)
SH 151 (Stotzer Freeway) – SeaWorldWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
36th Street – Port San Antonio
General McMullen Drive
Cupples RoadNo direct eastbound exit (signed at General McMullen Drive)
Spur 371 (General Hudnell Drive) – Port San AntonioWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Zarzamora StreetEastbound exit only

Loop 353 south (Nogalitos Street)
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance

I-10 west / I-35 / US 87 north – El Paso, Austin, Laredo
West end of I-10 / US 87 overlap; signed as exit 572
see I-10
I-10 east – Houston
East end of I-10 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; US 90 east follows exit 603

FM 725 to I-10 – McQueeney, Stockdale

US 90 Alt. east / FM 464 west to I-10 – McQueeney, Gonzales

SH 46 (Sam Flores Drive) to US 90 Alt. / I-10 – New Braunfels, Gonzales

FM 78 west (Eighth Street) to I-10 – Marion, Schertz

Bus. SH 123 (North Austin Street) to I-10 – San Marcos, Stockdale

FM 466 east (North King Street) – Cost

SH 123 to I-10 – San Marcos, Stockdale
I-10 – San Antonio, HoustonI-10 exit 612

SH 130 Toll north / I-10 – Austin, San Antonio
SH 130 exit 496

FM 2438 south to US 90 Alt. / I-10

FM 1104 east to I-10

US 183 north / SH 80 to I-10 – Lockhart, San Marcos, Nixon
West end of US 183 overlap

US 183 south to I-10 – Gonzales
East end of US 183 overlap

FM 794 south to I-10 – Gonzales

SH 304 to I-10 – Bastrop, Gonzales

SH 97 west / FM 1115 north to I-10 / FM 1296 – Smithville, Gonzales

FM 1680 south – Moulton
I-10 – Houston, San AntonioI-10 exit 653

FM 2762 west to FM 1115 – Cistern

SH 95 south – Moulton, Shiner
West end of SH 95 overlap

SH 95 north to I-10 – Smithville, Bastrop, Komensky
East end of SH 95 overlap

FM 609 north to I-10 – La Grange

FM 1295 south – Praha, Komensky

FM 2238 north to I-10 – Freyburg
FM 2672 north – High Hill

FM 957 south – Hallettsville

Loop 222 (Lyons Avenue) to US 77 – Hallettsville

US 77 to I-10 – La Grange, Hallettsville

FM 1579 east
I-10 – San Antonio, HoustonI-10 exit 677

FM 1383 north – Dubina, Ammannsville
FM 155 north – La Grange
West end of FM 155 overlap

FM 155 south to I-10 – Sublime
East end of FM 155 overlap
I-10 / Hattermann Lane – Houston, San AntonioI-10 exit 689

FM 2434 west to I-10 – Oakland

SH 71 to I-10 – La Grange, Austin, El Campo
FM 806 south (Cardinal Lane) – Rock Island

Bus. SH 71 (Fannin Street) to I-10 – La Grange, El Campo
Spur 52 (Milam Street)
Colorado River Bridge over Colorado River

I-10 west – San Antonio
West end of I-10 overlap; US 90 west follows exit 698
see I-10

I-10 east / FM 3538 south – Houston
East end of I-10 overlap; US 90 east follows exit 718

Loop 350 to SH 36 / I-10 / SH 60 – Bellville, Wallis, Wharton, Rosenberg

I-10 west / Outlet Center Drive – San Antonio
West end of I-10 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; US 90 west follows exit 721
see I-10
I-10 east / Peach Ridge Road / Donigan Road – Houston
East end of I-10 overlap; US 90 east follows exit 729

FM 1489 south to I-10 – Simonton, Orchard

FM 359 north / FM 362 north – Pattison, Hempstead, Waller
West end of FM 359 overlap

FM 359 south to I-10 – Fulshear, Pecan Grove
East end of FM 359 overlap

FM 2855 north
Fort BendKaty

FM 1463 south to FM 359 – Richmond, Pecan Grove
I-10 west / Katy Mills Boulevard – San Antonio
West end of I-10 overlap; US 90 west follows exit 741
see I-10
I-10 east – Beaumont
East end of I-10 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; US 90 east follows exit 775B
I-610 – Pasadena, Galveston, LufkinI-10 exit 775A; I-610 exit 26A; no access from I-610 south to US 90 east
Mercury Drive

FM 526 south (Maxey Road) to Wallisville Road / I-10 – Galena Park
West end of FM 526 overlap

FM 526 north (Normandy Street) to I-10 – Galena Park
East end of FM 526 overlap

Beltway 8 / Sam Houston Tollway to I-10 – Humble, Pasadena / Uvalde Road
Access to Sam Houston Tollway via frontage road
Miller Road No. 3
Miller Road No. 2
SheldonSheldon Road
Frontage RoadEastbound exit and westbound entrance
BarrettCrosby lineCounty Road
FM 1942 / FM 2100 (US 90 Bus. west) – Huffman, Mont BelvieuNo direct westbound exit (signed at Runneburg Road)
Krenek Road / Runneburg RoadInterchange; east end of freeway
Liberty SH 99 Toll (Grand Parkway) – Spring, Baytown

FM 1413 south

SH 146 south to I-10 – Mont Belvieu, Baytown
West end of SH 146 overlap

SH 321 north to FM 1008 / FM 1960 – Cleveland, Kenefick, Humble

FM 1409 south – Old River-Winfree

Loop 227 north / FM 2684 south to SH 146 – Rye, Livingston

FM 563 south to I-10 – Anahuac, Wallisville

SH 146 north – Hardin, Rye, Livingston
East end of SH 146 overlap
Ames FM 160 (MLK Road)

FM 1909 north to FM 160

FM 2830 north to FM 160

FM 770 south to FM 563 / I-10 – Anahuac, Wallisville
West end of FM 770 overlap

FM 770 north – Daisetta, Saratoga, Kountze
East end of FM 770 overlap

SH 61 south to I-10 / FM 1410 – Anahuac, Hankamer, Winnie

FM 1009 east – Nome
FM 1009 west – Liberty

SH 326 north / FM 365 east to FM 1406 / I-10 – Sour Lake, Fannett, Winnie

FM 364 (Major Drive) to I-10 / SH 105
I-10 / US 69 / US 96 / US 287 – Lake Charles, Lufkin, Jasper, Houston, Port ArthurI-10 exit 851
see I-10

I-10 east / US 90 east – Lake Charles, Lafayette
Louisiana state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

==See also==*Interstate 10 in Texas


  1. ^ Official mileage is shorter than actual mileage. TxDOT considers US 90 to be discontinues at, rather than concurrent with, Interstate Highways and US Highways with lower numbers.


  1. ^ a b Transportation Planning and Programming Division (n.d.). "U.S. Highway No. 90". Highway Designation Files. Texas Department of Transportation. Retrieved February 7, 2011.

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