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USRD logo.svg United States
Dedicated to the highways and roadways of the United States

Welcome to the United States Project!

We are a group of AARoads editors that work on improving the coverage of Interstate Highways, United States Highways, state highways, and other notable roads in the United States.

What do we do?

We create, edit, and maintain articles related to the highways and major roads of the United States and then assess them based on their quality and importance. We also maintain portals that serve as entry points for readers interested in highways and roads. It is our goal to be the foremost Internet resource for highways located in the United States.

How can you help?

Just start editing!

How is our project organized?

The United States Project (USRD) serves as an umbrella project for articles relating to roads and highways in the United States. The main project serves as the focal point for coordinating national initiatives, such as standardization of article structure, infoboxes and junction lists.

USRD has a resources department, which handles research resources of a general nature for the entire project. Currently, other tasks like assessment and maps are handled on a site-wide basis.

Every state and territory has its own task force, where you can find resources for researching and editing highways in that area. Task forces also exist for historic auto trails, U.S. Route 66, as well as Interstate and U.S. Highways.

What guidelines can we offer?

We have three guidelines for highway articles:

State subprojects may set limited standards that apply to their state only, in order to resolve any conflicts that arise when USRD standards do not work well with a situation unique to that state.