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NC blank.svg North Carolina
A state resource page of the AARoads Wiki

Hello and welcome to the North Carolina State Highways task force page! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing.


The purpose of this WikiProject is to create, standardize, and improve articles about the state highway system in North Carolina. This project will encompass all the North Carolina State Routes (on diamond-shaped shields), the U.S. Routes and Interstates that are predominantly North Carolinian (like US 158) and any other unusual routes in the state (like Charlotte 4); important named freeways are also included (like Bryan Boulevard).


Requested articles

If there is a North Carolina road-related article you would like to see created, add a request for it below:

Articles to improve

Other stubs can be found at Category:Stub-Class North Carolina road transport articles

If there is any other North Carolina road-related article that already exists but you would like to see it cleaned up or expanded, add it below:

North Carolina Counties by highest assessed article GA B C Start

Recognized content

AARoads:North Carolina/Recognized content



The structure can vary a little, but it should basically look like the format prescribed by AA:MURA.


Articles should be named "North Carolina Highway n" (where n is the route number).

A redirect page should be made for each NC route where if I search for "NC 8", North Carolina State Highway 8 should pop up. If there is already a article for the redirect page like in the case of NC 4, make a disambiguation page or a tag at the top of the article.

The WikiProject's Completion List will show any redirects that need to be made. (links with no shield at the beginning of the line are routes that don't exist) (currently under development)


Route shield SVGs should be named "NC n.svg". Most shields have already been made and can be found in the category North Carolina Highway Shields at Wikimedia Commons


Category:State highways in North Carolina

The category is sorted numerically by the place of the hundreds digit. The convention is

[[Category:State highways in North Carolina|xxx]]

where xxx is the route number of the highway you're editing. 1- and 2- digit numbers get leading zeros; thus North Carolina State Highway 6 is categorized as 006. There are a few exceptions like with NC 226A; in those cases, you can just do this:

[[Category:State highways in North Carolina|226A]]



Infobox and instructions for use are located at Template:Infobox road.

Project template


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AARoads:North Carolina/Barnstar

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User templates

{{AARW user|USA|NC}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

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