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Vermont blank border.svg Vermont
A state resource page of the AARoads Wiki

Hello and welcome to the Vermont Routes task force page! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing.

Scope and goals

Numbered routes as designated by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans). This includes all "state-designated town maintained routes", which are state highways maintained by the towns it passes through.

The goal is to organize, standardize, and expand the articles on state highways in Vermont.

How you can help

You can help by visiting the List of state highways in Vermont and selecting any route in red (which means that there is no article for it yet) and starting that article, or editing the article of any route that you can provide more information about.

Routes in Category:Routes needing mileposts are missing mileposts for the junctions. You can open this category and add mileposts for any route listed. Once the mile column has been completed (to the nearest thousandth for each junction as explained above) and sourced using the traffic counts, the {{mileposts}} tag can be removed.

Recognized content

AARoads:Vermont/Recognized content





Follow AA:MURA for article standards and structure.

Naming convention and shields

Articles on state highways in Vermont are to be named "Vermont Route N" (where N is the route number assigned by the Vermont Agency of Transportation) per AA:NC. Shields are available for all state highways and have two different naming conventions:

  • Post-1995 state-maintained routes and suffixed routes that were removed prior to 1995: Vermont #.svg
  • Post-1995 town-maintained routes and non-suffixed routes that were removed prior to 1995: Circle sign #.svg

Exceptions to both do exist: see List of state highways in Vermont or simply use {{jct}} to determine the correct shield for the route.


All routes are to be placed in [[Category:State highways in Vermont|nnnA]] where nnn is the 3-digit route number, and A is the letter suffix if any (e.g. VT 2A is "002A", VT 3 is "003").

Routes that exist in only one county should also have that county as a category (example: since Vermont Route 289 only exists in Chittenden County, it would have Category:Chittenden County, Vermont as a category). The addition of county categories to multi-county routes is optional, but recommended.


Project templates

User templates

{{AARW user|USA|VT}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

This editor is interested in Vermont roads and highways.