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A state resource page of the AARoads Wiki

Hello and welcome to the New Jersey task force of the AARoads Wiki! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing. The goal of this task force is to cover Interstates, U.S. routes, state routes, county routes, and other notable roads in New Jersey through well-written quality articles.


The purpose of this project is to expand and introduce a uniform format to articles dealing with state and county routes in the state of New Jersey.


Articles to be included within the task force:

Articles on New Jersey State and County Routes


All of the task force's articles are assessed using the site-wide quality criteria.

Recognized content

AARoads:New Jersey/Recognized content



  • /History notes
  • New York Times [1]. NY residents have access to their own geolocked database from Proquest [2]. Pre-1920 archive is on Newspapers.com (Publisher Extra not required). Many local libraries also have it in a database.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer and Atlantic City Press appear to be on Newsbank for recent editions.
  • Atlantic City Press is also on Newspapers.com, Publishers Extra required after 1920s


New Jersey road articles follow site-wide standards at AA:MURA.

Naming conventions

  • Articles for state routes are titled New Jersey Route X.
  • Articles for 500-series county routes are titled County Route X (New Jersey).
  • Articles for other county routes are titled County Route X (Whichcounty County, New Jersey).
  • Redirects from alternative names should be made as well. Use this completion list to aid in creating these redirects.

Major intersections/exit list

All New Jersey road articles should have a major intersections or exit list table (depending on the route), generated using {{jct}}, {{jcttop}}, {{jctint}}, and {{jctbtm}}. Remember to set the state parameter to "NJ". Intersections with 500-series county routes can be included in this table on state highways, provided they do not make the list "too long". (Either all 500-series routes should be listed, or none.) Intersections with non-500-series routes should only be included on other county routes. They can be included on 500-series routes, but not with state highways (and again, only with 500-series routes if the list does not become too long).

For {{jct}}, the following coding should be used:

  • State:{{Jct|state=NJ|NJ|#}}
  • US:{{Jct|state=NJ|US|#}}
  • Interstate:{{Jct|state=NJ|I|#}}.
  • 500-series county routes:{{Jct|state=NJ|CR|#}}.
  • Other county routes:{{Jct|state=NJ|CR|#|county1=whichcounty}}.
  • New Jersey Turnpike:{{Jct|state=NJ|NJTP}}.
  • Garden State Parkway:{{Jct|state=NJ|GSP}}.
  • Atlantic City Expressway:{{Jct|state=NJ|ACE}}.
  • Palisades Interstate Parkway:{{Jct|state=NJ|PIP}}.
  • Atlantic City-Brigantine Connector:{{Jct|state=NJ|ACBC}}.
  • Ocean Drive:{{Jct|state=NJ|OD}}.


Please use a three-digit sort key (i.e. 003 for Route 3, 070 for Route 70, 166 for Route 166) when putting articles in this category.
Do not use a sort key on pages that are named something else (for ex. Garden State Parkway), but do put them in this category.
500-series routes use their route number (which is already 3 digits) for the sortkey (i.e. 571 for County Route 571 (New Jersey)). Other county routes use a 3-digit number (with leading zeroes if necessary) followed by the county name (i.e. 055 Monmouth for County Route 55 (Monmouth County, New Jersey).



The New Jersey task force uses {{Infobox_road}} with the state=NJ parameter. For the type= parameter, use type=NJ for state routes, type=US for U.S. highways, type=Interstate for Interstate highways, type=CR for county routes. For non-500 series county routes, the county= parameter should be set to the name of the county. Use {{jct}} to generate the major intersections and termini in the infobox. The browsing order for the infoboxes can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject New Jersey State and County Routes/Master List.

For article talk pages


{{AARW user|USA|NJ}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

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