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Ellipse sign blank.svg Mississippi
A state resource page of the AARoads Wiki

Welcome to the Mississippi Highways Task Force of WikiProject U.S. Roads! The goal of this task force is to cover Interstates, U.S. highways, state highways, and other notable roads in Mississippi through well-written quality articles.

Scope and goals

The task force covers Mississippi state highways along with Interstates and U.S. highways that run through Mississippi. Also included are other notable roads maintained by MDOT. The goal is to organize, standardize, and expand the articles on highways in Mississippi to be a broad, comprehensive, and recognized resource.

Recognized content

AARoads:Mississippi/Recognized content




  • MDOT State Map Archive (1928-present)
  • All-time list
  • Jackson Clarion-Ledger (Newspapers.com - Publishers Extra required after 1920s)
  • Greenwood Commonwealth (Newspapers.com - Publishers Extra required after 1920s)
  • Biloxi Sun Herald (Newspapers.com - Publishers Extra required after 1920s)
  • Hattiesburg American (Newspapers.com - Publishers Extra required after 1920s)
  • Delta Democrat-Times (Newspapers.com - Publishers Extra required after 1920s)
  • Columbian-Progress (Newspapers.com - Publishers Extra required after 1920s)

Structure and standards

Mississippi road articles follow AA:MURA.

Naming convention

All articles on state highways are named Mississippi Highway X per AA:NC. Mississippi state highways are to be abbreviated MS X.


Mississippi uses Ellipse sign X.svg for state route shields. The shields are at commons:Category:Elliptical route shields.




Mississippi road articles use {{Infobox road}}. Remember to set the state parameter to "MS", and the type parameter to I, US, or MS for Interstates, U.S. routes, and state routes respectively. Also include MDOT in the maint parameter, along with any other agencies that maintain portions of the road. Use {{jct}} to generate the major intersections and termini in the infobox. The browse in the infobox includes all Interstates, U.S. routes, and state highways past and present. Use {{infobox road junction}} for articles about interchanges.

Historic maps

Use {{Mississippi road map}} to generate a reference for the MDOT historic maps.

Junction template

All Mississippi road articles should have a major intersections or exit list table (depending on the route) following the standards set forth at AA:MURA, generated using {{jct}}, {{jcttop}}, {{jctint}}, and {{jctbtm}}. Remember to set the state parameter to "MS".

Project banner

Place the following on the talk page for articles

Task force membership

User templates

{{AARW user|USA|MS}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

This editor is interested in Mississippi roads and highways.