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MD blank.svg Maryland
A state resource page of the AARoads Wiki

The goal of the Maryland resource page is to make AARoads Wiki the most comprehensive source of information for the Maryland highway system.


What do we cover?

We maintain articles relating to roadways of the state of Maryland. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

How you can help

Wanted articles

If there is any Maryland road-related article that you would like to see created, add a request for it below.

Ongoing tasks

  • Review recent changes to project articles. Most changes are constructive or at least well-intended, but some changes are vandalism and should be reverted.
  • Add missing links or populate redlinks in the redirect list, which is the list of links that feeds into the Recent Changes query.
  • Update all Highway Location Reference references to reflect the 2014 documents that were released in July 2015.
  • In Route descriptions of route articles, replace Google Maps references with references to the state grid maps using Template:Maryland grid map. Rewrite the Route description if necessary to remove information that cannot be gleaned from the Highway Location Reference or grid maps, or use a separate reference to support such information.
  • Add National Highway System references and statements to all route articles with high- or mid-importance (see the Assessment page). The statements should be in the Route description.
  • Replace National Bridge Inventory references that use Template:NBI with other sources that do not rely on the programming of a third-party database.
  • Add missing routes in the lists of former state highways. However, all added information should be referenced. Inspiration for these missing routes may be found at the unofficial websites on the Resources page or in the All-time list.


{{AARW user|USA|MD}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

This editor is interested in Maryland roads and highways.


Assessment and the recognized content list for this task force have moved to /Assessment.


Resources for this task force have moved to /Resources.


Maryland highway articles mostly follow the national project guidelines. The exceptions are explained at /Guidelines.

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