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Hello and welcome to the Kentucky State Highways Task Force page! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing. If you would like to join the group, please sign up below.


This WikiProject aims primarily to encourage participation in creating or expanding articles about state highways in Kentucky. This project also aims to establish standards relating to the display of information in these articles.

An article describing the logic and basic history of the Kentucky State Highway System is necessary to accompany the current List of State Highways in Kentucky article. This article should feature information regarding the state's Interstate, Primary, Secondary, Rural and Supplemental routes as well as Scenic Byways, and other worthy material.

The following highways can have entire articles dedicated to them:

  • Routes that are constructed, traversable, state-maintained, and signed with its own route number.
  • Routes that are partly constructed or partly signed.
  • Deleted routes with significant information worthy of an article.
  • Interstates that run entirely in Kentucky (mostly spur and loop routes). Ideally, these should also be part of this WikiProject.

Supplemental or minor secondary state routes, such as the 6000-series, should be combined into a single article (List of State Highways in Kentucky (6000-6999)).


  1. Develop and maintain articles on all primary and secondary system roads in Kentucky.
  2. Develop and maintain articles on all named parkways in Kentucky.
  3. Refrain from creating articles related to supplementary system roads in Kentucky that provide no encyclopedic or historical notability.


How you can help

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Recognized content

AARoads:Kentucky/Recognized content


To maintain a consistent format, articles will follow AA:MURA.

Naming conventions

Articles are to be named "Kentucky Route X" per AA:NC.


All articles are placed into a subcategory of Category:Transportation in Kentucky: either Category:Kentucky state highways, Category:U.S. Highways in Kentucky, or Category:Interstate Highways in Kentucky. The sort key is a four-digit number representing the route number.


  • [[Category:Kentucky state highways|0001]]
  • [[Category:Kentucky state highways|0101]]
  • [[Category:Kentucky state highways|3501]]
  • [[Category:Kentucky state highways|9001]]


Shields for Kentucky State Highways have been created in the format "Elongated circle X.svg", where X is the number of the route.


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User templates

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