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Welcome to the Connecticut Routes Task Force of WikiProject U.S. Roads! This task force aims to aid in the standardization of information in articles related to Connecticut Routes. If you would like to help, go the list of routes and start editing.

Scope and goals

This task force aims to encourage participation in creating and/or expanding articles about state highways in Connecticut. The project covers all current state highways (both signed routes and unsigned routes). This includes U.S. Highways and Interstate Highways in the state. This task force also aims to standardize the structure of these articles. The goal is to organize, standardize, and expand the articles on highways in Connecticut to be a broad, comprehensive, and recognized resource.

Recognized content

AARoads:Connecticut/Recognized content


Structure and standards

Articles should follow AA:MURA.

Naming convention

Articles for signed state highways should have titles with the format Connecticut Route X, where X is the route number, in compliance with AA:NC. Also, make sure that Route X (Connecticut) redirects to the article.

Articles for notable "secret routes" should use the common name (e.g. Whitehead Highway) rather than the unsigned numeric designation, but make sure that both "Connecticut State Road X" (or "Connecticut Special Service Road X") and "State Road X (Connecticut)" (or "Special Service Road X (Connecticut)") redirect to the article.


The various shield graphics are located in Category:Connecticut Route shields on Commons. {{jct}} can create the various links to highway articles with the appropriate shield graphics for use in the infobox or junction lists


All articles are to be included in Category:State highways in Connecticut. At the bottom of each article, place [[Category:State highways in Connecticut|nnn]] where nnn is the 3-digit route number (use leading zeros if needed). Use Category:Interstate Highways in Connecticut for highways that are also part of the Interstate Highway System in the state and Category:U.S. Highways in Connecticut for highways that are also part of the U.S. Highway System in the state.



Use {{infobox road}} or {{infobox road junction}} as needed for articles. The state parameters should contain the state's postal abbreviation. The type codes are the same as for the junction template below.

Junction template

Use {{jct}} to create the entries in a junction list section for the article, or the junction list in the infobox. To use, insert {{jct|state=CT|type|number}} into the article. If two to four highways are needed, use {{jct|state=CT|type|first number|type|second number}}. Types can be I for Interstates, US for US Routes or CT for state routes. Further instructions can be found on the documentation page.

Project banner

User templates

{{AARW user|USA|CT}}

Produces a userbox for editors' user pages.

This editor is interested in Connecticut roads and highways.