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BC-blank.svg British Columbia
A Canadian provincial department of the AARoads Wiki


BC Sessional Papers archive via UBC - Contains dozens of annual financial reports from the Ministries and Departments responsible for the maintenance of Provincial Highways. To search for a particular phrase type with quotations marks e.g., "Upper Levels Highway" "Peace River Bridge". All reports have the following format:(except a few early reports) Minister of (name of ministry/department) Report for the Fiscal Year ####/##

  • [2] The Landmark Kilometre Inventory, a dataset for all provincially maintained highways in the province.
  • [3] A list of changes in the LKI from 2002-2021 hosted on the site of the contractor for the LKI, Cypher Consulting.
  • Exits
  • Official list of highways
  • Archival records of documents in B.C. Provides evidence of contracts and other records
  • Roadrunner is the MOTI Magazine. It has run since 1963 and is good information on people and projects
  • An abandoned database that's like Roads UK/CRBD except for B.C.[4] Old archived website from the early 2000s. Documents highways with photos. Website repository here: [5] (Homepage cannot be found)
  • https://www.tranbc.ca/ The official blog for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
  • Internet archive of old B.C. MOTI website (might be the second website they created) https://web.archive.org/web/20000515000000*/th.gov.bc.ca]
  • [6] Using the Wayback Machine, you can view tenders for contracts, which can contain plans for bridges alongside the year they were created. The site is updated periodically based on the availability of contracts.
  • Highway classification
  • AADT
  • The Province (Vancouver) - library, Newspapers.com (Publishers Extra after 1922)
  • Vancouver Sun - library, Newspapers.com (Publishers Extra after 1922), Google News archive (but several years missing - to 1980)
  • Victoria Times-Colonist - library, Newspapers.com (Publishers Extra after 1922), to 1977 on NewspaperArchive (but several years missing)

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