Chicago–Kansas City Expressway

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Chicago–Kansas City Expressway

Route 110
Chicago–Kansas City Expressway highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT and MoDOT
Length527.6 mi[1][2] (849.1 km)
Missouri: 199.561 mi (321.162 km)
Illinois: 328 mi (528 km)
ExistedMay 27, 2010–present
Major junctions
West end I-35 / I-435 in Claycomo, MO
Major intersections
East end I-90 / I-94 / I-290 in Chicago, IL
CountryUnited States
Highway system
Route 109MO Route 110
IL 109IL IL 111

The Chicago–Kansas City Expressway is a highway that runs between Chicago, Illinois, and Kansas City, Missouri. The road is known as Route 110 in Missouri and Illinois Route 110 (IL 110) in Illinois. IL 110 was created through legislation on May 27, 2010, as the designated route for the Illinois portion of the Chicago–Kansas City Expressway.

Route description


The Expressway starts in downtown Claycomo on I-35 and leaves the city in a northeast direction. In Cameron, the route turns east on US 36 and crosses the state via Chillicothe and Macon. East of Hannibal, the route continues east on I-72 through Hannibal and across the Mississippi River.[3]

US 36 and I-35 in Missouri has the same comprehensive sign package similar to Illinois along the Chicago–Kansas City Expressway, including the Route 110 designation and the "CKC" logo on every route marker between Hannibal and Kansas City.[4]


IL 110 heading east from IL 61 with US 136 and IL 336

IL 110 crosses into Illinois from the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge east of Hannibal. It follows Interstate 72 (I-72) east to I-172, then runs north with I-172 to IL 336 around the city of Quincy. Both routes run north to Carthage, where IL 110 and IL 336 join with US 136. All three routes run east to Macomb, where IL 110 then continues north with US 67 to Monmouth. There is a two-mile (3.2 km) stretch of the route in Good Hope, where it is reduced from a four-lane divided highway to a three-lane undivided street with a center turn lane.

At Monmouth, IL 110 joins US 34 and runs east to I-74. IL 110 then joins I-74 and runs north to near the Quad Cities, joining with I-80 before joining I-88 eastbound. The two highways continue east to I-88's eastern terminus in Hillside, where IL 110 continues on I-290, terminating at the Circle Interchange near the Chicago Loop.


Cannon Ball Route

The Cannon Ball Route was a historic auto trail that ran from Hannibal, Missouri east-northeast to Chicago, Illinois.[5] The route was included in the 1917 Map of Marked Routes provided by the Illinois State Highway Department, a precursor to the modern-day Illinois Department of Transportation.

This highway routing closely parallels the Hannibal-Quincy to Chicago branch of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. This route stayed west and north of the Illinois River, so this route never had to cross the limited number of Illinois River bridges in 1917.

Southern Illinois

IL 110 was the designation for what is present-day IL 15 from St. Libory, Illinois to just south of Addieville, where it meets up with IL 160. During the World War II years, IL 15 was part of what is now IL 160, and the section from St. Libory to Addieville was IL 110. The number was dropped in favor of US 460; the present IL 15 and IL 160 routings came in the mid-1960s.

Raven Road in Washington County is a stub of the former IL 15, and that intersection was the eastern terminus of IL 110.

Current route

Efforts to construct a direct route from Chicago to Kansas City have been in the planning stages since its exclusion from the Interstate Highway System in the 1950s. These efforts have been led by the Tri-State Development Summit, an economic development group for western Illinois, southeastern Iowa, and northern Missouri.[6][7] The proposed highway took different forms over time: a 1989 study found that a full, limited-access tollway running from Kansas Turnpike at Kansas City to the Indiana Toll Road at Gary or Tri-State Tollway near the Joliet area would cost $2–$2.5 billion, if funded entirely by private investors.[8]

In a joint resolution between the Illinois House and Senate in late May 2010,[9] an expressway project connecting Chicago-to-Kansas City was named Illinois Route 110 (IL 110). The path, 532 miles (856 km) in total,[10] follows parts of the existing IL 336, I-88, I-172, I-72, I-74, US 136, US 67 and connect the cities of Quincy, Macomb, Galesburg, a number of communities of the Chicago metropolitan area, including Chicago itself on I-290.[6][7][11]

In 2010, signs were posted with the "CKC" banner above the IL 110 sign. The Illinois Department of Transportation erected 470 IL 110 (CKC) signs at a cost of $94,000.[3][12]


Plans exist to extend I-72 westward from its current terminus in Hannibal to St. Joseph, Missouri along the existing US 36, but the proposal was shelved for years despite most of the route being a part of the Chicago–Kansas City Expressway. In May 2023, Missouri lawmakers approved a $2.5 million study on the conversion of US 36 into I-72.[13] The extension of I-72 is seen as a way to relieve the pressure off of I-70 as well as reduce truck traffic in St. Louis. The CKC routing would remain unchanged.[14][15]

Junction list


I-35 south / I-435 south – Kansas City, St. Louis
Western terminus of Route 110/CKC Expwy.; western end of I-35 overlap; exit 12A on I-35; exit 52B on I-435
Pleasant Valley1.21.913
US 69 south – Pleasant Valley, Liberty, Glenaire, Claycomo
Southern end of US 69 overlap; exit numbers follow I-35; signed as exit 14 southbound
Liberty3.45.516 Route 152 – Liberty, Kansas City International Airport
Route 291 to I-435 – Liberty, Kansas City International Airport
US 69 north / Route 33 – Excelsior Springs, Lawson
Northern end of US 69 overlap
Kearney13.321.426 Route 92 – Excelsior Springs, Kearney
ClintonHolt20.232.533 Route PP – Holt, Lawson
27.143.640 Route 116 – Polo, Lathrop
35.356.848 US 69 – Cameron, Lawson
I-35 BL north / Route BB – Cameron

US 36 west / I-35 BL south / I-35 north – Cameron, Hamilton
Northern end of I-35 overlap; western end of US 36 overlap; exit 54 on I-35
CaldwellHamilton Township51.182.2

US 36 Bus. east – Hamilton

US 36 Bus. west / Route 13 – Gallatin, Kingston

US 65 east / US 36 Bus.

US 36 Bus. west
LinnParson Creek Township91.6147.4
Route 139 north – Meadville
Western end of Route 139 overlap
Jefferson Township96.5155.3
Route 130 south

Route 5 north / Route 139 south
Eastern end of Route 139 overlap; western end of Route 5 overlap

US 36 Bus. east

US 36 Bus. west / Route 11
township line
Route 5 south / Route U – Keytesville
Interchange; eastern end of Route 5 overlap
Bucklin Township114183
Route 129 north – Bucklin
Western end of Route 129 overlap
MaconLingo Township119192
Route 129 south – Salisbury
Eastern end of Route 129 overlap
Route 149 north – New Cambria
Callao Township128206 Route 3 – CallaoInterchange
Bevier Township131211 Route C / Route O – BevierInterchange
Hudson Township135217Long Branch Lake RoadInterchange
Macon137220 US 63 – Kirksville, MaconInterchange
Hudson Township139224

US 36 Bus. east

US 36 Bus. east / Route 151 – Clarence

US 36 Bus. west

US 36 Bus. east
160260 Route 15 – Shelbina, Paris, ShelbyvilleInterchange

US 36 Bus. west
MarionMonroe City177285

US 36 Bus. east

US 24 west / US 36 Bus. west / Route Z
Interchange, western end of US 24 overlap
MarionMiller Township190310
US 24 east – Palmyra
Interchange, eastern end of US 24 overlap; western end of freeway section
Hannibal194312Shinn Lane
196315Veterans Road

I-72 begins / US 61 (Avenue of the Saints) / US 36 Bus. east / Great River Road – Palmyra, New London
Western end of I-72 overlap

US 36 Bus. west / Route 79 south / Great River Road – Louisiana, Downtown Hannibal
Exit numbers follow I-72
Mississippi River199.561
Mark Twain Memorial Bridge

Route 110 (CKC) ends/

IL 110 (CKC) begins
IllinoisPikeLevee Township1.21.91 IL 106 – Hull

I-172 begins / I-72 east / US 36 east – Springfield
Eastern end of I-72/US 36 overlap; southern end of I-172 overlap; exit 4 on I-72; exit 0 on I-172
AdamsFall Creek Township7.512.12 IL 57 – Marblehead, QuincyExit numbers follow I-172
Melrose Township14.924.010 IL 96 (Payson Street, 36th Street) – Quincy
Quincy18.830.314 IL 104 / Broadway – QuincyServes Quincy Airport
Ellington Township20.232.515Columbus Road, Wismann Lane

I-172 ends / IL 336 begins / US 24 to IL 96 – Mount Sterling, Keokuk
Northern end of I-172 overlap; southern end of IL 336 overlap; northern end freeway section
IL 61 south – Mendon, Ursa
Interchange; southern end of IL 61 overlap
IL 61 north
Northern end of IL 61 overlap
IL 94 south (400 North) – West Point, Bowen
Southern end of IL 94 overlap

US 136 west / IL 94 north – Carthage, Keokuk, Macomb
Northern end of IL 94 overlap; southern end of US 136 overlap
McDonoughTennessee Township68.7110.6
IL 61 south
US 136 east – Macomb
Northern end of US 136 overlap
Chalmers Township78.7126.7 US 136 – Colchester, MacombSouth end of freeway
township line

IL 336 ends

US 67 south
North end of freeway section; northern end of IL 336 overlap; southern end of US 67 overlap
Good Hope88.5142.4 IL 9

US 67 Bus. north
Roseville101.4163.2 IL 116

US 67 Bus. south
US 34 west (Walter Payton Memorial Highway) – Burlington, Monmouth
Southern end of US 34 overlap
IL 164 west (Broadway)
Southern end of IL 164 overlap
US 67 north – Moline
Northern end of US 67 overlap
IL 164 east
Northern end of IL 164 overlap
122.8197.6Cameron RoadInterchange

IL 41 south / IL 164 west (Main Street)
132.2212.8 US 150 (Henderson Street) – AlphaCloverleaf interchange
133.3214.5Seminary StreetInterchange

I-74 east (Everett McKinley Dirksen Memorial Highway) / US 34 east (Walter Payton Memorial Highway) – Wataga, Peoria
Northern end of US 34 overlap; southern end of I-74 overlap; exit 46 on I-74
HenryWoodhull148.6239.132 IL 17 – Woodhull, AlphaExit numbers follow I-74
Lynn Township156.6252.024 IL 81 – Kewanee, Cambridge
Colona Township166.7268.3

I-80 east / I-74 / I-280 west – Chicago, Des Moines
Big X; northern end of I-74 overlap; southern end of I-80 overlap
Colona167.7269.99 US 6Exit numbers follow I-80
Rock RiverBridge
Rock IslandEast Moline173.3278.91B
I-80 west – Des Moines

I-88 / IL 92 west to IL 5 west – Moline, Rock Island
Exit numbers follow I-88; exit number is for I-80 west, no exit number northbound; northern end of I-80 overlap; western end of I-88/IL 92 overlap; exit 4B on I-80; exit 1A on I-88
174.0280.02Old IL 2
IL 92 east – Joslin
Eastern end of IL 92 overlap
Hillsdale183.5295.310Hillsdale, Port Byron
WhitesideErie191.7308.518Erie, AlbanyTo IL 84
Lyndon199.0320.326 IL 78 – Morrison, ProphetstownFormer IL 2
Rock Falls209.5337.236 US 30 – Clinton, Rock Falls, Sterling
214.4345.041 IL 40 – Rock Falls, Sterling
217.3349.744 US 30 – Joliet, Rock Falls
LeeWestern end of Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway
Dixon227.0365.354 IL 26 – Dixon
229.5369.3Dixon Toll Plaza
OgleRochelle249.2401.076 IL 251 – Rochelle, Mendota
251.6404.978 I-39 / US 51 – Rockford, Bloomington, NormalSigned as Exit 78A (south) and Exit 78B (north)
DeKalbDeKalb259.3417.3DeKalb Toll Plaza

To IL 38 / IL 23 / Lincoln Highway / Annie Glidden Road – DeKalb
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance ramps pay toll
266.2428.4DeKalb Oasis

To IL 38 / Lincoln Highway / Peace Road
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance ramps pay toll
KaneSugar Grove282.3454.3109 IL 47Electronic tolling only on eastbound entrance and westbound exit ramps

IL 56 west to US 30 – Sugar Grove
Western end of IL 56 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
North Aurora287.4462.5114 CR 83 (Orchard Road) – Aurora, Batavia, North AuroraEastbound exit and westbound entrance ramps pay toll
IL 31 / IL 56 east / Lincoln Highway (Lincolnway Street) – Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, North Aurora
Eastern end of IL 56 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance ramps pay toll
Aurora290.8468.0Aurora Toll Plaza
292.2470.3119Farnsworth AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance ramps pay toll; Exit 119A-B on I-88 westbound
DuPage294.2473.5121To CR 14 (Eola Road) / Bilter RoadI-PASS only on westbound exit and eastbound entrance ramps
Naperville296.2476.7123 IL 59 – Naperville, Warrenville, Plainfield, West ChicagoDiverging diamond interchange as of October 2015
Warrenville298.1479.7125 CR 13 (Winfield Road) – Naperville, WarrenvilleEastbound exit and westbound entrance ramps pay toll
Naperville300.4483.4127To CR 23 (Naperville Road) / Freedom DriveEastbound exit and westbound entrance ramps pay toll
Lisle303.0487.6130 IL 53 (Lincoln Avenue)Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Downers Grove305.0490.8131
I-355 Toll (Veterans Memorial Tollway) – Joliet, Northwest Suburbs
Signed as exits 131A (south) and 131B (north) westbound; signed as exit 131 (south) and exit 132 (north) eastbound
307.2494.4134 CR 9 (Highland Avenue)Eastbound exit and westbound entrance ramps pay toll; westbound entrance via Downers Drive
Oak Brook308.0495.7Meyers Road Toll Plaza (eastbound)
309.4497.9136 CR 15 (Midwest Road)Eastbound exit and entrance only; entrance ramp pay toll
IL 83 south (Kingery Highway)
No westbound entrance; eastbound entrance ramp pay toll

To IL 83 north (Kingery Highway) / 22nd Street (Cermak Road)
Westbound entrance and exit only; toll on westbound entrance ramp
311.1500.7York Road Toll Plaza (westbound)

I-294 Toll south (Tri-State Tollway) – Indiana
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; exit includes direct exit ramp onto York Road

I-294 Toll north (Tri-State Tollway) / I-290 west – Milwaukee, Rockford
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance

I-294 Toll south (Tri-State Tollway) / IL 38 west (Roosevelt Road) – Indiana
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance

I-290 east (All trucks) to US 12 / US 20 / US 45 (Mannheim Road) – Chicago
Eastbound exit only

I-88 Toll ends / I-290 west – Rockford
Eastern end of I-88 overlap; western end of I-290 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; eastern end of Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway.; exit 15A on I-290
314.2505.716Wolf RoadExit numbers follow I-290; westbound exit only
HillsideMaywood line314.9506.817 US 12 / US 20 / US 45 (Mannheim Road)No eastbound exit
Maywood315.9508.41825th Avenue
316.4509.219A17th Avenue
316.9510.019B9th AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance only
317.4510.820 IL 171 (1st Avenue)
Forest Park318.4512.421ADes Plaines AvenueWestbound entrance and eastbound exit only
Oak Park319.0513.421B IL 43 (Harlem Avenue)
320.5515.823AAustin Boulevard
Chicago321.0516.623BCentral Avenue
321.5517.424ALaramie AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance only
322.0518.224B IL 50 (Cicero Avenue) – Midway AirportEastbound exit and westbound entrance only
322.6519.225Kostner AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance only
323.3520.326AIndependence Boulevard
323.8521.126BHoman AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance only
324.3521.927ASacramento AvenueEastbound exit and westbound entrance only
324.6522.427BCalifornia AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance only
325.1523.227CWestern Avenue, Oakley Boulevard
325.6524.028ADamen AvenueTo United Center
326.1524.828BPaulina Street, Ashland Boulevard
326.6525.629ARacine AvenueEastbound exit and westbound entrance only
326.9526.129BMorgan StreetWestbound exit only

I-90 east / I-94 east (Dan Ryan Expressway) – Indiana

I-90 west / I-94 west (Kennedy Expressway) – Wisconsin

I-290 ends
Circle interchange; eastern terminus of IL 110/CKC Expwy.; eastern end of I-290 overlap
Ida B. Wells DriveContinuation beyond I-90/I-94; formerly Congress Parkway
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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