Illinois Route 78

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Illinois Route 78

IL 78 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length215.51 mi[1] (346.83 km)
Major junctions
South end
US 67 Bus. / IL 104 in Jacksonville[2]
Major intersections
North end WIS 78 in Warren
CountryUnited States
CountiesMorgan, Cass, Mason, Fulton, Knox, Peoria, Stark, Henry, Whiteside, Carroll, Jo Daviess
Highway system
IL 76 I-80

Illinois Route 78 is a major north–south highway in western Illinois. It runs from Illinois Route 104 northwest of Jacksonville north to Highway 78 at the Wisconsin state line north of Warren. This is a distance of 215.51 miles (346.83 km).[1]

Route description

Jacksonville to Elmwood

Starting from IL 104 in Jacksonville, IL 78 briefly travels east, then south, and then east again. Then, it turns north via Main Street, passing the Jacksonville Municipal Airport. As it continues north, it then reaches IL 125 in Virginia. In Havana, US 136, as well as IL 97, begins to run concurrently with IL 78. US 136 then leaves the concurrency just west of the Scott W. Lucas Bridge. At the US 24 junction, IL 97 branches off west via US 24 while IL 78 travels east via US 24. In Little America, IL 78 branches off north from US 24. Then, IL 9 runs concurrently with IL 78 in Canton. In Farmington, IL 78 turns east via IL 116 and then back north again; branching off north from IL 116. In Elmwood, it follows IL 8 east and then north before branching off north.[4]

Elmwood to Wisconsin state line

IL 78 north of Laura in Peoria County

Further north, IL 78 then crosses under I-74 without a direct interchange. It then turns east and then north again. As it turns back north, it then follows US 150 for 3 miles (4.8 km). After that, it then intersects IL 90 north of Laura, then briefly runs concurrently with IL 17, then with US 34, and then intersects with IL 91. In Kewanee, US 34 then branches off northeast. North of the junction, IL 81 ends at the intersection with IL 78. In Annawan, it crosses US 6 and then I-80 at a diamond interchange. Further north, IL 78 then runs concurrently with IL 92, then meets I-88/IL 110 (CKC) at a diamond interchange, and then runs concurrently with US 30 in Morrison. IL 40 ends at an intersection south of Mount Carroll. In Mount Carroll, it intersects US 52/IL 64. Further north, in Stockton, IL 78 then runs concurrently with US 20. In Warren, it then turns northwest before reaching the Wisconsin state line. At that point, IL 78 becomes WIS 78.[4]


Starting in 1929, IL 78 first appeared as segments while the rest were under construction.[5] Within a few years, most of IL 78 from Jacksonville to Warren was finished.[6] In 1935, IL 78 superseded portions of IL 82, IL 3, and IL 40. However, a section between Jacksonville and Virginia became part of US 67.[7] By the late 1930s, a portion of IL 78 was moved onto a more direct route between Maples Mill and West Havana.[8] It remained like that until 1968 when US 67 rerouted away from Virginia. This resulted in the extension of IL 78 from Virginia to Jacksonville.[9]

Points of interest

The following historic and geographic sites can be enjoyed on Illinois Route 78, traveling from south to north:

Major intersections

US 67 Bus. / IL 104 – Meredosia, Alton
Southern terminus of IL 78
CassVirginia17.728.5 IL 125 – Beardstown, Ashland
Sangamon Valley Township
Chandlerville Road / Lincoln Heritage Trail (Western Branch) west / Illinois River Road south
South end of Lincoln Heritage Trail/Illinois River Road overlap
River Street / Lincoln Heritage Trail (Western Branch) east
North end of Lincoln Heritage Trail overlap

US 136 east / IL 97 south (West Dearborn Street) / Illinois River Road north – Duncan Mills, Kilbourne
Begin/end concurrency with US 136 and IL 97; Illinois River Road west route continues on IL 78
Illinois River44.571.6Scott W. Lucas Bridge
FultonIsabel Township45.372.9
US 136 west – Duncan Mills, Ipava
Begin/end concurrency with US 136
Waterford Township52.083.7

US 24 west / IL 97 north – Lewistown
Begin/end concurrency with US 24 / IL 97
Little America55.188.7
US 24 east / Illinois River Road north – Banner, Peoria
Begin/end concurrency with US 24/Illinois River Road
Buckheart Township61.599.0
IL 100 south – St. David, Lewistown
Eastern terminus of IL 100
IL 9 east (East Linn Street) – Banner, Pekin
Begin/end concurrency with IL 9
IL 9 west (West Locust Street) – Bushnell
Begin/end concurrency with IL 9
IL 116 west (North Main Street) – Roseville
Begin/end concurrency with IL 116
county line
Farmington Township77.2124.2
IL 116 east – Peoria
Begin/end concurrency with IL 116
KnoxSalem Township82.8133.3
IL 8 west – Yates City
Begin/end concurrency with IL 8
IL 8 east (West Southport Road) – Peoria
Begin/end concurrency with IL 8
Brimfield Township91.5147.3

US 150 east to I-74 – Brimfield
Begin/end concurrency with US 150; connection to exit 71 (I-74)
Millbrook Township94.5152.1
US 150 west – Galesburg
Begin/end concurrency with US 150
IL 90 east – Princeville
Western terminus of IL 90
StarkGoshen Township108.2174.1
IL 17 east – Toulon
Begin/end concurrency with IL 17
IL 17 west – La Fayette
Begin/end concurrency with IL 17
HenryWethersfield Township113.1182.0
US 34 west – Galva
Begin/end concurrency with US 34
IL 91 south – Elmira
Northern terminus of IL 91
US 34 east (East Second Street) – Neponset, Princeton
Begin/end concurrency with US 34
IL 81 west (West Sixth Street) – Cambridge
Eastern terminus of IL 81
Annawan129.3208.1 US 6 (Front Street) – Atkinson, Mineral
129.8208.9 I-80 – Moline, Rock Island, JolietExit 33 (I-80)
Yorktown Township140.8226.6
IL 92 west – East Moline
Begin/end concurrency with IL 92
IL 92 east – Yorktown
Begin/end concurrency with IL 92
WhitesideLyndon Township154.6248.8
I-88 / IL 110 (CKC) (Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway) – Dixon, Moline, Rock Island
Exit 26 (I-88)
US 30 east (Lincoln Highway) – Sterling, Rock Falls
Begin/end concurrency with US 30
US 30 west (Lincoln Highway) – Fulton
Begin/end concurrency with US 30
CarrollMount Carroll180.4290.3
IL 40 south – Sterling
Northern terminus of IL 40
180.8291.0 US 52 / IL 64 – Savanna, Lanark
Jo DaviessStockton201.5324.3
US 20 west (West North Avenue) – Galena
Begin/end concurrency with US 20
Stockton Township202.8326.4
US 20 east – Freeport
Begin/end concurrency with US 20
Warren Township215.51346.83 WIS 78Wisconsin state line; northern terminus of IL 78
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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