List of Interstate Highways in Illinois

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Interstate Highway System in Illinois
System information
Maintained by IDOT, ISTHA, and SCC
Length2,248.93 mi[2] (3,619.30 km)
FormedJune 29, 1956 (1956-06-29)[1]
Highway names
InterstatesInterstate X (I-X)
US HighwaysU.S. Route X (US X)
StateIllinois Route X (IL X)
System links

The Interstate Highways in Illinois are all segments of the Interstate Highway System that are owned and maintained by the U.S. state of Illinois.[3] The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA), and Skyway Concession Company (SCC) are responsible for maintaining these highways in Illinois. The Interstate Highway System in Illinois consists of 13 primary highways and 11 auxiliary highways which cover 2,248.93 miles (3,619.30 km).[2] The Interstate Highway with the longest section in Illinois is Interstate 57 at 358.57 miles (577.06 km); the shortest is Interstate 41 at 0.90 miles (1.45 km).

Primary Interstate Highways

Number Length (mi)[2] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
I-24 38.73 62.33 I-57 in Williamson County I-24 at Metropolis 01977-01-011977 current
I-39 123.42 198.63 I-55 in Normal I-39/I-90 in South Beloit 01989-01-011989 current
I-41 0.90 1.45 I-94/US 41 in Russell I-41/I-94/US 41 near Russell 02015-04-072015[4] current Overlaps I-94 from the US 41 split north to the state line
I-55 294.38 473.76 I-55/I-64 in East St. Louis US 41 (Lake Shore Drive) in Chicago 01960-01-011960 current
I-57 364.16 586.06 I-57 near Cairo I-94 in Chicago 01969-01-011969 current Longest Interstate in Illinois
I-64 128.12 206.19 I-55/I-64 in East St. Louis I-64 in Grayville 01974-01-011974 current
I-66 Missouri state line Kentucky state line 01991-01-011991 02015-01-012015 Cancelled proposal that was part of the planned East–West TransAmerica Corridor
I-70 135.74 218.45 I-70 in East St. Louis I-70 in Clark County
I-72 177.35 285.42 I-72/US 36 in Pike County I-57 in Champaign 01970-01-011970 current
I-74 220.34 354.60 I-74/US 6 in Moline I-74 in Danville
I-80 163.52 263.16 I-80 in Rock Island County I-80/I-94/US 6 in Lansing 01967-01-011967 current
I-88 140.60 226.27 I-80 in Silvis I-290 in Hillside 01987-01-011987 current Overlaps IL 110 through the entire route, Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway
I-90 107.49 172.99 I-39/I-90 in South Beloit I-90 in Chicago
I-94 77.67 125.00 I-41/I-94/US 41 near Russell I-80/I-94/US 6 in Lansing
  •       Former

Auxiliary Interstate Highways

Number Length (mi)[2] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
I-155 32.13 51.71 I-55 near Lincoln I-74 in Morton 01992-01-011992 current
I-172 19.69 31.69 I-72/US 36 in Fall Creek US 24/IL 336 in Fowler 01995-01-011995 current
I-180 13.19 21.23 IL 26/IL 71 in Hennepin I-80 in Bureau County 01967-01-011967 current
I-190 3.07 4.94 O'Hare International Airport I-90 in Chicago 01978-01-011978 current Shortest auxiliary Interstate in Illinois
I-255 27.05 43.53 I-255/US 50 in Columbia I-270/IL 255 in Pontoon Beach 01967-01-011967 current
I-270 14.97 24.09 I-270 in Madison County I-55/I-70 in Troy 01956-01-011956 current
I-280 17.60 28.32 I-280 in Rock Island I-74/I-80 in Colona
I-290 29.84 48.02 I-90/IL 53 in Schaumburg I-90/I-94 in Chicago 01955-01-011955 current Dwight D. Eisenhower Expressway

I-294 Toll
53.42 85.97 I-80/I-94/US 6/IL 394 in South Holland I-94 in Northbrook 01957-01-011957 current Longest auxiliary Interstate in Illinois, Tri-State Tollway
I-355 32.51 52.32 I-80 in New Lenox I-290 in Itasca 01989-01-011989 current Veterans Memorial Tollway
I-474 14.88 23.95 I-74/IL 6 in Peoria I-74 in East Peoria

I-490 Toll
I-294 in Franklin Park I-90 in Des Plaines proposed To be opened by 2025
I-494 Proposal for Lake Shore Drive
I-494 Proposed and cancelled Crosstown Expressway
  •       Former

Business loops

Number Length (mi) Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
I-55 BL 13.9 22.4 I-55/I-72/US 36 in Springfield I-55 in Williams Township
I-55 BL
I-55 BL 9.6 15.4 I-55/I-74/US 51 in Bloomington I-55 in Normal
I-72 BL 9.5 15.3 I-72/US 36/US 67 southwest of Jacksonville I-72 in Jacksonville


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