Interstate 74 in Illinois

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Interstate 74

Everett McKinley Dirksen Memorial Highway[1]
I-74 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length220.34 mi[2] (354.60 km)
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
West end I-74 / US 6 at Moline
Major intersections
East end I-74 at Danville
CountryUnited States
CountiesRock Island, Henry, Knox, Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford, McLean, DeWitt, Piatt, Champaign, Vermilion
Highway system
IL 73 IL 75

Interstate 74 (I-74) in the US state of Illinois is a major northwest–southeast Interstate Highway that runs across the central portion of the state. It runs from the Iowa state line at the Mississippi River near the city of Rock Island and runs southeast to the Indiana state line east of Danville, a distance of 220.34 miles (354.60 km).[2] The highway runs through the major cities of Champaign, Bloomington, Peoria, and Moline.

The highway is officially named after Everett McKinley Dirksen, a Republican senator and representative from Pekin from 1933 to his death in 1969.[1]

Route description

I-74 in Illinois runs parallel with U.S. Route 6 (US 6) in the Quad Cities, US 150 from the Quad Cities to Danville, and US 136 east of Danville.

Iowa state line to Bloomington–Normal

After crossing the Iowa state line and the Mississippi River via the I-74 Bridge (through arch span), I-74, as well as US 6, enters the city of Moline. At first, the freeway travels southward, meeting River Drive, Illinois Route 92 (IL 92, 6th Avenue), 7th Avenue, Avenue of the Cities, and IL 5 (John Deere Road), before reaching I-280. Near the Quad Cities International Airport, I-74 turns eastward along I-280 while US 6 continues south for a short distance. Southeast of Colona, I-280 ends at the Big X interchange while I-74 turns southward via ramps. This interchange is also where I-80 turns east via ramps. At this point, I-74 runs along IL 110 all the way to Galesburg. Along the way, the freeway comes across IL 81 and IL 17 before meeting US 34. At this point, IL 110 travels west along US 34 while I-74 continues south.[3]

East of Galesburg, I-74 begins to curve southeastward. Along the way, it meets US 150 in Knoxville, local roads near Brimfield, and one near Kickapoo before meeting I-474/IL 6. I-474 serves as a southern bypass of Peoria. Along the way through Peoria, it comes across Sterling Avenue, then US 150, Gale Avenue, University Street, IL 40, IL 29 (where they become concurrent), and the Murray Baker Bridge. East of Peoria, the freeway then meets IL 40 (Riverfront Drive), US 24/US 150/IL 29 (where IL 29 leaves the concurrency)/IL 116, US 150/IL 8, and Pinecrest Drive, before meeting I-474 again. After the I-474 interchange, it then meets the I-155 interchange, as well as Morton Avenue, in Morton. The freeway then meets IL 117 in Goodfield, a local road near Carlock, and US 150 near Yuton. As it approaches Normal, I-74 then meets I-55/US 51 at a trumpet interchange, which then turns south.[3]

Bloomington–Normal to Indiana state line

The concurrency then meets US 150 in Bloomington before I-55 branches southwestward at the I-55 Business (I-55 Bus.) interchange. After that, US 51 branches southward at US 51 Bus. I-74 then travels southeastward at this point. Along the way, it meets two local roads serving Downs and Le Roy, respectively; US 136; IL 54; another local road near Mansfield; IL 47; and another local road near Mahomet. As it approaches Champaign, it then comes across I-57, then Prospect Avenue, and then Neil Street. For Urbana, it serves Lincoln Avenue, US 45, and IL 130. After leaving the city of Urbana, it then serves two local roads for St. Joseph and Ogden, IL 49, another local road for Oakwood, and US 150. At this point, I-74 becomes a freeway bypass of Danville. In Tilton, it serves G Street as well as US 150/IL 1. After crossing the Vermilion River, it then meets Bowman Road and Lynch Road. Shortly after the Lynch Road interchange, I-74 crosses the Indiana state line.[3]


Original ramp configurations in Peoria, prior to Upgrade 74 project

In November 2006, major work was completed on the Upgrade 74 project for the portion of I-74 in the Midwest. This multiyear project, begun in April 2002, saw the complete renovation of I-74 through East Peoria and Peoria. Most notably, the Interstate was widened to three lanes through the cities, many blind or hairpin exits and entrances to the highway were removed or corrected, and many bridges crossing the highway were replaced. The biggest part of this project was to work on the Murray Baker Bridge, over which I-74 crosses the Illinois River. The bridge was completely closed to traffic while being partially dismantled and reconstructed from April 2 to October 15, 2005. During this time, I-74 was disconnected between Peoria and East Peoria.[4] In late March 2013, the biggest road reconstruction project in the Peoria area since the 2002–2006 project—a complete $86.6-million (equivalent to $126 million in 2023[5]) revision of the Morton I-74/I-155 interchange system—started its beginning phases (Morton, a hub for the two Interstates and the site of facilities for Caterpillar Inc., PepsiCo, and Libby's, is a growing Peoria suburb, across the Illinois River, east of East Peoria and Pekin, in Tazewell County). This latest project was scheduled to be finished by mid-2016, and the reconstruction is being scheduled in phases to minimize traffic disruption.[6] In 2020, the Murray Baker Bridge was closed for seven months for a $42.2-million project. At the end of October, it reopened with new decorative and traffic lights.[7]

I-74 Bridge replacement project

Parallel bridges cross a river
I-74 once began on the old I-74 Bridge over the Mississippi River at Moline

The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) were in the planning stages to build a new bridge to replace the aging I-74 Bridge. The Iowa-bound bridge opened in 1935; the Illinois-bound bridge in 1958.[8] In addition to replacing the twin bridges, the scope of the bistate coalition's plan includes updating seven miles (11 km) of I-74 mainline and interchanges from 53rd Street in Davenport to the Avenue of the Cities in Moline.[9] The new twin span fully opened on December 1, 2021.[10]

Exit list

Mississippi River0.000.00

I-74 west / US 6 west – Davenport
Continuation into Iowa
I-74 Bridge
Rock IslandMoline0.641.031A
To IL 92 / River Drive / 3rd Avenue
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance only
1B (EB)
2 (WB)

IL 92 east (6th Avenue)

To IL 92 / 7th Avenue
2.093.363Avenue of the Cities
IL 5 (John Deere Road) to I-88
Signed as exits 4A (west) and 4B (east)
I-280 west – Des Moines, Rock Island

US 6 east to US 150 – Quad City Airport
Eastern end of US 6 concurrency; western end of I-280 concurrency; signed as exits 5A (I-280 west) eastbound and 5B (US 6 east) westbound; I-280 east exit 18B
HenryColona Township13.8922.35

I-80 / IL 110 (CKC) east to I-88 – Chicago, Des Moines, Davenport

I-280 ends
Big X; eastern terminus of I-280; western end of IL 110/CKC concurrency
Lynn Township23.9238.5024 IL 81 – Andover, Cambridge
Woodhull31.8951.3232 IL 17 – Woodhull, Alpha

US 34 west / IL 110 (CKC) west – Monmouth
Eastern end of IL 110/CKC concurrency
US 34 east – Kewanee
48.0977.3948East Main Street – Galesburg, East GalesburgWestbound signed as exits 48A (west) and 48B (east)
Knoxville50.8781.8751 CR 9 – Knoxville
Knox Township53.5486.1654
US 150 to IL 97 – Lewistown
PeoriaBrimfield Township71.15114.5071
To IL 78 – Canton, Kewanee
Brimfield74.55119.9875 CR R25 (Maher Road) – Brimfield, Oak Hill
Kickapoo Township81.78131.6182Kickapoo, Edwards
I-474 east – Indianapolis
Western terminus of I-474; I-474 exit 0
IL 6 north – Chillicothe
Southern terminus of IL 6; IL 6 exit 0
Sterling Avenue to US 150 (War Memorial Drive)
Access to US 150 signed eastbound only
89.15143.4789 US 150 (War Memorial Drive)Access from eastbound I-74 to westbound US 150 and from eastbound US 150 to westbound I-74 at exit 88
90.22145.2090Gale Avenue
91.41147.1191University Street
IL 40 north (Knoxville Avenue)
IL 40 south / Glen Oak Avenue – Downtown Peoria
Glendale AvenueFormer right-in/right-out; replaced by exit 92B
Jefferson AvenueFormer interchange with no eastbound exit; replaced by exit 93

To IL 29 north / Washington Street
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; serves General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport

IL 29 north (Adams Street) / Jefferson Avenue – Downtown Peoria
Western end of IL 29 concurrency; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; serves General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport
Illinois River93.36–
Murray Baker Bridge
TazewellEast Peoria93.21150.0194
IL 40 north / Riverfront Drive – Downtown Peoria via Michel Bridge
Southern terminus of IL 40
IL 29 south / US 150 / US 24 / IL 116 (North Main Street)
Eastern end of IL 29 concurrency; signed as exit 95 westbound
US 150 / IL 8 east (Camp Street)
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance

To US 150 / IL 8 east / East Washington Street
97.66157.1798Pinecrest Drive
I-474 west – Moline, Rock Island, Pekin
Eastern terminus of I-474; I-474 exit 15
I-155 south – Lincoln
Northern terminus of I-155
IL 117 north – Goodfield
Southern terminus of IL 117
Dry Grove Township124.99201.15125 US 150 (Rivian Motorway)
Normal Township127.10204.55127

I-55 north / US 51 north to I-39 north – Chicago, Rockford
Western end of I-55/US 51 concurrency; I-55 south exit 163
Bloomington130.46209.96160 US 150 / IL 9 (Market Street) – PekinExit number follows I-55
I-55 south – St. Louis, Springfield
Eastern end of I-55 concurrency; I-55 north exit 157A
I-55 BL north (Veterans Parkway) – Airport
Bloomington Township135.20217.58135

US 51 south (Main Street) / US 51 Bus. north – Decatur, Bloomington
Eastern end of US 51 concurrency
Le Roy149.00239.79149Le Roy
Empire Township151.79244.28152 US 136 – Rantoul, Heyworth
DeWittFarmer City158.74255.47159 IL 54 – Farmer City, Gibson City
PiattBlue Ridge Township165.86266.93166Mansfield
ChampaignMahomet171.51276.02172 IL 47 – Gibson City, Mahomet
173.40279.06174Prairieview Road

I-57 to I-72 west – Memphis, Chicago, Decatur
Signed as exits 179A (south) & 179B (north); exit 237 on I-57
180.27290.12181Prospect Avenue
181.02291.32182Neil Street
Urbana182.30293.38183Lincoln Avenue
183.58295.44184 US 45 (Cunningham Avenue) – Rantoul
185.05297.81185 IL 130 (University Avenue)
St. Joseph191.90308.83192St. Joseph

To IL 49 south – Royal, Ogden
VermilionOakwood Township199.42320.94200 IL 49 – Fithian, Rankin
205.97331.48206Potomac, Oakwood
Danville Township209.57337.27210 US 150 (M.L. King Drive)
Danville213.23343.16214G Street

US 150 east / IL 1 south (Georgetown Road)
Cloverleaf interchange

US 150 west / IL 1 north (Gilbert Street)
215.48346.78216Bowman Avenue, Perrysville Road
IllinoisIndiana line219.33–
220Lynch RoadEastbound entrance extends into Indiana

I-74 east – Indianapolis
Continuation into Indiana
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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