U.S. Route 30 in Illinois

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U.S. Route 30

Lincoln Highway
US 30 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length153.79 mi[1] (247.50 km)
Lincoln Highway
Major junctions
West end US 30 in Fulton
Major intersections
East end US 30 in Lynwood
CountryUnited States
CountiesWhiteside, Lee, DeKalb, Kane, Kendall, Will, Cook
Highway system
IL 29 IL 31

U.S. Route 30 (US 30) is an east–west arterial surface road in northern Illinois. It runs from across the Mississippi River from Clinton, Iowa, to Lynwood at the Indiana state line. This is a distance of 153.79 miles (247.50 km).[1]

Route description

Mississippi River to Interstate 39

US 30 crosses from Clinton, Iowa, to the greater Fulton area over the Gateway Bridge. US 30 bypasses most of the city of Fulton to the south. From Fulton, US 30 travels southeastward through the town of Morrison en route to a crossing over the Rock River and Rock Falls. Here also, US 30 bypasses the majority of the town, intersecting Illinois Route 40 (IL 40) and having an interchange with Interstate 88 (I-88) on the southeast side of Rock Falls.

East of Rock Falls, US 30 turns directly eastwards and intersects IL 26 well south of Dixon. It also intersects US 52 at a remote location north of Amboy in Lee County. US 30 remains rural continuing eastwards, intersecting IL 251 a few miles west of I-39.

On the stretch of US 30 between Rock Falls and Shabbona, there are no notable population centers located on the highway. This is a distance of approximately 50 miles (80 km).

Interstate 39 to Joliet

US 30 continues east of the I-39 interchange on a largely straight line through the towns of Shabbona, Waterman and Hinckley. The proposed Prairie Parkway limited access highway would have intersected US 30 east of Dauberman Road in the village of Big Rock, between Hinckley and Sugar Grove. In Sugar Grove at IL 47, the character of the road changes relatively quickly.

Near the Aurora Municipal Airport in Sugar Grove, US 30 has an interchange with the western terminus of IL 56 and IL 47. US 30 exits south with IL 47 and remains concurrent for a couple of miles; US 30 then turns east at the KendallKane county line. US 30 then intersects IL 31, the Fox River and crosses over IL 25 in Montgomery but does not provide access to IL 25; east of Montgomery, US 30 overlaps US 34 for a short distance, and then turns south-southeast to Plainfield, picking up the Lincoln Highway designation. Prior to the route being redrawn to follow the path of US 34, the route actually exited off of US 34 through a highway interchange. The interchange in Aurora at Hill Avenue, where Lincoln Highway passes through Aurora toward the south is where the route gains the designation, and is where the old interchange was located as Hill Avenue passed over US 34 and continued south toward Plainfield.

US 30 passes a mile to the north of downtown Plainfield on 143rd Street, then turns south onto IL 59 (Division Street) for approximately one mile. Southeast of downtown, US 30 leaves IL 59 and heads southeast toward Joliet.

US 30 intersects I-55 at a busy commercial center near the Louis Joliet Mall in the far northwest corner of Joliet. A major construction project, begun in 2006, is in process to widen the remaining two-lane sections in this area to four lanes. A similar project was completed on other sections in far western Joliet and Crest Hill during the few years before.

US 30 intersects an east–west segment of IL 7 (Theodore Street) as it runs through the major commercial district of Crest Hill. It then continues southeast into the central part of the city of Joliet.

Joliet to Indiana state line

Within Joliet, US 30 runs on Plainfield Road, then Center Street, where it splits onto Jefferson Street eastbound and Western Avenue/Cass Street westbound, concurrent with US 6 east of the Des Plaines River. The US 6/US 30 combination eastbound begins at Scott Street and ends at Collins Street; westbound it starts at Collins and ends at Ottawa Street. There are also intersections at Scott Street and Ottawa Street with IL 53, which runs north–south through downtown Joliet. US 30 continues eastbound on Cass Street.

At I-80, US 30 is once again called the Lincoln Highway, running through the southern suburbs of New Lenox, Frankfort, Matteson, Chicago Heights, Ford Heights and Lynwood. It intersects US 45 (La Grange Road) and the southern terminus of IL 43 in Frankfort, I-57 in Matteson, IL 1 (Halsted Street) in Chicago Heights, IL 394 near Sauk Village and the southern terminus of IL 83 in Lynwood.

West of I-80, US 30 generally has two lanes plus a center turn lane; east of I-80, the width of the road fluctuates between four and six lanes and is occasionally divided by a median. A 2003–2004 reconstruction project widened US 30 to four lanes between IL 394 and the Indiana state line. The point west of I-80 where US 30 widens to four lanes is the beginning of a very long stretch of road where US 30 stays at least four lanes; going eastward, US 30 does not narrow to two lanes again until just east of Canton, Ohio.


US 30 in Illinois has undergone many major changes since its inception in 1926. It originally ran from Fulton (on the modern-day Lyons-Fulton Bridge) through Chicago using current US 30, IL 2 east of Sterling to Dixon and IL 38 from Dixon to Westchester (the full length of Il 38). It then followed Roosevelt Road, various city streets, Stony Island Avenue and Torrence Avenue to reach Indiana.

In 1932, US 30 was relocated onto the Lincoln Highway in the southern suburbs, from Torrence Avenue to IL 31 in the Fox River Valley. US 30 then concurrent with current IL 31 (then called US 430) north to IL 38 in Geneva, and kept the 1926 routing westward from Geneva. The old US 30 through Chicago became US 330. In the Fox River Valley, US 430 was created and ran north to Richmond from Geneva.

Between 1932 and 1942, US 30 was relocated west of Geneva to Sterling on a new, more direct road further south. U 330 was extended westward as US 30 was relocated south. In 1937, US 430 was dropped in favor of IL 31.

In 1942, US 330 was dropped entirely and became Alternate U.S. Route 30, which lasted until 1971.

In June 1956, the Gateway Bridge opened south of the Lyons-Fulton Bridge.[3] U.S. 30 was rerouted south onto this bridge, and the old route named another Alternate U.S. Route 30—this was soon changed to IL 136 so as to match Iowa 136 on the other side of the Mississippi River.

In 1959, US 30 was rerouted around Aurora. The old route through Aurora (present-day Galena Boulevard, New York Street and Hill Avenue) became City U.S. Route 30; this lasted all of one year until 1960 when it was renamed Business U.S. Route 30. Business US 30 lasted a little longer before being removed in 1970.

In 1963, the East-West Tollway was built. From 1963 to 1965, the tollway was marked as Toll U.S. Route 30 and ran along modern-day I-88, I-294, and the present-day IL 394 (which in 1963 was called IL 1 until 1964, when it became IL 394). The east–west Tollway portion was renamed to IL  in 1965, and eventually became IL 5 before becoming I-88 in 1988.

In 1971, Alternate U.S. Route 30 in Illinois was discontinued, renamed as IL 38 west of Westchester, and dropped through the city of Chicago.[2]

Since a 2008 realignment, US 30 passes a mile to the north of downtown Plainfield on 143rd Street, then turns south onto IL 59 (Division Street) for approximately one mile. Southeast of downtown, US 30 leaves IL 59 and heads southeast toward Joliet. Prior to 2008, US 30 ran directly through downtown Plainfield on Lockport Street, briefly sharing alignment with IL 126, before joining IL 59 for three blocks.

Major intersections

Mississippi River0.00.0
US 30 west – Clinton
Continuation into Iowa
Gateway Bridge; Iowa–Illinois state line
WhitesideGarden Plain TownshipFultonRight-in/right-out interchange
Fulton1.42.3 IL 84 / Great River Road (Waller Road) – Fulton, Savanna, East Moline
Fulton Township4.06.4
IL 136 west (Fulton Road) / Lincoln Highway – Fulton
Eastern terminus of IL 136
Union Grove Township11.218.0
IL 78 north (Carroll Road) – Mount Carroll
Western end of IL 78 overlap
IL 78 south (Cherry Street) – Prophetstown
Eastern end of IL 78 concurrency
Hopkins Township Lincoln Highway (Emerson Road)

To I-88 / IL 110 (CKC)
Coloma Township27.844.7 IL 40 (1st Avenue) – Sterling, Peoria
township line

I-88 west (Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway) / IL 110 (CKC) west – Moline, Rock Island

I-88 Toll east (Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway) / IL 110 (CKC) east – Chicago
I-88 exit 44
LeeSouth DixonMarion
township line
39.964.2 IL 26 – Dixon, Princeton
Franklin GroveAmboy
township line
46.675.0 US 52 – Dixon, Amboy, Mendota
Viola Township59.295.3 IL 251 – Rochelle, Mendota
Willow Creek Township63.0101.4 I-39 / US 51 – Rockford, LaSalle, PeruI-39 exit 87
DeKalbWaterman76.4123.0 IL 23 – DeKalb, Ottawa
KaneSugar Grove92.5148.9
IL 47 north – Elburn

IL 56 east to I-88 Toll east – Aurora, Chicago
Interchange; western end of IL 47 concurrency; western terminus of IL 56
county line
IL 47 south (Bridge Street)
Eastern end of IL 47 concurrency
KaneMontgomery100.5161.7 IL 31 (Lake Street) – Montgomery, Aurora, OswegoInterchange
KendallMontgomeryOswego line103.8167.0
US 34 west (Walter Payton Memorial Highway)
Western end of US 34 concurrency
US 34 east (Ogden Avenue) / Lincoln Highway (Hill Avenue)
Eastern end of US 34 concurrency
IL 59 north (Division Street)
Western end of IL 59 concurrency
IL 126 / Historic US 66 east (Main Street) – Chicago, Yorkville

IL 59 south / Historic US 66 west (Division Street, PFC Andrew Meari Memorial Highway)
Eastern end of IL 59 concurrency
Joliet116.2187.0 I-55 (Barack Obama Presidential Expressway) – Chicago, BloomingtonI-55 exit 257
Crest HillJoliet line119.5192.3 IL 7 (Theodore Street)

US 6 west / Historic US 66 west / IL 53 south (Ottawa Street)
One-way couplet

US 6 east / Historic US 66 east / IL 53 north (Scott Street)
One-way couplet; western end of US 6 concurrency
US 6 east (Collins Street)
Eastern end of US 6 concurrency
New Lenox127.6205.4 I-80 – Moline, Rock Island, Gary, IndianaI-80 exit 137
Frankfort136.2219.2 US 45 (La Grange Road)
county line
FrankfortMatteson line139.2224.0
IL 43 north (Harlem Avenue)
Southern terminus of IL 43
CookMatteson141.7228.0 I-57 – Chicago, KankakeeI-57 exit 340
142.2228.8 IL 50 (Cicero Avenue)
Chicago Heights147.0236.6 IL 1 (Chicago Road)
Ford Heights150.3241.9 IL 394 (Calumet Expressway) – Chicago, Danville
IL 83 north (Glenwood Dyer Road)
Southern terminus of IL 83
US 30 east / Lincoln Highway – Valparaiso
Continuation into Indiana
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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