U.S. Route 63 in Missouri

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U.S. Route 63

US 63 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length337.748 mi[1] (543.553 km)
Major junctions
South end US 63 at the Arkansas state line
Major intersections
North end US 63 at the Iowa state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesOregon, Howell, Texas, Phelps, Maries, Osage, Cole, Callaway, Boone, Randolph, Macon, Adair, Schuyler
Highway system
US 62 I-64

U.S. Route 63 (US 63) is the portion of a north-south highway that runs through the U.S. state of Missouri from the Arkansas state line near Thayer to the Iowa state line near Lancaster.

Route description

Jefferson City Bridge

The highway passes south-to-north through Missouri, from Arkansas to Iowa, serving cities such as Rolla, Jefferson City, Columbia, Moberly, Macon, and Kirksville. Notable routes that are intersected include U.S. Route 160 and U.S. Route 60 in Howell County, Interstate 44 at Rolla, U.S. Route 50 (which it shares a concurrency with into Jefferson City south of the Missouri River until it reaches the junction with U.S. 54), US Route 54 (which it overlaps in Jefferson City from the junction with U.S. Route 50 and crosses the Missouri River with on the Jefferson City Bridge), Interstate 70 at Columbia, U.S. Route 24 at Moberly, U.S. Route 36 at Macon, and U.S. Route 136 at Lancaster.

Stonehenge next to U.S. Route 63

The road enters the state (passing the Oregon County line) at Thayer. Immediately after leaving Thayer, U.S. 63 intersects Route 19, then continues into Howell County on a two-lane highway with alternating passing lanes, then the highway enters West Plains. The highway then widens to a four-lane divided highway, bypassing West Plains to the south and west, intersecting U.S. Route 160 then continues on a divided highway to Willow Springs. The route then joins US Route 60, and the two highways run concurrently northwest to Cabool.

North of Cabool, the highway returns to two-lane status (with alternating passing lanes), passing through Houston and intersecting Route 32 in Licking. The highway then enters Phelps County and passes through Rolla, the home of Missouri University of Science and Technology, and becomes locally known as Bishop Avenue. In Rolla, Route 63 intersects Route 72, and later, Business Loop 44. The Business Loop runs concurrently with Route 63 past the University's campus to Interstate 44, where the Business Loop ends. As it leaves Rolla, the highway quickly narrows to two lanes. US 63 between Rolla and US 50 is being studied for improvements.[2] It crosses into Maries County toward Vienna, intersecting Highway 42. After entering Osage County, Route 63 passes through Freeburg and Westphalia. A few miles north of Westphalia, Highway 63 widens to a four-lane divided highway, and almost immediately intersects US Route 50, and the two highways' head west toward Jefferson City, the state capital. After passing through downtown on the Whitton Expressway, the route leaves Route 50, joining the eastbound direction of US Route 54 to cross the Missouri River into Callaway County.

After crossing the river, Route 63 exits Route 54, and heads north on a four-lane divided highway. About five miles north of US 54, the highway enters Boone County, then after five miles more, leaves the Ozark Plateau and enters the Columbia metropolitan area. Highway 63 passes through the eastern edge of Ashland then passes along the eastern edge of Columbia, but gains freeway status for about 10 miles (16 km) through town. In the north part of town, Route 63 intersects Interstate 70. There is no direct connection between Route 63 and I-70; access to and from the Interstate is via an at-grade connector road, which intersects I-70 at a simple Diamond interchange. The route then leaves Columbia, returning to expressway status, and intersects Route 22 near Clark, right on the Boone-Randolph county line. After passing by Clark proper, U.S. 63 gains a Business Route, which passes through the otherwise-bypassed town of Renick, then passes through the city of Moberly. Mainline Route 63, meanwhile, upgrades to a freeway for about four miles as it passes through Moberly, intersecting US Route 24 at an interchange on the northern end of town.

Heading north, U.S. 63 leaves the Columbia metropolitan area and enters Macon County just north of Jacksonville, and heads toward the city of Macon. Through town, the highway narrows to a two-lane city street, with a center left-turn lane. Near the northern edge of town, US 63 intersects US Route 36, which is part of the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway. Leaving Macon, the highway re-gains expressway status, and passes by La Plata before crossing into Adair County. South of Kirksville, the route interchanges with a Business Route, which passes through the city proper, while mainline Route 63 narrows to two lanes and enters a newly-constructed bypass to the east of town. While on the bypass, the highway intersects Route 6 and Missouri Route 11, and the two east-west state routes form a three-mile long Wrong-way concurrency with each other following US 63. Leaving the Kirksville bypass, US 63 returns to a two-lane surface highway, and enters Schuyler County. Near Lancaster, the highway intersects US Route 136, which briefly overlaps with Route 63 into Lancaster itself. There, Route 136 turns east, while Route 63 continues north into Iowa, exiting Missouri about five miles north of Lancaster.


U.S. 63 in Missouri was Route 7 from 1922 to 1926.

Junction list

All exits are unnumbered.

US 63 south – Mammoth Spring
Continuation into Arkansas
Route 142 / US 63 Bus. – Lanton
Southern terminus of Route 142 concurrency. Access to Grand Gulf State Park.
Route 142 east – Doniphan
Northern terminus of Route 142 concurrency
Route 19 / US 63 Bus. – Alton, Thayer
Access to Grand Gulf State Park and Business District.
4.5147.265 Route OO
Koshkonong10.30116.578 Route FAccess to Cover Prairie Conservation Area
11.06417.806 Route ZAccess to Warm Fork Conservation Area
11.58618.646 Route M – Rover
Howell22.17335.684 Route PPAccess to Cover Prairie Conservation Area
West Plains24.43239.319 Route ZZ
US 63 Bus. (Bill Virdon Blvd.) – West Plains
25.99441.833 Route 17 – LantonSouthern terminus of Route 17 concurrency
US 160 west – Gainesville
Southern terminus of US 160 concurrency. Access to Bull Shoals Lake and Norfork Lake.
27.88044.869 Route K – Pottersville
29.04846.748 US 160 / Route 17 / Route CC – Hammond CampNorthern terminus of US 160 / Route 17 concurrency. Access to Ozarks Medical Center.
US 63 Bus. – West Plains
33.15453.356 Route 14 – Ava
Pomona38.36061.734 Route N / Route PAccess to West Plains Regional Airport
42.38068.204 Route UU – Burnham
Willow Springs45.51473.248
US 60 east – Mountain View, Poplar Bluff
Interchange; southern end of freeway; southern terminus of US 60 concurrency

US 60 Bus. / US 63 Bus. – Willow Springs

Route 76 west / Route 137 north – Willow Springs

US 60 Bus. / US 63 Bus. – Willow Springs
Interchange; northern end of freeway. Access to Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop G Headquarters.
US 60 west – Mountain Grove, Springfield
Northern terminus of US 60 concurrency; southern terminus of US 60 Bus. concurrency
US 60 Bus.
Northern terminus of US 60 Bus. concurrency. Access to Business District.
62.10799.952 Route PP
66.078106.342 Route H – Elk Creek
Simmons69.933112.546 Route Z
71.152114.508 Route UU – Solo
Houston76.940123.823 Route 17 – SummersvilleSouthern terminus of Route 17 concurrency; access to Texas County Memorial Hospital and Ozark National Scenic Riverways.
77.141124.146 Route 17 – Success, Fort Leonard WoodNorthern terminus of Route 17 concurrency
77.888125.349 Route B / Route F – Raymondville
80.557129.644 Route E

Route P to Route 137 / Route BB
Route 32 to Route 137 – Success, Salem
Access to South Central Correctional Center
Sherrill97.289156.571 Route CC – Sherrill, MaplesAccess to White River Trace Conservation Area
Phelps100.465161.683 Route K – Beulah
Edgar Springs105.142169.210 Route H – Lenox, Salem
105.969170.541 Route M / Route FF – Flat, Edgar Springs
117.948189.819 Route W
Rolla124.465200.307 Route 72 (Ridgeway Road) – Salem
124.860200.943 I-44 BL (Kingshighway)Southern terminus of BL I-44 concurrency
125.093201.318 Route BB (10th Street) – Saint James
Route E (University Drive) to I-44 – Gasconade River
Access to Missouri University of Science and Technology
126.161203.036 I-44 – Springfield, Saint LouisI-44 exit 186; Eastern terminus of BL I-44
Route P to Route 68
Vichy137.315220.987 Route 68 – Saint James
138.081222.220 Route FF
138.587223.034 Route 28 – BelleSouthern terminus of Route 28 concurrency. Access to Rolla National Airport
142.879229.941 Route A
147.596237.533 Route 28 – Dixon, Fort Leonard WoodNorthern terminus of Route 28 concurrency

Route 28 Spur to Route 28 west – Dixon, Fort Leonard Wood
Vienna150.246241.797 Route 42 – Iberia, Belle, Lake of the Ozarks
151.122243.207 Route AA – Argyle
OsageFreeburg160.516258.325 Route P – Koeltztown
166.109267.327 Route E – Rich Fountain
168.790271.641 Route T – Koeltztown
Westphalia172.454277.538 Route 133 – Meta

US 50 east – Saint Louis
Southern terminus of US 50 concurrency
ColeSchubert178.755287.678 Route M / Route J – Taos, Osage CityAccess to Clark's Hill/Norton State Historic Site
Jefferson City180.576290.609Militia DriveAccess to the Missouri National Guard Armory and the Missouri Military Museum
183.088294.652McCarty Street
184.721297.280Eastland Drive
185.875299.137Clark AvenueAccess to Missouri State Highway Patrol General Headquarters
186.367299.929Lafayette StreetAccess to Lincoln University

US 50 Bus. west (Missouri Boulevard) to US 54 west – Lake of the Ozarks
At-grade intersection; eastern end of freeway; eastern terminus of US 50 Bus.

US 54 west / US 50 west – Eldon, Lake of the Ozarks, Sedalia
Northern terminus of US 50 concurrency; southern terminus of US 54 concurrency
Missouri River187.952–
Jefferson City Bridge
CallawayJefferson City188.713303.704 Route WAccess to Jefferson City Memorial Airport

US 54 east / Route 94 – Fulton, Mokane, Jefferson City
Northern terminus of US 54 concurrency
Boone200.701322.997 Route A – Hartsburg
Ashland203.706327.833 Route M / Route Y – Ashland, GuthrieInterchange
Elkhurst207.716334.286 Route 163 / Route HInterchange; access to Columbia Regional Airport and Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
Columbia212.874342.587Discovery ParkwayInterchange; southern end of freeway; access to Missouri Department of Conservation Central Regional Office and Resource Science Center
214.168344.670 Route AC (Grindstone Parkway) / East New Haven Road
215.486346.791 Route 740 (Stadium Boulevard)Access to the University of Missouri, University Hospital, and Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans' Hospital
216.486348.400 Route WW / Broadway StreetAccess to Downtown Columbia, Boone Hospital Center, University of Missouri Women's and Children's Hospital, and Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area
I-70 / US 40 / Route PP – Kansas City, Saint LouisI-70 exit 128
218.836352.182Vandiver Drive / Bass Pro Drive
219.745353.645 Route B – Hallsville, Centralia
220.214354.400Brown School Road / Oakland Gravel Road
221.958357.207Prathersville Road
Route 763 south – Columbia
Interchange; northern end of freeway; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Route 124 east – Hallsville
Southern terminus of Route 124 concurrency
Route 124 west – Harrisburg
Northern terminus of Route 124 concurrency
235.038378.257 Route NN
237.090381.559 Route CC – Sturgeon
county line
Sturgeon238.559383.923 Route 22 / Route F – Centralia, SturgeonInterchange
RandolphClark241.224388.212 Route B / Route P – Higbee, Clark
US 63 Bus. / Route NN – Renick, Moberly
Moberly250.225402.698 Route M – Moberly, Middle GroveInterchange
251.825405.273 Route EE (Rollins Street)Interchange; access to Moberly Regional Medical Center, Downtown Moberly, and Moberly Area Community College
253.861408.550 US 24 – MoberlyInterchange; access to Moberly Regional Medical Center
US 63 Bus. (Morley Street)
Interchange; access to Omar N Bradley Airport - MBY
Cairo258.674416.295 Route K / Route Z
Jacksonville264.109425.042 Route J – Duncans Bridge
MaconExcello267.828431.027 Route T / Route Y – College Mound
Macon273.817440.666 Route PPAccess to Macon-Fowler International Airport
US 36 Bus.
Access to Samaritan Hospital

Future I-72 / US 36 / Route 110 (CKC) – Saint Joseph, Hannibal
279.643450.042 Route DD – Ten Mile
Atlanta285.319459.176 Route M – Economy
287.842463.237 Route J – Elmer
292.375470.532 Route NN
La Plata295.028474.802 Route 156 – South Gifford, Novelty
Adair298.319480.098 Route E – Wilson
Millard302.056486.112 Route KKAccess to Kirksville Regional Airport

US 63 Bus. north (South Baltimore Street)
Interchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance
307.140494.294 Route 6 / Route 11 – Edina, BrookfieldSouthern terminus of Route 6 / Route 11 concurrency
309.136497.506 Route 6 / Route 11 – Milan, BaringNorthern terminus of Route 6 / Route 11 concurrency

US 63 Bus. south (North Baltimore Street)
314.788506.602 Route T – Sperry
318.981513.350 Route A – Downing
SchuylerGreentop320.179515.278 Route K
Queen City324.035521.484 Route E / Route W – Worthington
325.112523.217 Route O
327.583527.194 Route P / Route U – Lancaster
330.468531.837 US 136 – UnionvilleSouthern terminus of US 136 concurrency
Lancaster332.587535.247 US 136 / Route 202 – Glenwood, KeokukNorthern terminus of US 136 concurrency
US 63 north – Bloomfield
Continuation into Iowa
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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