U.S. Route 62 in Arkansas

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U.S. Highway 62

US 62 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Length329.9 mi (530.9 km)
Major junctions
West end US 62 at Oklahoma border near Summers
Major intersections I-49 / US 71 in Fayetteville
US 412 in Springdale
I-49 / US 71 in Bentonville
US 412 in Alpena
US 65 in Harrison
US 167 in Ash Flat
US 63 in Hardy
US 63 / US 412 in Imboden
Future I-57 / US 67 from Pocahontas to Corning
US 49 in Piggott
East end US 62 at Missouri border in St. Francis
CountryUnited States
CountiesWashington, Benton, Carroll, Boone, Marion, Baxter, Fulton, Sharp, Lawrence, Randolph, Clay
Highway system
US 61 US 63

U.S. Route 62 (US 62) is a U.S. highway running from El Paso, Texas northeast to Niagara Falls, New York. In the U.S. state of Arkansas, the route runs 329.9 miles from the Oklahoma border near Summers east to the Missouri border in St. Francis, serving the northern portion of the state. The route passes through several cities and towns, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Harrison, Mountain Home, Pocahontas, and also Piggott. US 62 runs concurrent with several highways in Arkansas including Interstate 49 and U.S. Route 71 between Fayetteville and Bentonville, U.S. Route 412 through much of the state, U.S. Route 65 in the Harrison area, and with U.S. Route 63 and U.S. Route 67 (Future Interstate 57) in northeast Arkansas.

Route description

Northwest Arkansas

US 62 near the Oklahoma border

U.S. Route 62 enters Arkansas from Oklahoma and runs by the Bean Cemetery near Lincoln and the Borden House and Prairie Grove Battlefield Park in Prairie Grove.[1][2] The route then enters the Northwest Arkansas metro area, including the cities of Fayetteville, Rogers, and Bentonville. The route concurs with I-49/US 71 through these communities. In Benton County, the route passes Garfield Elementary School near the junction with Arkansas Highway 127 in Garfield before exiting Rogers.[3] The route continues east near the Pea Ridge National Military Park and the Missouri state line before entering Carroll County.[4]

US 62 in Carroll County west of Eureka Springs.

The Ozark Mountains

US 62 winds through the Ozarks, passing through sparsely populated scenic country and small towns. US 62 passes the Thorncrown Chapel, the Tall Pines Motor Inn, and the historic U.S. 62 White River Bridge near Eureka Springs. The route begins a concurrency with U.S. Route 412 in Alpena that continues west to Imboden. Also, US 62/US 412 meet U.S. Route 65 in Harrison. In Marion County, the route meets US 62S in Pyatt and the US 62 Bridge over Crooked Creek outside of town. During this stretch, US 62 crosses two of the nine Arkansas Scenic Byways, the Pig Trail and Scenic Highway 7. Continuing east, the route passes a former alignment of US 62 before entering Yellville. East of Yellville, the route enters Mountain Home in Baxter County and crosses over Norfolk Lake to enter rural Fulton County.

Bridge over Leatherwood Creek west of Eureka Springs.

After passing through Fulton County, US 62/US 412 enters Sharp County. In Ash Flat, US 62/US 412 serves as the northern terminus of U.S. Route 167. After passing around Cherokee Village, Arkansas, the route enters Hardy. In Hardy, US 62/US 412/US 63 Business passes four properties on the National Register of Historic Places in Arkansas: the Carrie Tucker House, the Sherman Bates House, the Fred Graham House, and Web Long House and Motel.[5] US 62/US 412 also meets U.S. Route 63, which is mostly a patchwork of concurrencies throughout the state. The routes continue together to Imboden, when US 63/US 412 break and continue south, where US 62/AR 115 continues over the St. Louis-San Francisco Overpass headed north into Randolph County and Crowley's Ridge.

Crowley's Ridge

In Randolph County, US 62 passes by cotton fields until Pocahontas, when the route meets US 67 (Future I-57).[6] The route concurs with US 67 east until Corning in Clay County.[7] The route runs east through Crowley's Ridge to Piggott, and enters Missouri near St. Francis.[7]


Spring Street in Eureka Springs was originally US 62 - City Route.
Old Highway 62 near Busch

The route was originally a trail known as the Ozark Trail, which was the main series of routes in the area prior to the construction of U.S. Route 66. The Ozark Trails Association was responsible for maintaining and marking the routes, with William Hope Harvey in charge. Harvey wanted an auto trail from Oklahoma to his resort town Monte Ne, which he established after retiring from the railroad business.[8] He had grand visions of trails connecting Monte Ne with St. Louis, Kansas City, Wichita, Kansas, and Oklahoma City, and points west.[9] U.S. Route 62 from Gateway to Eureka Springs was also designated part of The Jefferson Highway, although the highway was not really marked and frequently shifted.[10] The highway was listed as a "Proposed Primary Federal Aid Road" on a state map in the first issue of "Arkansas Highways Magazine" (1924), but not numbered.[11]

The road brought much traffic through the hills of Arkansas, previously resistant to development. Eureka Springs was a popular stop on the route, with many motor inns and a vibrant downtown. Nearby Arkansas Highway 23 (The Pig Trail) further added tourists to the community.[12] Following completion of Lake Norfork, parts of US 62 were inundated, including the rainbow arch bridge over the White River at Henderson, which was replaced by ferries. As the lake increased traffic, the wait for a ferry became over an hour during weekend afternoons in tourist season. A toll bridge was studied but deemed unfeasible in 1969.[13]

Further east, cities of Mountain Home, Cotter, and Flippin grew significantly with US 62's traffic.[14] Rough terrain interspersed with large waterways caused the need for large bridges, including the Cotter Bridge (which replaced a ferry system) and the St. Louis-San Francisco Overpass.[15] A 1981 study indicated a need of 31 climbing lanes from Harrison to Hardy (approx. 110 miles (180 km)) necessary for safety purposes, indicative of the rough terrain.[15]

Some historic alignments of the old road still exist with original pavement. One section, built between 1932 and bypassed in 1952, is located between Busch and Eureka Springs on either side of the White River. On the north side of the river Carroll County Route 109 follows the alignment to the former river crossing, where only concrete bridge piers remain to be seen. On the south side County Route 107 continues southward, eventually rejoining the modern alignment. This section was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.[16]

Major intersections

US 62 west – Muskogee
Oklahoma state line
AR 59 north – Siloam Springs
AR 59 south – Van Buren
AR 45 south – Canehill

US 62B east – Prairie Grove
Prairie Grove16.927.2
US 62B west – Prairie Grove
AR 170 east
AR 170 west (Hunter Street)

I-49 south (US 71) / AR 180 east (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard / AR 16 east) – Fort Smith, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville National Cemetery
Western end of I-49 / US 71 / AR 16 overlap; US 62 west follows exit 62

AR 16 west / AR 112S east (Wedington Drive)
Northern end of AR 16 concurrency; future exit 250
28.445.765Stephen Carr Memorial BoulevardPorter Road rededicated in July 2022;[17] future exit 251
29.747.867A AR 112 (Garland Avenue)Access to the University of Arkansas; future exit 253A
US 71B north / North Fulbright Expressway
Interchange opened around November 2017; access to Washington Regional Medical Center and Fayetteville Historic District; future exit 253B
Johnson315069Johnson Mill BoulevardFuture exit 255
Springdale70Don Tyson ParkwayOpened July 7, 2014;[18] future exit 256
365872 US 412 (Sunset Avenue)Future exit 258
37.460.273Elm Springs RoadFuture exit 259
Benton76.15122.5576Wagon Wheel RoadFuture exit 262
Lowell77.55124.8077 AR 612 (Springdale Northern Bypass) – Elm Springs, Cave SpringsFirst section opened on April 30, 2018; future exit 263
78.90126.9878 AR 264 (West Monroe Avenue)Access to Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport; future exit 264
Rogers81.01130.3781Pleasant Grove RoadFuture exit 267
82.79133.2482Promenade Boulevard / West Pauline Whittaker ParkwayFuture exit 268
83.90135.0283Pinnacle Hills Parkway / West New Hope RoadFuture exit 269
RogersBentonville line85.30137.2885

US 71B north / AR 12 west (SE Walton Boulevard)

US 71B south (W. Walnut Street)
Southern end of AR 12 concurrency; future exit 271

I-49 north (US 71) / AR 102 west (Southeast 14th Street) – Bella Vista, Bentonville, Centerton
Northern end of I-49 / US 71 overlap; US 62 east follows exit 86
AR 94 east – Rogers Business District
Western end of AR 94 overlap

AR 12 east / AR 94 west (North Second Street) – Little Flock, Pea Ridge, Historic District, Hobbs State Park Conservation Area, Prairie Creek Park, Rogers Historical Museum
Eastern end of AR 12 / AR 94 overlap, former US 62B northern terminus
AR 72 west – Pea Ridge
Garfield62.8101.1 AR 127 – Beaver Lake, Lost Bridge Park
AR 37 north – Seligman, MO
AR 187 north – Beaver, Holiday Island

AR 187 south – Beaver Dam, Beaver Lake
AR 187 north
Eureka SpringsHistoric Loop - Eureka Springs Business DistrictFormer US 62B east

AR 23 north – Holiday Island, Beaver
Western end of AR 23 overlap

AR 23 south – Huntsville
Eastern end of AR 23 overlap
AR 143 north / AR 980 – Grandview, Airport
Berryville95.0152.9 US 62S
AR 221 south (West Carl Avenue)
Western end of AR 221 overlap

AR 21 north / AR 221 north
Eastern end of AR 221 overlap; western end of AR 21 overlap

AR 21 south – Kingston, Boxley
Eastern end of AR 21 overlap

AR 103 south – Rule
Green Forest
AR 103 north – Oak Grove

AR 311 north (Carroll Avenue)
Tyson Avenue (AR 311 south)
US 412 west – Huntsville, Springdale
Western end of US 412 overlap
AR 392 east – Batavia
US 65 north – Branson, MO, Springfield, MO
Interchange; western end of US 65 overlap
Harrison122196 AR 980 – Boone County Regional Airport
AR 43 north
124200North Main Street - Business DistrictFormer US 65B south

AR 7 north – Bergman, Lead Hill, Diamond City
Western end of AR 7 overlap

US 65B south / AR 7 south – Jasper, Russellville, Business District
Eastern end of AR 7 overlap

US 65B north (South Main Street) – Harrison Business District, Northark College South Campus
AR 206 west
US 65 south – Little Rock
Eastern end of US 65 overlap
AR 125 south – Eros, Bruno
Western end of AR 125 overlap
Pyatt144.4232.4 US 62S – Pyatt Business District
AR 125 north – Dodd City
Eastern end of AR 125 overlap
AR 202 east – Summit
US 62B east (Old Main Street)
AR 14 west (Panther Avenue) – Summit, Lead Hill
Western end of AR 14 overlap
US 62B west (Berry Street)
AR 14 east – Ozark Folk Center State Park, Blanchard Springs Caverns, Buffalo National River Buffalo Point
Eastern end of AR 14 overlap
AR 178 east – Flippin, Bull Shoals, Bull Shoals White River State Park
AR 101 south – Rea Valley
US 62B east – Cotter
US 62B west / CR 1 (Denton Ferry Road) – Cotter Business District
AR 345 south (Cotter Road)
168.0270.4Lakeview DriveFormer AR 345
AR 126 north – Ozark Regional Airport
AR 126 south – Buffalo City
Mountain Home173.6279.4
US 62B east – Mountain Home
174.2280.3 AR 201 – Arkansas State University Mountain Home Campus
176.5284.0 AR 5Interchange
178.2286.8 AR 178 (Buzzard Roost Road)
Mountain Home179.3288.6
US 62B west – Mountain Home
AR 101 north – Gamaliel
Fulton193.7311.7 AR 87 – Vidette, Elizabeth
Viola201.6324.4 AR 223 – Moody, MO, Bexar
US 62B east
AR 395 south

AR 9 to AR 395 north – Business District, Mammoth Spring, Melbourne
AR 289 south – Horseshoe Bend
AR 289 north – Saddle, Mammoth Spring
SharpAsh Flat228.6367.9
US 167 south (Ash Flat Drive) – Batesville
FultonNo major intersections
SharpCherokee Village232.3373.9
AR 175S north – Cherokee Village

AR 175 south (Stone Creek Road) to AR 289 – Cherokee Village
Western end of AR 175 overlap
AR 342 east (West Riverview Drive) – Harold E. Alexander WMA
US 63B south – Hardy, Historic District
Western end of US 63B overlap
US 63 north – Mammoth Spring
Eastern end of US 63B overlap; western end of US 63 overlap

US 63B north – Hardy
AR 175 north – Wirth
Eastern end of AR 175 overlap
AR 58 west – Williford
AR 58E west – Williford
AR 90 east – Ravenden Springs
RandolphNo major intersections
AR 115 south – Smithville, Cave City

US 63 south / US 412 east – Imboden Business District, Black Rock, Hoxie
Eastern end of US 63 / US 412 overlap
Spring River261.7421.2St. Louis-San Francisco Overpass
AR 166 south – Old Davidsonville State Park
US 67 south – Walnut Ridge
Western end of US 67 overlap

AR 90 north (Broadway Street) to AR 115 – Ravenden Springs, Pocahontas Business District, Historic Courthouse
AR 166 north – Engelberg
US 67B north – Biggers
AR 328 west – Reyno
US 67B north – Datto
AR 211 north – Success
296.7477.5 AR 980 – Airport
US 67 north – St. Louis, MO
Eastern end of US 67 overlap
AR 135 south – Paragould
AR 141 south – Boydsville
AR 139 north – Qulin, MO

US 49 south / AR 1 south – Paragould
Western end of AR 1 overlap
AR 139 south – Holly Island
AR 1 north – Holcomb, MO
Eastern end of AR 1 overlap
US 62 east – Malden
Missouri state line (St. Francis River)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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