Arkansas Highway 59

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Highway 59

AR 59; mainline in red, business and spur routes in blue
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Length93.24 mi[1] (150.06 km)
Major junctions
South end AR 22, Barling
Major intersections I-540 / US 71, Van Buren
US 64, Van Buren
I-40, Van Buren
US 62, Summers
US 412, Siloam Springs
North end Route 59, Missouri state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesBenton, Crawford, Washington
Highway system
AR 58 AR 60

Arkansas Highway 59 is a north–south state highway in Northwest Arkansas. The route runs 93.24 miles (150.06 km) from Arkansas Highway 22 in Barling north to the Missouri state line through Van Buren, the county seat of Crawford County.[2] Highway 59 parallels US 59 (in Oklahoma) between Siloam Springs and Fort Smith. Since US 59 goes through Arkansas, AR 59 is the only Arkansas state highway to share its numbering with a federal highway that goes through Arkansas.

Route description

Highway 45 in western Washington County

The route begins in Barling at AR 22.[3] The route runs north to enter Van Buren, crossing I-540 and briefly concurring with US 64. The concurrency begins near the Joseph Starr Dunham House and before crossing Interstate 40.[2] The route exits town northbound, intersecting rural highways AR 162 and AR 220 in Cedarville and crossing Lee Creek on the historic Lee Creek Bridge. At this time, AR 59 is running through the Boston Mountains subdivision of The Ozarks. North of Cedarville, AR 59 curves west toward Oklahoma, coming within 0.1 miles (0.16 km) of the border.[2]

Entering Washington County, the route meets Arkansas Highway 156 in Evansville and AR 244 in Tofu.[4] The route continues north to Dutch Mills and Summers before entering Siloam Springs.

Upon entering Benton County, AR 59 concurs with US 412 east around the southeast edge of Siloam Springs. The concurrency ends and AR 59 continues north to Gentry. AR 59 passes near Kansas City-Southern Railway cars and Kansas City-Southern Depot in Decatur. The route continues north to AR 72 and the Kansas City Southern Railway Caboose No. 383 in Gravette. The highway runs further north to Wee Pine Knot, the Adar House, and Butler Creek Cemetery in Sulphur Springs. AR 59 meets Missouri Route 59 at the Missouri state line and terminates.[5]


When Arkansas established its first numbered state highway system in 1926, Arkansas Highway 59 was designated for a route that led from the Louisiana state line to Eudora.[6] The South Arkansas route later became AR 159, and the 59 number moved to northwest Arkansas. In 1936, AR 59 traveled from Van Buren north to Siloam Springs. From AR 72 at Gravette, north to the Missouri state line, AR 59 is the original alignment of US 71. The roadway continues north into Missouri as Missouri Route 59.

The route was widened by the AHTD in 2007 around Siloam Springs.[7]

Major intersections

Highway 59 in Evansville
SebastianBarling0.00.0 AR 22 – Charleston, Fort Smith
CrawfordVan Buren
Gun Club Road to I-49
Future proposed connection

I-540 (US 71) to I-40 – Fort Smith, Little Rock
I-540 exit 3

US 64 west / US 71B south – Fort Smith
South end of US 64 / US 71B overlap

US 64 east / US 71B north (Broadway) – Alma
North end of US 64 / US 71B overlap
I-40 to I-540 – Sallisaw, OK, Little Rock, trucks for Van Buren
I-40 exit 5
Figure Five15.024.1
AR 348 east – Rudy
AR 220 west (Uniontown Highway) – Uniontown
South end of AR 220 overlap
AR 162 east
AR 220 east – Lee Creek
North end of AR 220 overlap
AR 156 west – Stilwell, OK
AR 244 west – Stilwell, OK
AR 45 north – Canehill
US 62 east – Prairie Grove, Fayetteville, Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park
South end of US 62 overlap
US 62 west – Muskogee, OK
North end of US 62 overlap
AR 244 east
BentonSiloam Springs67.4108.5

US 412 west / AR 264 west – Siloam Springs, Tulsa, OK
Interchange; south end of US 412 overlap
67.8109.1 AR 16S
AR 16 east
US 412 east – Springdale
North end of US 412 overlap
70.1112.8 AR 980 – Siloam Springs Municipal Airport
AR 43 north (East Cheri Whitlock Drive)
AR 59B north (Collins Avenue) – Business District
AR 12 (East Third Street) to AR 43 – Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport
AR 59B south (East Main Street) – Business District
AR 59S south (North Railroad Avenue)
AR 102 east (East Roller Avenue) – Centerton
South end of AR 102 overlap
AR 102 west (North Main Street) – Maysville
North end of AR 102 overlap
AR 72 east (Atlanta Street East) – Hiwasse
South end of AR 72 overlap
AR 72 west – Maysville
North end of AR 72 overlap
Route 59 north – Joplin
Missouri state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

AR 59 has two special routes, both in Gentry.

Gentry business route

AR 59B turns onto Main Street in Gentry

Highway 59B

Length0.94 mi[1] (1,510 m)

Arkansas Highway 59 Business is a 0.94-mile (1.51 km) business route in Gentry.

Gentry spur

AR 59S eastern terminus at AR 59 in Gentry

Highway 59S

Length0.71 mi[1] (1,140 m)

Arkansas Highway 59 Spur is a 0.71-mile (1.14 km) spur route in Gentry.

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