Arkansas Scenic Byways

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Arkansas Scenic Byways
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The Arkansas Scenic Byways Program is a list of highways, mainly state highways, that have been designated by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) as scenic highways. The Arkansas General Assembly designates routes for scenic byway status upon successful nomination. For a highway to be declared scenic, a group interested in preserving the scenic, cultural, recreational, and historic qualities of the route must be created. Mayors of all communities along the route and county judges from each affected county must be included in the organization. Scenic highways are marked with a circular shield in addition to regular route markers.[1]

There are currently 12 scenic routes that have been designated Arkansas state scenic byways. Three of these byways are also National Scenic Byways, and six share joint designations as National Forest Scenic Byways (NFSB).

National scenic byways

Name Image Description mi km References
Crowley's Ridge Parkway Crowley's Ridge Parkway - Cotton Field - NARA - 7717882.jpg Scenic views along Crowley's Ridge, a geological feature rising from the Arkansas Delta creating a different habitat for plant and animal life, including the St. Francis National Forest, and more hospitable spot for early settlement. The Parkway passes through most of the larger towns of the region, with accompanying cultural and historical sites. 212.0 341.2 [2]
Great River Road Highway 44 in Marianna, AR.jpg Follows a series of roadways through ten Arkansas counties adjacent to the Mississippi River through a cultural region known as the Arkansas Delta. The route passes through agricultural lands and small towns with histories and economies shaped by the river, as well as some remnants of the wetlands and forests that remain as examples of the region before agricultural development. 362 582.6
Talimena Scenic Drive Highway 88 at Queen Wilhelmina State Park.jpg Highway in the Ouachita Mountains that climbs Rich Mountain and passes through Queen Wilhelmina State Park. Known as a popular motorcycling route and for fall foliage viewers. Also an NFSB.

State byways

Name Image Description mi km References
Arkansas Scenic Highway 7 Highway 7 in the Ouachita Mountains Also an NFSB. 290 466.7
Boston Mountains Scenic Loop Interstate 49 winds through the Boston Mountains near Winslow as part of the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop 80 128.7
Camden Expedition Scenic Byway 80 128.7
Interstate 530 Scenic Byway 15 24.1
Mount Magazine Scenic Byway Mt. Magazine Scenic Byway Also an NFSB. 45 72.4
Ozark Highlands Scenic Byway Ozark Highlands Scenic Byway in Boxley Valley Also an NFSB. 35 56.3
Pig Trail Scenic Byway Also an NFSB. 19 30.6
Sylamore Scenic Byway Sylamore Scenic Byway near Mountain View Also an NFSB. 26.5 42.6 [3]
West–Northwest Scenic Byway 261 420.0


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