Arkansas Highway 23

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Highway 23

Pig Trail Scenic Byway
AR 23 highlighted in red, AR 23W in blue
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Length129.88 mi[1] (209.02 km)
Major junctions
South end US 71 near Elm Park
Major intersections AR 10 in Booneville
US 64 in Ozark
I-40 in Ozark
US 412 in Huntsville
US 62 in Eureka Springs
North end Route P at the Missouri state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesScott, Logan, Franklin, Madison, Carroll
Highway system
AR 22 AR 24

Arkansas Highway 23 is a north–south state highway in north Arkansas. The route runs 129.88 miles (209.02 km) from US 71 near Elm Park north to the Missouri state line through Ozark and Eureka Springs.[2] Between AR 16 at Brashears and Interstate 40 north of Ozark (19.0 miles [30.6 km]), Highway 23 winds through the Ozark National Forest and is designated as the Pig Trail Scenic Byway due to its steep hills and hairpin turns. The route has a strong connection with the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, connecting fans in Central Arkansas with the Northwest Arkansas area.[3]

Route description

Southbound in Ozark, Arkansas.

AR 23 begins at US 71 near Elm Park and runs northeast to Booneville.[4] The route intersects AR 116 south of Booneville then crosses AR 10 in Booneville before continuing north into Franklin County.[5] AR 23 travels through the Ouachita National Forest, winding through mountains and through thick woods.[6]

AR 23 eventually meets AR 22 in Caulksville and AR 41 near Chismville after which the route runs north across the Arkansas River to Ozark. AR 23 meets US 64 in downtown Ozark and I-40 north of town.[7] The route next enters Ozark National Forest. AR 23 meets AR 16 north of the forest west St. Paul where the two roads run concurrent.

Northeast of St Paul, AR 23 and AR 16 split and AR 23 continues north through Madison County, meeting AR 74 south of Huntsville and US 412 BUS in Huntsville.[8] North of town, AR 23 crosses US 412. AR 23 next passes Withrow Springs State Park, AR 127 and AR 12 before intersecting US 62 in Eureka Springs. AR 23 and US 62 have a short concurrency before 23 turns north passing AR 187 near Holiday Island before terminating at SSR-P at the Missouri state line.

Major intersections

Mile markers reset at concurrencies.

Scott0.00.0 US 71 – Waldron, Fort Smith
Logan13.521.7 AR 116 – Booneville Human Development Center
AR 217 south (East Magazine Street)
15.925.6 AR 10 (Main Street) – Mount Magazine State Park
AR 116 east
AR 217 north – Charleston
AR 41 north – Branch
FranklinNo major intersections
LoganCaulksville29.747.8 AR 398
31.150.1 AR 22 – Fort Smith, Paris
AR 288 to AR 41 – Roseville
AR 96 west – Cecil
Webb City43.269.5
AR 309 south – Mount Magazine State Park
Ozark Bridge over Arkansas River
US 64 east – Clarksville
South end of US 64 overlap
US 64 west – Alma
North end of US 64 overlap
AR 96 east (Airport Road) – Airport
3.25.1 I-40 – Fort Smith, Little RockI-40 exit 35
White Oak4.87.7
AR 352 east
AR 215 north
AR 16 west – Fayetteville
South end of AR 16 overlap
AR 16 east – Pettigrew
South end of AR 16 overlap
AR 127 south
AR 74 east – Kingston
To AR 74 / Harris Street (AR 23C north)
US 412B west (Wareagle Avenue) – Huntsville Business District
South end of US 412B overlap
US 412B east – Alpena
North end of US 412B overlap
US 412 to US 62 – Springdale
4.26.8Withrow Springs State Park (AR 23W north)
ForumWithrow Springs State Park (AR 23W south)

AR 127 south – Alabam

AR 12 west to AR 127 – Clifty
CarrollEureka Springs25.941.7
US 62 east – Harrison
South end of US 62 overlap
US 62 west – Beaver Dam, Rogers, Bentonville
North end of US 62 overlap
Spring StreetFormer US 62B west
AR 187 south – Beaver
11.017.7 Route PMissouri state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Highway 23C

Length0.23 mi[1] (370 m)

Huntsville city route

Arkansas Highway 23C (AR 23C) is an unsigned city route in Huntsville.[1] The route is 0.23 miles (0.37 km) beginning at AR 23. It travels north and turns east, continuing west as U.S. Route 412B (US 412B). After briefly traveling to the east, the highway terminates at AR 23 near the beginning of a concurrency with US 412.

Highway 23W

Highway 23W

LocationWithrow Springs State Park
Length2.65 mi[1] (4.26 km)
ExistedNovember 22, 1966[9]–present

Arkansas Highway 23W (AR 23W) is a 2.65-mile (4.26 km) long north–south loop west of AR 23 in the northwestern part of the U.S. state of Arkansas. Its southern terminus is at AR 23 south of Withrow Springs State Park. Its northern terminus is at an intersection with AR 23 just south of AR 127 at Forum, 7 miles (11 km) north of Huntsville. The highway serves as the primary north–south access road to the state park.


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