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Highway 5

AR 1; mainline in red, business routes in blue
Route information
Maintained by ArDOT
ExistedApril 1, 1926–present
Southern segment
Length40.02 mi[1] (64.41 km)
West end US 70 / US 70B east of Hot Springs
Major intersections
East end I-430 / US 70 in Little Rock
Main Street Bridge segment
Length0.38 mi[1] (610 m)
South endNorth Scott Street in Little Rock
North endMain Street in North Little Rock
Northern segment
Length146.63 mi[1] (235.98 km)
South end AR 321 / AR 367 in Cabot
Major intersections
North end Route 5 at the Missouri state line
CountryUnited States
Highway system
AR 4 AR 6

Highway 5 (AR 5, Ark. 5, and Hwy. 5) is a designation for three state highways in Arkansas. The southern segment of 40.20 miles (64.70 km) runs from US 70 in Hot Springs north to Interstate 430 (I-430) and US Highway 70 (US 70) in Little Rock.[2][3]

A northern segment of 146.63 miles (235.98 km) begins at US Highway 67/US Highway 167 (Future Interstate 57) in Cabot and runs north to Missouri Route 5, including a lengthy overlap with Highway 25 between Heber Springs and Wolf Bayou.[4][5][6] A portion of this route is designated as part of the Sylamore Scenic Byway.[7] This segment also contained a former spur route in Mountain Home.

The Main Street Bridge in Little Rock carries a third, unsigned, Highway 5 designation. The bridge is 0.38 miles (0.61 km) in span.[1]

All three routes are maintained by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT).

Route description

Hot Springs to Little Rock

Southern terminus of Highway 5 at Highway 7 in Hot Springs

Highway 5 begins at US 70 and US 70 Business east of Hot Springs. It heads north as a two-lane expressway up to a roundabout at Highway 7 and runs northeast to Fountain Lake. In the city the highway has a junction with Highway 128 before entering Saline County and Hot Springs Village.[2] Continuing east, Highway 5 serves as the southern terminus for Highway 9 at Crows. Northwest of Benton the highway has a junction with Highway 298 before entering the city and passing several residential subdivisions. Near Saline Memorial Hospital, Highway 5 has a junction with Interstate 30/US Highway 67/US Highway 70 (I-30/US 67/US 70) and Highway 35. Highway 5 continues onto the freeway, beginning an eastbound concurrency toward Little Rock. Highway 35 runs south toward downtown Benton and eventually Sheridan and Monticello.[8]

I-30/US 67/US 70/AR 5 run northeast past the Congo Rd exit before Highway 5 exits onto the frontage road and onto Military Rd, ending the concurrency. The highway passes the Hester-Lenz House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), prior to the Bryant city limits.[9] Upon entering Bryant, Highway 5 runs parallel to I-30/US 67/US 70 approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) north of the limited-access highway. An intersection with Highway 183 (Reynolds Rd) near the historic Andrew Hunter House gives access to downtown Bryant as well as the freeway.[9] Continuing east, Highway 5 intersects Highway 835 (Woody Dr) which leads to the Alexander branch of the Arkansas Department of Human Services's Youth Service Center, after which it enters Pulaski County.[10]

Highway 5 meets Otter Creek Rd and Highway 338 (Baseline Rd), both collector roads for I-30/US 67/US 70 in southwest Little Rock. Entering a suburban area, Highway 5 crosses I-430, passes the historic Dr. Morgan Smith House, and meets Highway 300 (Colonel Glenn Rd) before terminating at US 70 (University Ave) near the University of Arkansas at Little Rock campus.[3]

Main Street Bridge

The Main Street Bridge in Little Rock carries a hidden AR 5 designation. The route is 0.38 miles (0.61 km) in span and multi-lane divided.[1]

Cabot to Heber Springs

AR 5 begins at US 67/167 (Future I-57) south of Cabot and runs north to cross AR 89 and AR 319. The route continues north to meet US 64 south of El Paso and AR 310 near Romance. AR 5 and AR 310 form a concurrency that runs until AR 36 in Rose Bud.[11] AR 5 continues north to Heber Springs, where it begins to concur with AR 16/AR 25.

Highway 5, Highway 9 and Highway 14 near Mountain View

AR 5 leaves AR 25 near Wolf Bayou, when AR 5 begins to run with AR 87, named Mountain View Road. The two routes meet AR 14 in front of the Stone County Medical Center in south Mountain View.[12] AR 5/AR 14/AR 87 run briefly west to Sylamore Avenue, when they meet AR 9. AR 5/AR 9/AR 14 run north through town to Allison, when AR 5 continues northward alone. Passing through the Ozark National Forest, AR 5 emerges near Calico Rock.[13] The route takes a turn northwest, concurring with AR 177 near Norfork. Entering Mountain Home, AR 5 crosses US 62 southeast of town. AR 5 becomes 9th Street, meeting US 412/US 62 BUS/AR 101 in downtown Mountain Home. The route continues northwest to Midway, after which it heads north to the Missouri state line. AR 5 terminates at Route 5.

Missouri Route 5 runs entirely across Missouri and eventually becomes Iowa Highway 5.


Arkansas 5 1926.svg

Highway 5 was created in 1926 as one of the original numbered state highways in Arkansas.[14] At time of creation, AR 5 did not extend south of Little Rock. The segment between Little Rock and Benton is the former alignment of US 67/US 70 in that area and was re-designated as Highway 5 upon completion of the freeway segment of US 67/US 70 (now I-30) in 1955.[15]

The Arkansas State Highway Commission truncated AR 5 at I-430 and renumbered the remainder of Old Stagecoach Road as US 70 on December 9, 2021 in a deal with the cities of Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Pulaski County to cover the relocation costs for Rock Region Metro as part of the "30 Crossing" project on I-30.[16][17]


In the future, Highway 5 will be extended and follow the Hot Springs Bypass extension. Highway 5 will begin at junction US 70 and US 70 Business Route east of Hot Springs. It was going to open in fall 2022. The supply chain issue is delaying the project. Issues with a retaining wall is another factor delaying the completion date to late summer or fall 2023. The new roadway will be a two-lane expressway.[18][19][20]

Major intersections


US 70 west to US 270 – Glenwood, Mount Ida
Southern terminus

US 70 east / US 70B west (East Grand Avenue) – Little Rock, Hot Springs
Signed as exits 11A (east) and 11B (west); US 70B exit 6
Mill Creek RoadUnder construction
0.000.00Northern end of freeway section
AR 7 – Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, RussellvilleRoundabout
Fountain Lake3.766.05
AR 128 east
AR 9 north – Perry
AR 298 west
I-30 (US 67 / US 70) / AR 35 south – Benton, UALR Benton Center, Little Rock, Texarkana
I-30 exit 117
I-30 west (US 67 south / US 70 west) / Congo Road
I-30 exit 118
I-30 east (US 67 north / US 70 east)
I-30 exit 121

AR 183 south (Reynolds Road) to I-30
34.4955.51Woody Drive (AR 835) - Arkansas Juvenile Assessment and Treatment CenterFormer AR 111 north
county line
Little RockAlexander RoadFormer AR 111 south

AR 338 east (Baseline Road) to I-30
40.0264.41 I-430 / US 70 (Stagecoach Road)Northern terminus; I-430 exit 1
Gap in route
0.000.00North Scott Street
Little RockNorth Little Rock lineMain Street Bridge over the Arkansas River
North Little Rock0.380.61Main Street
Gap in route

AR 321 north / AR 367 north – Cabot
0.140.23 Future I-57 / US 67 / US 167 – Little Rock, Beebe, Cabot, St. Louis, Bald Knob, JacksonvilleUS 67 exit 16
county line

AR 89 to US 67 / AR 107
Lonoke8.2213.23 AR 319
White11.9719.26 US 64 – Conway, Beebe
AR 310 west – Mount Vernon
AR 31 south – Romance, Beebe
Rose Bud28.6546.11

AR 36 west to AR 124 – Fairfield Bay, Mount Vernon
South end of AR 36 overlap
AR 36 east – Searcy
North end of AR 36 overlap

AR 16 west / AR 25 south – Quitman, Greers Ferry
South end of AR 16 / AR 25 overlap
see AR 25
Wolf Bayou58.6194.32
AR 25 north (Heber Springs Rd) – Batesville
North end of AR 25 overlap
StoneMountain View80.43129.44
AR 14 east – Batesville
South end of AR 14 overlap

AR 9 south to AR 66 – Mountain View Business District
South end of AR 9 overlap
AR 382 west – Ozark Folk Center State Park

AR 9 north / AR 14 west – Fifty Six, Melbourne, Blanchard Springs Caverns
North end of AR 9 / AR 14 overlap
AR 933-2 – Sylamore Creek Access
IzardCalico Rock104.47168.13
AR 56 east – Brockwell, Batesville, Business District
AR 177 south (Shed Road)

AR 341 south to AR 201
AR 177 north – Jordan, Norfork Dam, Quarry Cove Recreation Areas
AR 342 east (Sycamore Springs Road) – Georges Cove Recreation Area
AR 341 north (Tracy Ferry Road) – Tracy Recreation Area
128.89207.43 US 62 / US 412Interchange
Mountain Home130.42209.89
AR 201 south (College Street)
South end of AR 201 overlap
US 62B west
South end of US 62B overlap
AR 178 west (6th Street)
US 62B east
North end of US 62B overlap
AR 201 north
North end of AR 201 overlap

AR 126 south / AR 178 east – Whiteville, Gassville, Ozark Regional Airport
South end of AR 178 overlap
AR 178 west – Lakeview, Bull Shoals, Bull Shoals-White River State Park
North end of AR 178 overlap
AR 202 west – Oakland, Oakland Park, Ozark Isle Park
Route 5 north – Gainesville
Missouri state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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