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U.S. Route 270

US-270 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 70
Length643 mi (1,035 km)
Major junctions
West end US-54 / US-83 in Liberal, KS
Major intersections
East end I-530 / US 65 at White Hall, AR
CountryUnited States
StatesKansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
Highway system

U.S. Route 270 (US 270) is a spur of US 70. It travels for 643 miles (1,035 km) from Liberal, Kansas at US 54 and US 83 to White Hall, Arkansas at Interstate 530 (I-530) and US 65. It travels through the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. It travels through the cities of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Hot Springs, Arkansas, and McAlester, Oklahoma.

Route description


US 270 begins in Liberal, Kan., and leaves the state three miles south of there.

US 270 begins in the southeast part of Liberal, Kansas, at an intersection with US 83 (running north–south through the intersection) and US 54. US 270 follows the south leg of this intersection, following US 83 south. US 270 only spends 3 miles (4.8 km) in Kansas before crossing into Oklahoma. Seward County is the only Kansas county that US-270 serves.


US 270 runs concurrently with many highways in northwestern Oklahoma.

US 270 enters Oklahoma in Beaver County, the eastern third of the Oklahoma Panhandle. From here it continues east along US 64, then south towards Beaver, the county seat, along SH-23. South of Beaver, the road joins with U.S. Route 412 and SH-3, the latter of which US 270 will overlap with through most of northwest Oklahoma. After leaving the Panhandle and picking up US 183 near Fort Supply, the highways turn southwest towards Woodward. US 412 splits away in Woodward. US 270, concurrent with US 183 and SH-3, proceed southeast toward Seiling. West of Seiling, US 183 splits off to the south, but in Seiling, it is replaced by US 281. The routes continue southwest to Watonga, where US 270/281 turn south along SH-8, while SH-3 continues due east to concur with SH-33. In Geary, US 270 splits off on an independent alignment, looping through Calumet before joining with Interstate 40.

US 270 remains concurrent with I-40 from Exit 115 through Exit 181, a distance of 66 miles (106 km). US 270, attached to I-40, runs through the core of the Oklahoma City Metro area, passing through the western suburbs of El Reno and Yukon into Oklahoma City proper. The partnership runs just south of Downtown and the Bricktown entertainment district on the Crosstown Expressway. Major interchanges with I-44 and I-35 (the latter involving a concurrency with the interstate and its accompanying US Highway, US 62) are found in the city. I-40/US 270 also serve two eastern suburbs of Oklahoma City, Del City and Midwest City and form the northern boundary between Midwest City's civilian areas and Tinker Air Force Base. US-270 finally exits from I-40 on the west side of Shawnee.

US 270 serves most of the towns anchoring the area east of Oklahoma City, including Shawnee, Tecumseh, Seminole, Wewoka, and Holdenville. It continues southeast to the city of McAlester, a major southeastern Oklahoma city. It also serves many of the small towns east of McAlester, such as Krebs, Alderson, Bache, Haileyville, and Hartshorne.

After passing through Hartshorne, the roads curves to the northeast before turning onto a due east course taking it through Wilburton, Red Oak, and Wister. In Wister, it turns south, running across Wister Lake's dam, and proceeding southeast to Heavener. There, it meets US 59, which it will follow for the rest of its time in Oklahoma. The town highways head south from Heavener, passing through the Wister Wildlife Management Area before entering the Ouachita National Forest. The route serves as the northern terminus of U.S. Route 259 near Page. The road then squeezes into a valley between Black Fork Mountain and Rich Mountain. In this valley, it crosses the state line into Arkansas.


U.S. Route 270 in Sheridan, Arkansas.

US 270 enters Arkansas with US 59, and runs east to Acorn, where it meets US 71. The route then travels 15 miles north on US 71 to Y City where it splits off and continues east. The route then meets AR 88 in Pencil Bluff and AR 27 in Mt. Ida before heading to Hot Springs. Entering the city, US 270 meets US 70 southwest of town and runs concurrent with it around Hot Springs using the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway before leaving the freeway and running along Malvern Avenue southeast of the city. US 270 intersects with I-30 just outside Malvern, running a short distance northeast on the freeway before interchanging with the George Hopkins Loop bypass and running south around the city. After meeting with US 67 east of town, the alignment then turns east-southeast meeting AR 229 in Poyen and AR 190/AR 291 in Prattsville before crossing paths with US 167 in Sheridan. The route trails east towards Pine Bluff terminating at and interchanging with I-530/US 65 in White Hall.

Directly east of this interchange, the highway used to continue along Sheridan Road before terminating at AR 365/Dollarway Road in northwest Pine Bluff. This former section of the route is now signed AR 365 Spur.


The route was extended into Arkansas in 1931, supplanting State Road 8 from Oklahoma to Acorn and State Road  6 between Y City and Hot Springs.[1] The roadway was mostly gravel or graded earth, with some segments in the Ouachita Mountains still under construction upon designation.[2] In 1935, the US 270 designation supplanted the remainder of State Road 6 between Hot Springs and US 65 west of Pine Bluff.[3] By this time, the entire route was gravel surfaced.[4]

Between February 1937 and January 1938, US-270 was extended into Kansas, and overlapped K-27 from Johnson north to US-50 in Syracuse, where it terminated.[5][6] KDOT requested that US-270 be extended north along K-27 to I-70 south of Goodland. This request was denied by the American Association of State Highway Officials in an October 14, 1967 meeting.[7] In a November 14, 1980 resolution, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials approved a request by KDOT to truncate US-270 to its current terminus in Liberal.[8] Then in a May 18, 1981 resolution, US-270 was truncated to Liberal and the designation was removed from K-27.[9]


In Arkansas, it has been proposed that part of AR-51 will become part of US-270. On I-30's current concurrency with US-270, going east, drivers can take exit 99 and make a right on US-270 East. If drivers make a left when they take exit 99, they must make a left to get on I-30 West/US-270 West because there is currently no outlet past that. That road has been proposed to be extended to AR-51. This will form the future northern terminus of AR-51. This means that drivers can make a left to get on AR-51 South and will have to make a right to get on US-270 West. Then, US-270 will meet the current US-270. Drivers can make a left to get on the future US-270 Business East and must make a right to get on US-270 West, just like AR-51 did. From east to west, the future US-270 will go through the cities of Rockport, Butterfield, and Magnet Cove.

Major intersections

US-54 (Pancake Boulevard) / US-83 north (Country Estates Road) / 2nd Street / Bluebell Road – Garden City, Guymon OK, Meade
Western terminus; west end of US-83 overlap; road continues north as US-83 (Country Estates Rd.)

US 64 west / US 83 south – Perryton, Guymon
east end of US-83 overlap; west end of US-64 overlap

US 64 east / SH-23 north – Buffalo
east end of US-64 overlap; west end of SH-23 overlap

US 412 west / SH-3 west / SH-23 south – Booker Tx., Guymon
east end of SH-23 overlap; west end of US-412 / SH-3 overlap
HarperLog Cabin Corner US 283 – Laverne, Shattuck
May SH-46 – Buffalo, Gage
EllisNo major intersections
US 183 north – Buffalo
west end of US-183 overlap
SH-15 west (Oklahoma Avenue) – Shattuck

US 412 east (Oklahoma Avenue) / SH-34 north (9th Street) – Enid
east end of US-412 overlap; west end of SH-34 overlap

SH-34 south – Elk City, Vici
east end of SH-34 overlap

SH-50 north – Mooreland
county line

US 183 south – Taloga, Clinton
east end of US-183 overlap

US 60 east / US 281 north – Waynoka, Fairview
west end of US-60 / US-281 overlap

US 60 west / SH-51 west (Shepherd Street) to US 183 – Vici
east end of US-60 overlap; west end of SH-51 overlap

SH-51 east – Canton, Southard
east end of SH-51 overlap

SH-33 west / SH-58 north – Canton, Thomas
west end of SH-33 overlap

SH-3 east / SH-33 east / SH-8 north – Kingfisher, Okeene
east end of SH-3 / SH-33 overlap; west end of SH-8 overlap

US 281 south / SH-8 south to I-40 – Anadarko
east end of US-281 / SH-8 overlap
I-40 west – Amarillo
west end of I-40 overlap; US-270 west follows exit 115
see I-40
PottawatomieClarks Heights

I-40 east / US 177 north / SH-3E east to SH-270 – Okemah, Stillwater, Fort Smith
east end of I-40 / SH-3 overlap; west end of US-177 / SH-3W overlap; US-270 east follows exit 181

US 270 Bus. east (Kickapoo Spur)

US 270 Bus. west / SH-18 north (Farrall Avenue)
TecumsehTecumseh (Broadway)interchange

US 177 south / SH-3W east / SH-9 west – Sulphur, Ada, Norman
interchange; east end of US-177 / SH-3W overlap; west end of SH-9 overlap

SH-9A south – Harjo, Maud
west end of SH-9A overlap
SH-9A north – Earlsboro
east end of SH-9A overlap

SH-3E west / SH-9 east – Eufaula, Shawnee
east end of SH-9 overlap; west end of SH-3E overlap

US 377 / SH-3E east / SH-99 (North Milt Phillips)
east end of SH-3E overlap

SH-270A north (North Harvey Road) to SH-9

US 270 Bus. east – Wewoka

US 270 Bus. west / SH-56 – Wewoka, Ada

US 270 Bus. east / SH-48 to SH-9 – Holdenville

US 270 Bus. west – Holdenville
US 75 north – Lamar, Tulsa
west end of US-75 overlap

US 75 south / SH-1 west – Coalgate, Calvin, Ada
interchange; east end of US-75 overlap; west end of SH-1 overlap

SH-31A south – Stuart
Indian Nation Turnpike to US 69 – Henryetta, Tulsa, Paris
Indian Nation Turnpike exit 70
SH-31 west (North West Street)
west end of SH-31 overlap

US 69 Bus. (Main Street)
US 69 – Muskogee, Eufaula, Atoka, Durantinterchange
SH-31 east – Krebs
interchange; east end of SH-31 overlap
SH-63 west – Kiowa
west end of SH-63 overlap

SH-1 east / SH-63 east – Talihina
east end of SH-1 / SH-63 overlap
SH-2 south – Clayton, Talihina
west end of SH-2 overlap

SH-2 north – Robbers Cave, Kinta
east end of SH-2 overlap
Red Oak
SH-82 south (Southeast 2nd Street) – Talihina
west end of SH-82 overlap

SH-82 north – Lequire, Stigler
east end of SH-82 overlap
Le FloreFanshawe
US 271 south – Talimena Drive, Talihina
west end of US-271 overlap
US 271 north – Poteau
east end of US-271 overlap
US 59 north – Poteau
west end of US-59 overlap

SH-128 east – Waldron

US 259 south – Broken Bow
ArkansasPolkRich Mountain6.8811.07
AR 272 to AR 88 – Talimena Scenic Drive, Queen Wilhelmina State Park

US 59 south / US 71 south – Mena, Texarkana
east end of US 59 overlap; west end of US 71 overlap
Scott"Y" City31.0750.00
US 71 north
east end of US 71 overlap
MontgomeryPencil Bluff53.4586.02
AR 88 east – Sims
west end of AR 88 overlap
AR 88 west – Oden, Pine Ridge, Mena, Queen Wilhelmina State Park
east end of AR 88 overlap
AR 298 north – Sims
AR 27 north / AR 379 (Southfork Road) – Story
west end of AR 27 overlap
Mount Ida63.70102.52
AR 27 south – Glenwood
east end of AR 27 overlap
72.35116.44 AR 949-2 (Ouachita Shores Parkway) – Denby Point Recreation Area
73.56118.38 AR 949-3 (Shangri-La Drive) – Tompkins Bend Recreation Area
Joplin74.57120.01 AR 949-4 (Mount Harbor Road) – Joplin Recreation Area
AR 227 south (Sunshine Road) – Sunshine
86.03138.45 AR 926 (Brady Mountain Road) – Brady Mountain Recreation Area, Brady Point Access Lake Ouachita
AR 227 north – Mountain Pine, Mid-America Science Museum, Mid-America Park, National Park Community College, Lake Ouachita State Park
Hot Springs95.79154.16Western end of freeway section
US 270B east (Albert Pike Road) – Hot Springs
Western terminus of US 270B

US 70 west / US 70B east (Airport Road) – Glenwood
West end of US 70 overlap; western terminus of US 70B
98.46158.463McLeod Street
99.53160.184 AR 88 (Higdon Ferry Road)
100.35161.505 AR 7 (Central Avenue)Signed as exits 5A (south) and 5B (north)
102.61165.137 AR 128 (Carpenter Dam Road)

US 70 east / US 270B west (Malvern Avenue) – Little Rock
East end of US 70 overlap; eastern terminus of US 270B
Eastern end of freeway section
AR 171 north (Lonsdale Road)
Hot SpringMagnet Cove110.34177.58
AR 51 south – Butterfield
AR 51 north – Butterfield

I-30 west / US 270B east – Malvern, Texarkana, Dallas
west end of I-30 overlap; US 270 west follows exit 98B

I-30 east – Benton, Little Rock
east end of I-30 overlap; US 270 east follows exit 99
US 67 / US 270B west – Glen Rose, Perla, Malvern
GrantPoyen AR 229 – Haskell, Leola
AR 291 north
west end of AR 291 overlap

AR 291 south – Jenkins Ferry State Park
east end of AR 291 overlap

AR 190 east
Sheridan US 167 – Little Rock, El Dorado

AR 46 west (Rose Street) – Jenkins Ferry State Park, Grant County Museum

US 167B (Rock Street) to I-530 – Fordyce

AR 46 east
AR 104 east – Samples
White Hall

I-530 (US 65) / AR 365S east (Sheridan Road east) to US 65B – White Hall, Little Rock, Pine Bluff
Eastern terminus; I-530 exit 34; road continues as AR 365S (Sheridan Rd.)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

Hot Springs business route

U.S. Highway 270B

LocationHot Springs, Arkansas
Length8.90 mi (14.32 km)
ExistedJune 5, 1991[12]–present

U.S. Highway 270B is a 8.90-mile-long (14.32 km) business route in Garland County, Arkansas. It runs through downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Major intersections

The entire route is in Hot Springs, Garland County.

0.0000.000 US 270 (Albert Pike Road) – Mount Ida, MalvernWestern terminus; US 270 exit 1
US 70B west (Airport Road) – Glenwood
West end of US 70B overlap
3.776.07 AR 7 (Central Avenue) – H.S. National Pk, Historic District, Racetrack, Visitor Center
US 70B east (Grand Avenue)
East end of US 70B overlap
AR 128 west (Carpenter Dam Road) – Garvan Woodland Gardens, Lake Hamilton, Lake Catherine State Park
Eastern terminus of AR 128
8.9014.32 US 70 / US 270 (Malvern Avenue) – Glenwood, Mount Ida, Benton, Little RockEastern terminus; US 70 / US 270 exit 9
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Malvern business route

U.S. Highway 270B

LocationMalvern, Arkansas
Length2.628 mi[11] (4.229 km)
ExistedJanuary 11, 2006[13]–present

U.S. Highway 270B is a business route of US 270 in Malvern, Arkansas, the small-town county seat of Hot Spring County. Created in 2006 from a former alignment of the parent route, US 270B passes through downtown Malvern, before forming an overlap with US 67.

Major intersections

The entire route is in Malvern, Hot Spring County.

0.000.00 I-30 / US 270 – Texarkana, Hot Springs, Little RockWestern terminus
2.634.23 US 67 (Page Avenue) / AR 9 (Main Street)Begin US 67 concurrency
5.538.90 US 67 / US 270 – Glen Rose, SheridanEastern terminus, end US 67 concurrency
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Other loops and spurs


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