Oklahoma State Highway 82

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State Highway 82

SH 82 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Section 1
Length43.2 mi[1] (69.5 km)
South end SH-1 / SH-63 west of Talihina
Major intersections
North end SH-9 in Stigler
Section 2
Length99.2 mi[2] (159.6 km)
South end I-40 in Vian
Major intersections
North end US 60 / US 69 east of Vinita
CountryUnited States
Highway system
  • Oklahoma State Highway System
US 81 US 83
Northbound in Vian, Oklahoma

State Highway 82, abbreviated to SH-82 or OK-82, is a state highway in Oklahoma. It runs for 43.2 miles (69.5 km) north–south during its southern segment; and 99.2 miles (159.6 km) north–south during its northern segment.

Route description

Southern section

The southern SH-82 begins at SH-1 and SH-63 in Le Flore County west of Talihina. It then heads north from there, entering Latimer County and running along the west side of Bengal. Near Red Oak, it shares a brief concurrency US-270. North of there, it runs east of the Sansbois Mountains, meeting SH-31 at Lequire. From there, SH-82 continues north until the southern section ends at a junction with SH-9 in Stigler.

Northern section

The northern SH-82 begins at Interstate 40 exit 297 just south of Vian. In Vian, SH-82 meets US-64. Six miles north of Vian, SH-82 runs through Box before meeting SH-100 and forming a concurrency with it on the east shore of Lake Tenkiller. After splitting from SH-100, SH-82 heads through Keys before forming another concurrency, this time with US-62 and SH-10. The highways then enter Tahlequah, where SH-82 splits off from the other two routes.

SH-82 runs through downtown Tahlequah before meeting SH-51 SPUR in the northwestern part of the city. SH-82 turns northwest, running through Gideon and Peggs. It has an interchange with the Cherokee Turnpike south of Locust Grove. In Locust Grove, it meets Alternate U.S. Highway 412. It then heads towards Salina, where it begins a concurrency with SH-20. The two routes split up after running through Spavinaw. SH-82 then has a brief concurrency with SH-28 west of Langley. It serves as the western terminus of SH-85 west of Ketchum. SH-82 itself ends seven miles (11 km) north of there at a junction with US-60/69 east of Vinita.


State Highway 82A

Length0.36 mi[3] (580 m)
Existed?–March 5, 2018[4]

State Highway 82A was the sole suffixed highway spur branching from SH-82. It began at SH-82 (3rd Street) in Langley, following Cherokee Street to the east. It then angled northeastward to end at SH-28 near Pensacola Dam. It was 0.36 miles (0.58 km) long.[3]

SH-82A was removed from the state highway system on March 5, 2018.[4]

Junction list

Southern section

Le Flore0.00.0 SH-1 / SH-63South section's southern terminus
No major junctions
Le Flore
No major junctions
LatimerRed Oak17.628.3 US 270Western end of US-270 concurrency
18.329.5 US 270Eastern end of US-270 concurrency
HaskellLequire31.350.4 SH-31Western end of SH-31 concurrency
32.352.0 SH-31Eastern end of SH-31 concurrency
Stigler43.269.5 SH-9South section's northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Northern section

SequoyahVian0.00.0 I-40North section's southern terminus
0.71.1 US 64
9.114.6 SH-100Southern end of SH-100 concurrency
Cherokee22.736.5 SH-100Northern end of SH-100 concurrency
32.352.0 US 62 / SH-10Southern end of US-62/SH-10 concurrency

SH-51 west / US 62 Bus. north
Southern end of SH-51 concurrency;
southern terminus of US Bus 62

US 62 / SH-10 / SH-51 / US 62 Bus. west
Northern end of US-62/SH-10/SH-51 concurrency;
northern terminus of US Bus 62
SH-51 Spur
Eastern terminus of SH-51 Spur
Mayes61.398.7 US 412 / Cherokee Turnpike
Locust Grove62.199.9
US 412 Alt.
Salina69.0111.0 SH-20Southern end of SH-20 concurrency
83.5134.4 SH-20Northern end of SH-20 concurrency
Langley87.9141.5 SH-82AWestern terminus of SH-82A
88.3142.1 SH-28Southern end of SH-28 concurrency
89.1143.4 SH-28Northern end of SH-28 concurrency
Craig92.1148.2 SH-85Western terminus of SH-85
99.2159.6 US 60 / US 69North section's northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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