U.S. Route 41 Alternate (Tennessee–Kentucky)

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U.S. Route 41A

US 41A highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 41
Maintained by TDOT and KYTC
Length173.86 mi[1] (279.80 km)
  • 157.87 miles (254.07 km) in Tennessee
  • 15.99 miles (25.73 km) in Kentucky
Major junctions
South end US 41 in Monteagle, TN
Major intersections
North end US 41 / US 68 / KY 80 / KY 109 in Hopkinsville, KY
CountryUnited States
StatesTennessee, Kentucky
CountiesTN:Grundy, Marion, Franklin, Coffee, Moore, Bedford, Rutherford, Williamson, Davidson, Cheatham, Robertson, Montgomery
KY: Christian
Highway system
US 41KY US 42
US 41TN SR 41

U.S. Route 41 Alternate (US 41 Alt.), also signed U.S. Route 41A in Tennessee (US 41A), connects the town of Monteagle, Tennessee, with Hopkinsville, Kentucky, 10 miles (16 km) north of the Tennessee line. It serves the city of Clarksville, Tennessee, on its way to Nashville, where it briefly runs concurrently with US 41. It then separates again to serve Shelbyville, Winchester, and Tullahoma before rejoining the main route atop Monteagle Mountain. US 41A runs west of US 41 for its entire length, aside from one mile in downtown Nashville where they are concurrent. US 41A is also concurrent with U.S. Route 31A from Nashville to Triune, Tennessee, for a distance of approximately 25 miles (40 km).

Route description

Monteagle to Shelbyville

U.S. 41A begins in Monteagle, and runs along the Marion-Grundy County line on its way to the Interstate 24 Exit 134 interchange. US 41A follows a westward path into Franklin County, connecting I-24 to Sewanee, Cowan, and Winchester. At Winchester, US 41A turns northwestward, bypassing Tims Ford Lake, Woods Reservoir, and Arnold Engineering Development Center before entering Coffee County and the city of Tullahoma. It has a brief concurrency with SR 55 before continuing northwest. US 41A then traverses northeastern Moore County before entering Bedford County and heading for Shelbyville.[2]

Shelbyville to Nashville

From Shelbyville, US 41A continues northwest into the southwestern portion of Rutherford County and the city of Eagleville. Further north, it then enters eastern Williamson County, where it begins a concurrency with US 31A that lasts from just south of Triune near the I-840 Exit 42 interchange, through Nolensville, and into Davidson County and the Metro Nashville area.[3]

Nashville to Pleasant View

In downtown Nashville, US 31A ends, while US 41A continues and begins a brief concurrency with US 31, US 41, US 431, and SR 6 on Eighth Avenue. US 41A leaves the concurrency off James Robertson Parkway near the Nashville Farmer's Market, but then begins a concurrency with unsigned SR 12. US 41A/SR 12 follows Rosa L. Parks Boulevard through the Exit 85 interchange of I-65. After crossing the Cumberland River via the Hydes Ferry Bridge, SR 12 leaves the concurrency in the Bordeaux neighborhood.[4] US 41A's continuation after that marks the eastern terminus of SR 112 as US 41A continues north, and then west-northwest into Cheatham and Robertson Counties, following the boundary between the two counties, and crossing it four times, intersecting SR 49 at Pleasant View before the third and fourth times.[5]

Clarksville area

After crossing the Robertson-Cheatham County line for the final time, US 41A then enters Montgomery County and the city of Clarksville. After the first junction with US 41A Bypass and SR 76, it expands into four lanes. It goes right through the downtown core before crossing the Red River. SR 12, once again as a hidden route, rejoins US 41A at the US 41A Bypass/US 79/SR 76 junction. US 79/SR 76 leaves the concurrency, while US 41A/SR 12 continues northward, following the eastern boundary of the Fort Campbell Military Reservation to the Kentucky state line, where the Clarksville city limits border that of Oak Grove. The state line also marks SR 12's northern/western terminus[6][7]

Christian County, Kentucky

Once US 41A enters Christian County in Oak Grove,[8] it is signed as US 41 Alternate. After crossing Interstate 24 for a final time, US 41A continues north to a junction with the Pennyrile Parkway (future I-169), and then ending with a junction with US 41/US 68/KY 80/KY 109 in downtown Hopkinsville.[9][10][11]


U.S. Route 41W

LocationNashville, TennesseeHopkinsville, Kentucky

Prior to 1930, from Nashville to Hopkinsville, the current US 41A corridor from Nashville to Hopkinsville was originally signed as US 41, while the current US 41 was signed as US 241.[12]

In 1930, US 41 became US 41W, and US 241 (the current US 41 main alignment) was renumbered, and signed as US 41E. US 41W between Nashville and Clarksville followed the alignment of SR 12 until it was reallocated onto SR 112 some time between 1935 and 1938.[13][14]

In 1943, the western route became US 41 Alternate, with the main US 41 moving to the east route.[15][16] From the decommissioning of US 41W, the route has been signed as US 41A.[17]

Major intersections

county line
Monteagle0.00.0 US 41 (Main Street/Dixie Highway/SR 2/SR 56 north) – Tracy City, ManchesterSouthern terminus of US 41A; western terminus of unsigned SR 15; southern end of unsigned SR 15/SR 56 concurrency
I-24 / US 64 – Nashville, ChattanoogaI-24 exit 134
FranklinSaint Andrews3.55.6
SR 156 south (Midway Road) – Franklin County Airport, Orme, South Pittsburg
St. Andrew's-Sewanee School north of intersection; northern terminus of SR 156; provides access to Franklin State Forest
Sewanee5.58.9University Avenue – Sewanee: The University of the South, Sewanee
SR 56 south (Sherwood Road) – Sherwood
Northern end of wrong-way unsigned SR 56 concurrency; provides access to Sherwood Forest, Carter State Natural Area, and Sewanee Natural Bridge
Winchester15.324.6 Aviation Drive – Winchester Municipal Airport

US 64 (Veterans Memorial Drive/SR 433) to I-24 – Tims Ford State Park, Fayetteville, Decherd

SR 16 south / SR 50 west (1st Avenue Southwest/SR 15 west)
Southern end of SR 50 concurrency and unsigned SR 16 concurrency; northern end of unsigned SR 15 concurrency

SR 50 east (Main Street) to I-24
Northern end of SR 50 concurrency
SR 127 north (Aedc Road) – Hillsboro
Southern terminus of SR 127
Estill Springs25.040.2
SR 279 east (Spring Creek Road) – Franklin County Park, Elk River Dam
Western terminus of SR 279
26.542.6UTSI Road – University of Tennessee Space Institute, Arnold Air Force Base

SR 55 east (East Carroll Street) / SR 130 south (West Carroll Street) to I-24 – Arnold Air Force Base, Manchester
Southern end of SR 55 and SR 130 concurrencies; I-24 via 55 east

SR 55 west / SR 130 north (Wilson Avenue) – Lynchburg, Motlow State Community College
Northern end of SR 55 and SR 130 concurrencies
34.255.0 William Northern Boulevard – Tullahoma Regional Airport
SR 269 north (Marbury Crossing) – Normandy, Wartrace
Harton Regional Medical Center west of this intersection
MooreNo major intersections
SR 276 south (Thompson Creek Road) – Raus
Northern terminus of SR 276
SR 437 west (Shelbyville Bypass)
Eastern terminus of SR 437; northern and eastern bypass of Shelbyville
SR 64 (Wartrace Pike) to I-24 – Wartrace
US 231 Bus. / SR 82 (Main Street/SR 10)
Former route of US 231; Bedford County Medical Center to the north
50.681.4 US 231 (Colloredo Boulevard/Lake Parkway/SR 387) – Fayetteville, Murfreesboro
SR 270 west (Old Columbia Road) – Chapel Hill
Eastern terminus of SR 270
SR 99 west (Chapel Hill Pike) – Chapel Hill
Southern end of SR 99 concurrency

SR 99 east / SR 269 east – Murfreesboro
Northern end of SR 99 concurrency; southern end of SR 269 concurrency
SR 269 west (Allisona Road) – Allisona
Northern end of SR 269 concurrency
US 31A south (Horton Highway/SR 11 south) – Chapel Hill
Southern end of US 31A/SR 11 concurrency; northern terminus of unsigned SR 16
I-840 – Murfreesboro, FranklinI-840 exit 42
79.6128.1 SR 96 (Murfreesboro Road) – Franklin, Murfreesboro
SR 253 west (Concord Road) – Brentwood
Eastern terminus of SR 253
93.8151.0 SR 254 (Old Hickory Boulevard/Bell Road) – Brentwood, Antioch

SR 255 (Harding Place) to I-65 / I-24 – Oak Hill, Donelson
Provides access to Nashville International Airport
98.8159.0 SR 155 (Thompson Lane)
I-440 – Memphis, KnoxvilleI-440 exit 6
100.5161.7Wedgewood Road – Tennessee State Fairgrounds

US 41 south / US 70S east (Lafayette Avenue/SR 1 east) / 2nd Avenue South to I-40
Southern end of US 41/US 70S concurrency; I-40 to the north via 2nd Avenue
I-40 to I-65
No entry to I-65 south from I-40 here; I-40 exit 210C
US 31 south (8th Avenue South/SR 6 south) / Korean Veterans Boulevard
Southern end of US 31 concurrency; roundabout; northern terminus of US 31A

US 70 / US 70S west / US 431 south (Broadway/SR 1 west/SR 24)
Northern end of US 70S concurency; southern end of US 431 concurrency

US 31 north / US 41 north / US 431 north (James Robertson Parkway/SR 6 north/SR 11 north)
Northern end of US 31/US 41/US 431 concurrency; southern terminus of unsigned SR 12; southern end of unsigned SR 12 concurrency
I-65 – Louisville, HuntsvilleI-65 exit 85
106.8171.9Ed Temple Boulevard – Tennessee State University
SR 12 north (Ashland City Highway) – Ashland City
Northern end of unsigned SR 12 concurrency; eastern terminus of unsigned SR 112; southern end of unsigned SR 112 concurrency
SR 155 (Briley Parkway)Interchange; Briley Parkway exit 21 (21A/21B eastbound)
SR 249 (New Hope Road/Jackson Felt Road) to I-24 – Ashland City
RobertsonNo major intersections
CheathamPleasant View128.0206.0
SR 49 to I-24 – Ashland City, Coopertown, Springfield
RobertsonNo major intersections

SR 256 north (Maxey Road) to I-24 – Adams
Southern terminus of SR 256

SR 76 east (M.L.K. Jr. Parkway) / US 41A Byp. north (Ashland City Road) to I-24 – Port Royal State Park
Southern end of unsigned SR 76 concurrency; southern terminus of US 41A Bypass; SR 76 changes from an east-west route to a north-south route
SR 374 north (Richview Road)
Southern terminus of SR 374; partial beltway around Clarksville
SR 48 north (College Street)
South end of SR 48 concurrency; Austin Peay State University directly north of intersection

SR 48 south (College Street) to US 41A Byp.
Northern end of SR 48 concurrency

US 79 north / US 41A Byp. south (Kraft Street/SR 12 south/SR 13)
Southern end of US 79 concurrency; northern terminus of US 41A Byp.; western terminus of unsigned SR 112; southern end of unsigned SR 12 concurrency
US 79 south (Dover Road/SR 76 south)
Northern end of US 79/SR 76 concurrency

SR 374 (101st Airborne Division Parkway) to I-24
Interchange; partial beltway around Clarksville
SR 236 east (Tinytown Road)
Western terminus of SR 236
State line
Northern terminus of unsigned SR 12
KentuckyChristianOak Grove0.0040.0064
KY 400 east (State Line Road)
Western terminus of KY 400
0.2680.431Screaming Eagle Boulevard – Fort CampbellMain entrance to the military base
KY 911 east (Thompsonville Lane)
Western terminus of KY 911
KY 788 west (Gate 7 Road) – Fort Campbell
Eastern terminus of KY 788
KY 117 west (Henderson-Oak Grove Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 117
I-24 – Nashville, PaducahI-24 exit 86
Hopkinsville5.7449.244 KY 1453 (Elmo Road)
KY 756 east (Fidello Road)
Western terminus of KY 756
9.00214.487 KY 1027 (Long Pond Road)

US 68 Byp. (Dr. Martin Luther King Way / Eagle Way) to US 41 Truck

I-169 / US 41 Truck north to I-24 – Madisonville
Truck route via northbound I-169; former Pennyrile Parkway; I-169 exit 7

KY 380 east (Skyline Drive) to US 41
Southern end of KY 380 concurrency
KY 380 west (Country Club Lane)
Northern end of KY 380 concurrency
15.99025.733 US 41 / US 68 / KY 80 / KY 109 (East 9th Street)Northern terminus of US 41 Alt.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi



By-pass plate.svg

U.S. Route 41A Bypass

LocationClarksville, Tennessee

U.S. Route 41A Bypass (US 41A Byp.) is a bypass of the city of Clarksville, Tennessee, on its south side. It first splits off from the US 41A mainline at 2nd Street and Kraft, following Riverside Drive south, running concurrently with SR 13 and SR 12, along the Cumberland River to an intersection with SR 48 (College Street). It becomes concurrent with SR 48 and they travel south and leave town to an intersection with Cumberland Drive, where SR 13 and SR 48 split off to continue southward. The bypass then curves to the east, still following the river, and enters some neighborhoods and comes to an intersection with Ashland City Road, where SR 12 splits off and goes toward Ashland City. US 41A Byp. then continues east and comes to an end at an intersection with US 41A (Madison Street) and SR 76 (M.L.K. Jr. Bypass Parkway). Most of the road is a two-lane highway, occasionally widening to three lanes to accommodate truck traffic on hills.

Tennessee State Route 112

State Route 112

Length41.86 mi (67.37 km)

State Route 112 (SR 112) is the hidden, secret designation for U.S. Route 41A from the US 41A Bypass/US 79/SR 12/SR 13/SR 76 junction in Clarksville to the SR 12 junction in the Bordeaux neighborhood of Nashville.


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