Tennessee State Route 96

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State Route 96

TN 96; primary in red, secondary in blue
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length126.7 mi (203.9 km)
Major junctions
West end US 70 in Dickson
Major intersections I-40 near Fairview

Natchez Trace Parkway near Franklin
US 31 / US 431 in Franklin
I-65 in Franklin
US 31A / US 41A in Triune
I-24 in Murfreesboro
US 41 / US 70S / US 231 / SR 99 in Murfreesboro
US 70 / SR 53 in Liberty
I-40 in Buffalo Valley

US 70N in Gentry
North end SR 53 in Granville
CountryUnited States
CountiesDickson, Williamson, Davidson, Rutherford, Cannon, Wilson, DeKalb, Putnam, Smith, Jackson
Highway system
SR 95 SR 97

State Route 96 (SR 96) is an east–west and north–south highway in Middle Tennessee. The road begins in Dickson and ends in Granville. The current length is 126.7 mi (203.9 km).[1] Along its path it goes through 10 counties. Locals mostly refer to it as Highway 96.

SR 96 changes cardinal directions from East–West to North–South in DeKalb County after an unsigned concurrency with U.S. 70.

Route description

Dickson County

SR 96 begins as a primary highway in Dickson County in Dickson at an intersection with US 70/SR 1. It then goes southeast, leaving Dickson, before coming to an intersection with SR 47 in Burns. It then curves to the east and parallels I-40, passing just north of the I-40/I-840 interchange, before having an interchange with I-40 (Exit 182) just west of Fairview, just after crossing into Williamson County.

Williamson and Davidson counties

SR 96 then enters Fairview and has a trumpet interchange and become concurrent with SR 100. They then go northeast and cross over the southern part of the Highland Rim just before crossing into the southwest corner of Davidson County. SR 96 then separates from SR 100 and then turns southeast to cross back into Williamson County. Just after crossing the county line, SR 96 has an interchange with the Natchez Trace Parkway, just after passing under the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge. It then goes through some wooded areas before having an intersection with SR 46 just before entering Franklin. SR 96 then travels through some suburban areas before intersecting and becoming concurrent with US 431/SR 106 in downtown. They first go south before SR 96 turns east at an intersection with US 31/SR 6, which is also where US 431/SR 106 split off and continue south. SR 96 then splits off from US 31/SR 6 and goes east, leaving downtown and having an intersection with SR 397 and then an interchange with I-65 (Exit 65) before leaving Franklin and continuing southeast. SR 96 then passes through some farmland before passing through Arrington and having an intersection with SR 252. It then begins paralleling I-840 just before entering Triune, where it has an intersection with US 31A/SR 11, just north of its interchange with I-840 (Exit 42). SR 96 then goes east and crosses under the interstate before crossing into Rutherford County.

Rutherford County

It then almost immediately has an intersection with SR 102 just south of Almaville, which is also just south of its interchange with I-840 (Exit 47). SR 96 then leaves the interstate and passes through some rural countryside before entering Murfreesboro just before a partial cloverleaf interchange with I-24 (Exit 78). It then passes through a major retail district, passing by Stones River Mall and having an intersection and becoming concurrent with SR 99, before entering downtown and having an intersection with US 41/US 70S/US 231/SR 1/SR 10, with SR 96 curving to the northeast to become concurrent with US 231/SR 10 as they turn northeast at this intersection from the south. They go northeast, leaving downtown, for about a mile before SR 96 turns east onto E Clark Blvd. for a short distance before turning northeast again onto Lascassas Pike. SR 96 then has an intersection with SR 268 before it leaves Murfreesboro and continues northeast through countryside once more. It then passes through Lascassas and intersects and has a short concurrency with SR 266. SR 96 then curves to the east and passes through some more rural farmland and countryside, passing through Milton before crossing into northwest corner Cannon County.

Cannon and Wilson counties

SR 96 passes through Auburntown, where it has an intersection with the northern terminus of SR 145, before crossing into the southeast corner of Wilson County. It intersects with SR 267 just across the county line, south of Statesville, before passing through Prosperity and Cottage Home and into DeKalb County.

DeKalb County

Coming to an intersection with US 70/SR 26/SR 53 near Liberty, SR 96 turns east along a concurrency. They enter Liberty at an intersection where SR 53 separates and turns south toward Woodbury. The routes then pass through Liberty and Dowelltown and ascend the Highland Rim before SR 96 separates from US 70/SR 26, just northwest of Smithville. It becomes signed as a north–south route along a very curvy secondary highway known as Dale Ridge Road. It makes its way northward, encountering and serving as the southern terminus of SR 264. It follows along the shoreline of Center Hill Lake before coming to an intersection with SR 141 at Center Hill Dam. The two routes become concurrent and cross overtop Center Hill Dam together before separating at the entrance to Edgar Evins State Park, with SR 96 turning north toward Putnam County.

Putnam and Smith counties

It crosses the county line and immediately enters Buffalo Valley, where it has another interchange with I-40 (Exit 268). It then winds north through farmland, crossing briefly into the far eastern portion of Smith County before reentering Putnam County. SR 96 quickly comes to an intersection with US 70N/SR 24 east of Chestnut Mound, at which point it becomes concurrent. They go east and wind through more hilly terrain before SR 96 splits off and winds north as Shaw Branch Road, before crossing into Jackson County.

Jackson County

SR 96 then runs along Martin's Creek, an arm of Cordell Hull Lake/Cumberland River, before entering Granville and terminating at SR 53 in town.

Major intersections

Dickson Dickson
Tennessee 96.svg SR 96 begins as a primary route
0.00.0 US 70 (E. College Street/SR 1) – Dickson, White BluffWestern terminus; provides access to Montgomery Bell State Park
Burns2.13.4 SR 47 (Stuart Street) – Dickson, White Bluff
WilliamsonNew Hope10.4–
I-40 – Memphis, NashvilleI-40 exit 182
SR 100 west (Fairview Boulevard) – Bon Aqua
Interchange; western end of SR 100 concurrency
SR 100 east – Pasquo, Belle Meade
Eastern end of SR 100 concurrency
WilliamsonBingham24.138.8 Natchez Trace ParkwayVia short access road
27.644.4 SR 46 (Old Hillsboro Road) – Leipers Fork, Forest Hills
US 431 north (Fifth Avenue/SR 106) – Forest Hills
Western end of US 431/SR 106 concurrency
US 31 south (Columbia Pike/SR 6) – Spring Hill

US 431 south (Fifth Avenue/SR 106) – Lewisburg
Eastern end of US 431/SR 106 concurrency; western end of US 31/SR 6 concurrency
US 31 north (Main Street/SR 6) – Brentwood
Eastern end of US 31/SR 6 concurrency

SR 397 / US 31 Truck / US 431 Truck (Mack Hatcher Memorial Parkway)
Partial beltway around Franklin
I-65 – Nashville, HuntsvilleI-65 exit 65
SR 252 north (Wilson Pike) – Brentwood
Southern terminus of SR 252
US 31A / US 41A (Nolensville Road/SR 11) to I-840 (Exit 42) – Nolensville, Chapel Hill, Eagleville

SR 102 north (Almaville Road) to I-840 (Exit 47) – Smyrna
Southern terminus of SR 102
I-24 – Nashville, ChattanoogaI-24 exit 78
SR 99 west (New Salem Highway) – Eagleville
Western end of SR 99 concurrency

US 231 south / SR 99 east / US 41 / US 70S (Broad Street/SR 1/SR 10)
Eastern end of SR 99 concurrency; western end of US 231/SR 10 concurrency
US 231 north (Memorial Boulevard/SR 10) – Lebanon
Eastern end of US 231/SR 10 concurrency
SR 268 west (Compton Road)
Eastern terminus of SR 268
SR 266 south (E. Jefferson Pike) – Walterhill, Smyrna
Western end of SR 266 concurrency
SR 266 north (Cainsville Pike) – Norene, Lebanon
Eastern end of SR 266 concurrency
SR 145 south (W. Main Street) – Woodbury
Northern terminus of SR 145
SR 267 north (Statesville Road) – Statesville, Watertown
Southern terminus of SR 267

US 70 west (SR 26) / SR 53 north – Alexandria
Western end of unsigned concurrency with US 70/SR 26/SR 53
SR 53 south (Woodbury Highway) – Woodbury
Eastern end of SR 53 concurrency
US 70 east (SR 26) – Smithville
Eastern end of unsigned concurrency with US 70/SR 26
Secondary Tennessee 96.svg SR 96 becomes a secondary route
Temperance Hall99.1159.5
SR 264 north (Hickman Road) – Gordonsville
Southern terminus of SR 264
Laurel Hill105.0169.0
SR 141 west (Lancaster Road) – Lancaster, Gordonsville
Western end of SR 141 concurrency; begins to cross Center Hill Dam
SR 141 east (Wolf Creek Road) – Silver Point
Edgar Evins State Park Road - Edgar Evins State Park
Eastern end of SR 141 concurrency; access road into state park
PutnamBuffalo Valley109.7–
I-40 – Nashville, KnoxvilleI-40 exit 268
US 70N west (Nashville Highway/SR 24) – Carthage, South Carthage
Western end of unsigned concurrency with US 70N/SR 24
US 70N east (Nashville Highway/SR 24) – Baxter
Eastern end of unsigned concurrency with US 70N/SR 24
JacksonGranville126.7203.9 SR 53 (Granville Highway) – Gainesboro, CarthageNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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