U.S. Route 31 in Tennessee

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U.S. Route 31

Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length93.01 mi (149.69 km)
ExistedNovember 11, 1926 (1926-11-11)[1]–present
Major junctions
South end I-65 / US 31 at Alabama state line
Major intersections
North end US 31E / US 31W / US 41 / US 431 at Nashville
CountryUnited States
CountiesGiles, Maury, Williamson, Davidson
Highway system
SR 30 US 31E

U.S. Route 31 (US 31) is a part of the United States Numbered Highway System that runs from Spanish Fort, Alabama, to Mackinaw City, Michigan. In the U.S. state of Tennessee, it runs concurrently with Interstate 65 (I-65) for the first mile northward from the Tennessee state line. There US 31 parallels I-65 to downtown Nashville. At Pulaski US 31 meets the southern terminus of US 31A in Tennessee. US 31 continues due north through Lynnville, Columbia, Spring Hill, Franklin and Brentwood to Nashville. The route splits into US 31E and US 31W in Nashville and go into Kentucky.

Route description

The first mile of US 31 in Tennessee runs concurrently with I-65. At Exit 1 in Ardmore, it leaves I-65 and begins an unsigned concurrency with State Route 7. US 31 then goes through Elkton before going through mainly rural countryside until it has an intersection with US 64 on the outskirts of Pulaski. US 31 gains the name 1st Street through Pulaski; upon leaving Pulaski US 31 meets the southern terminus of US 31A (Grigsby Street). US 31 goes through more rural countryside on its way to Columbia. In Columbia, US 31 picks up the names Carmack Boulevard and Garden Street; it also has a short concurrency with US 412 Business (US 412 Bus.) and intersects the northern terminus of US 43. After leaving Columbia, US 31 gains two designations, first it gains a Tennessee Parkway designation from Columbia to Rosa L. Parks Boulevard in Nashville, and then it picks up the hidden SR 6, which it keeps later as US 31E to the Tennessee state line. US 31 goes through some more rural countryside before meeting the western terminus of SR 396 (Saturn Parkway) in Spring Hill and gains the name 1st Street. After leaving Spring Hill, US 31 has an interchange with I-840. US 31 then continues into Franklin, where US 31 Truck makes a turn to the east onto SR 397 (Mack Hatcher Memorial Parkway), while US 31, erroneously signed here as US 31 Business (which doesn't actually exist and US 31 mainline is signed throughout Franklin), passes north through downtown Franklin. US 31 then has an intersection with mainline US 431 (5th Avenue) before passing through Franklin Square and crossing the Harpeth River to meet SR 397 and the northern end of US 31 Truck. US 31 then goes through the Nasville suburb of Brentwood as Franklin Road. While in Brentwood, US 31 has three important interchanges with SR 441 (Moores Lane), SR 253 (Concord Road) and SR 254 (Old Hickory Boulevard). US 31 next goes through the cities of Oak Hill and Berry Hill, where it has an interchange with SR 155 (Thompson Lane/Woodmount Boulevard), before arriving in Nashville.[2]

US 31 next gains the name 8th Avenue and a while later overlaps US 41 (Lafayette Street), US 70S and US 41A. After going over Broadway (US 70 and US 431), US 31 picks up US 431, loses US 70S and gains the name Rosa L. Parks Boulevard. US 31, US 431 and US 41 and US 41A then go around the Tennessee State Capitol Building and lose US 41A, the Rosa L. Parks name and the Tennessee Parkway designation. US 31, US 431 and US 41 then go over the Cumberland River on the Victory Memorial Bridge. US 31, US 431 and US 41 then have an interchange with I-24. Immediately after the I-24 interchange, US 31E splits off (as Ellington Parkway) from US 31, US 41 US 431 and creating the beginning of the U.S. Route 31EUS 31W split.[2]

US 31E is called Ellington Parkway until its overlap with SR 155 (Briley Parkway) between exits 15 and 14. US 31E then changes names to Johnny Cash Parkway. US 31E then goes through Hendersonville, picks up the name Nashville Pike and has an incomplete interchange with SR 386 (Vietnam Veterans Parkway). US 31E then goes through Gallatin, meets the northern terminus of SR 386 and US 31E Bypass. US 31E then goes through rural countryside, picks up US 231 at Westmoreland. US 31E and US 231 the go through more rural countryside until the Tennessee state border (where the northern terminus of SR 6 is). US 31E and US 231 stay concurrent into Kentucky.[2]

As for US 31W, US 41 and US 431 they change names a total of two times, first from Spring Street to then Dickerson Pike. US 431 leaves the congruence at Trinty Lane, leaving US 31W, US 41 to carry on. US 31W, US 41 then have an incomplete interchange with SR 155 and I-65. US 31W, US 41 split just north of Goodlettsville. US 31W has an interchange with I-65. US 31W the goes through rural countryside until getting to White House. US 31W then goes through more rural countryside until reaching the Tennessee state border, where it crosses in Kentucky.[2]


US 31 through Tennessee was one of the original 1926 highways.[3] that was approved on November 11, 1926.[1]

Major intersections


I-65 south / US 31 south – Huntsville
Continuation south into Alabama

I-65 north / SR 7 south (Main Street) – Nashville, Ardmore
Northern end of I-65 concurrency; southern end of unsigned SR 7 concurrency; I-65 exit 1
SR 273 west (Prospect Road) – Prospect
Southern end of SR 273 concurrency

SR 273 east (Bryson Road) to I-65 – Fayetteville
Northern end of SR 273 concurrency
Pulaski16.025.7 US 64 (Lawrenceburg Highway/Fayetteville Highway) – Lawrenceburg, Fayetteville
SR 11 south / SR 15 (College Street) – Minor Hill, Lawrenceburg, Fayetteville
Southern end of SR 11 concurrency

US 31A north (E Grigsby Street/SR 11 north) to I-65 – Cornersville, Lewisburg
Northern end of SR 11 concurrency; southern terminus of US 31A
SR 129 east (Waco Road) – Lynnville, Cornersville
Western terminus of SR 129
MauryColumbia47.175.8 SR 50 (James Campbell Boulevard) – Lewisburg, Centerville

US 412 Bus. west (SR 99/W 7th Street) – Hohenwald
Southern end of US 412 Bus. concurrency
SR 7 north (N James Campbell Boulevard) – Santa Fe, Bon Aqua
Northern end of unsigned SR 7 concurrency

US 43 south / US 412 west (Bear Creek Pike/SR 6/SR 99) to I-65 – Hohenwald, Mount Pleasant, Chapel Hill
Eastern terminus of US 412 Business; Northern terminus of US 43; southern end of unsigned SR 6 concurrency; both SR 6 and SR 99 unsigned
SR 246 north (Carters Creek Road)
Southern terminus of SR 246
Spring Hill57.0–
GM Spring Hill Manufacturing main entranceInterchange

SR 396 east (Saturn Parkway) to I-65
Interchange; western terminus of SR 396
60.597.4 SR 247 (Duplex Road) – Duplex, Santa Fe
WilliamsonThompson's Station65.8–
I-840 – Murfreesboro, DicksonI-840 exit 28

SR 248 north (Goose Creek Bypass)
Southern terminus of SR 248; interchange

SR 397 north / US 31 Truck north (Mack Hatcher Memorial Highway)
Franklin bypass; southern terminus of SR 397 and US 31 Truck
SR 246 south (7th Avenue)
Northern terminus of SR 246
US 431 / SR 96 west (Fifth Avenue/SR 106)
Southern end of brief concurrency with SR 96
SR 96 east (3rd Avenue S)
Northern end of brief concurrency with SR 96; roundabout

SR 397 / US 31 Truck south / US 431 Truck (Mack Hatcher Memorial Highway)
Franklin Bypass; northern terminus of US 31 Truck
SR 441 east (Moores Lane)
Western terminus of SR 441
SR 253 east (Concord Road)
Western terminus of SR 253
SR 252 south (Church Street)
Northern terminus of SR 252
DavidsonOak Hill82.5132.8 SR 254 (Old Hickory Boulevard) – Forest Hills, Antioch
SR 255 north (Harding Place) – Donelson
Southern terminus of SR 255; provides access to Nashville International Airport
Berry Hill87.6–
SR 155 (Thompson Lane/Woodmont Boulevard)Interchange

US 31A south / US 41 south / US 41A south / US 70S east (Lafayette Street/SR 1/SR 11)
Roundabout; northern terminus of US 31A; southern end of US 41/US 41A/US 70S concurrency

US 70 / US 70S west / US 431 south (Broadway/SR 1/SR 24)
Southern end of US 431 concurrency; Northern end of US 70S concurrency
US 41A north (Rosa L. Parks Boulevard/SR 12)
Northern end of US 41A concurrency
I-24 east – Chattanooga
I-24 exit 48

US 31E north (Ellington Parkway/SR 6) / US 31W north / US 41 north / US 431 north (Spring Street/SR 11)
Interchange; US 31 splits into US 31E and US 31W; Concurrency with US 41, US 431, SR 6, and SR 11 ends
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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