Tennessee State Route 16

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State Route 16

TN 16; primary in red, secondary in blue
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length76.94 mi[1] (123.82 km)
ExistedOctober 1, 1923[2]–present
Major junctions
South end SR 79 at the Alabama State Line
Major intersections US 64 near Winchester
US 41A / SR 50 in Winchester

SR 55 in Tullahoma
SR 437 in Shelbyville
SR 64 in Shelbyville

US 231 in Shelbyville
North end US 31A / US 41A in Kirkland
CountryUnited States
CountiesFranklin, Coffee, Moore, Bedford, Rutherford, Williamson
Highway system
SR 15 SR 17

State Route 16 (SR 16) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Its southern terminus is at the Alabama state line, where it continues as State Route 79 (SR 79) in Alabama. From there, it continues to Winchester, where it becomes unsigned in a concurrency with U.S. Route 41A (US 41A). This concurrency lasts until its northern terminus in Williamson County, at a junction with U.S. Route 31A (US 31A).[3]

Route description

Franklin County

SR 16 begins at the Alabama State Line in Franklin County, on top of a very tall ridge, where it continues as State Route 79, several miles north of Scottsboro, AL. It continues north as a very curvy 2-lane highway before exiting the mountains and lowering down into some farmland. It then goes north to enter Winchester at an interchange with US 64 and SR 15, a 4-lane bypass of Winchester, before turning east and entering downtown. In downtown, it comes to an intersection with US 41A, SR 50, and SR 130.[4] SR 16 continues east and becomes the unsigned companion route of US 41A, while also being concurrent with SR 50. US 41A/SR 16 then turn north at an intersection where SR 50 separates and continues east into Decherd. They then have an intersection with SR 127 before leaving Winchester. They then go north as a 2-lane highway through flat farmland before crossing the Elk River and going through Estill Springs, where it has an intersection with SR 279 and passes by the Arnold Air Force Base and the Woods Reservoir before crossing the Coffee County line and entering Tullahoma.

Coffee County

US 41A/SR 16 then immediately enter downtown Tullahoma after crossing into Coffee County, where they intersect and become concurrent with SR 55/SR 130. They then go north through downtown before SR 55/SR 130 split off and west concurrent with each other and US 41A/SR 16 then pass through a major business district before intersecting with SR 269 and leaving Tullahoma, where it briefly crosses into Moore County before entering Bedford County.

Bedford County

In Bedford County, US 41A/SR 16 then turn west and pass just south of Normandy before having an intersection with SR 276. They then enter Shelbyville at an intersection with SR 437, just feet before their intersection with SR 64. US 41A/SR 16 then continue through some suburban areas and pass by an industrial park before entering downtown and having an intersection with US 231 Business/SR 10/SR 82. They then have an intersection with US 231/SR 387 before leaving downtown and going through another suburban area before leaving Shelbyville and turning northwest. US 41A/SR 16 go northwest through some countryside and have an intersection with SR 270 before passing through Unionville, turning north temporarily before going northwest again. They then pass through more countryside before crossing into Rutherford County.

Rutherford County

In Rutherford County, US 41A/SR 16 then go northwest to an intersection and becoming concurrent with SR 99 before entering Eagleville, where they have another intersection and short concurrency with SR 269, where SR 99 splits off and goes east to follow SR 269. US 41A/SR 16 then continue through Eagleville before continuing northwest and crossing into Williamson County.

Williamson County

After crossing into Williamson County, US 41A/SR 16 then continues for a very short distance before coming to a Y-intersection with US 31A/SR 11 in Kirkland, just north of College Grove and just south of I-840 and Triune. At this intersection, US 41A continues north and becomes concurrent with US 31A/SR 11 while SR 16 ends here.[3]

Major intersections

SR 79 south – Hytop, Skyline, Scottsboro
Continuation into Alabama; southern terminus; SR 16 begins as a signed primary highway

US 64 (Veterans Memorial Drive/SR 15 west/SR 433 north) / US 64 Bus. (David Crockett Highway) / SR 50 (George Fraley Parkway) to I-24 – Fayetteville, Pelham, Decherd, Lynchburg
Southern end of unsigned SR 15 concurrency; southern terminus of unsigned SR 433; western terminus of US 64 Bus.; southern end of SR 50 concurrency
SR 130 (N High Street) – TullahomaEastern terminus of SR 130

US 41A south (S College Street/SR 15 east) – Cowan, Sewanee
Southern end of unsigned US 41A concurrency; eastern terminus of US 64 Bus.; northern end of unsigned SR 15 concurrency; SR 16 becomes unsigned
SR 50 east (W Main Street) – Pelham
Northern end of SR 50 concurrency

SR 127 north (Aedc Road) – Hillsboro
Southern terminus of SR 127
Estill Springs
SR 279 east (Spring Creek Road) – Franklin County Park, Elk River Dam
Western terminus of SR 279
UTSI Road – University of Tennessee Space Institute, Arnold Air Force Base

SR 55 east (East Carroll Street) / SR 130 south (West Carroll Street) to I-24 – Arnold Air Force Base, Manchester
Southern end of SR 55 and SR 130 concurrencies; I-24 via 55 east

SR 55 west / SR 130 north (Wilson Avenue) – Lynchburg, Motlow State Community College
Northern end of SR 55 and SR 130 concurrencies
William Northern Boulevard – Tullahoma Regional Airport

SR 269 north (Marbury Crossing) – Normandy, Wartrace
Eastern (signed southern) terminus of SR 269; Harton Regional Medical Center west of this intersection
MooreNo major intersections
SR 276 south (Thompson Creek Road)
Northern terminus of SR 276

SR 437 west (Shelbyville Bypass)
Eastern terminus of SR 437; northern and eastern bypass of Shelbyville
SR 64 (Wartrace Pike) to I-24 – Wartrace

US 231 Bus. / SR 82 (Main Street/SR 10)
Former route of US 231; Bedford County Medical Center to the north
US 231 (Colloredo Boulevard/Lake Parkway/SR 387) – Fayetteville, Murfreesboro

SR 270 west (Old Columbia Road) – Chapel Hill
Eastern terminus of SR 270
SR 99 west (Chapel Hill Pike) – Chapel Hill
Southern end of SR 99 concurrency

SR 99 east / SR 269 east – Murfreesboro
Northern end of SR 99 concurrency; southern end of SR 269 concurrency

SR 269 west (Allisona Road) – Allisona
Northern end of SR 269 concurrency

US 31A / US 41A north (Horton Highway/SR 11) to I-840 – Chapel Hill, Nolensville
Northern terminus; US 41A continues north along US 31A
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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