Tennessee State Route 76

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State Route 76

TN 76; primary in red, secondary in blue, unsigned in green
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length231.44 mi[1] (372.47 km)
ExistedOctober 1, 1923[2]–present
Major junctions
South end SR 57 in Moscow
Major intersections
East end SR 109 in Portland
CountryUnited States
CountiesFayette, Haywood, Crockett, Gibson, Carroll, Henry, Stewart, Montgomery, Robertson, Sumner
Highway system
US 76 SR 77

State Route 76 (SR 76) is a state highway in Tennessee, traversing the state in a northeast-southwest axis from east of Memphis to north of Nashville. SR 76 is unique in that it actually changes its cardinal directions (from North-South to East-West) in Clarksville at the junction with US 41A and US 41A Bypass.

Route description

Northbound in Stanton

Fayette County

SR 76 begins as a primary highway in Fayette County in Moscow at a junction with SR 57, its southern terminus. The highway goes north as a 2-lane highway through countryside and wooded areas to the community of Williston and has a junction with SR 193. It then turns slight northeast before turning north again at the junction with SR 195 just south of Somerville. SR 76 then enters Somerville and passes through a neighborhood before entering downtown and intersecting US 64/SR 15. It then passes through another neighborhood before crossing the Loosahatchie River and leaving Somerville to have a Y-Intersection with SR 59 shortly thereafter, with SR 76 turning northeast once again while SR 59 branches off to the northwest.

Haywood County

SR 76 then enters Haywood County and immediately enters the small community of Dancyville and becomes concurrent with SR 179. They then split just before the first of two interchanges with I-40 (Exit 52). SR 76 then crosses the Hatchie River and has another interchange with I-40 (Exit 56) before reaching Brownsville. It then comes to an intersection with US 70/US 79/SR 1/SR 19 and becomes concurrent with that route. At this point SR 76 becomes unsigned. SR 19 breaks away to the east shortly afterwards and US 70/US 79/SR 1/SR 76 then follow a new bypass around downtown to an intersection with US 70A. US 79 and SR 76 then break away from US 70/SR 1 to follow US 70A and they then leave Brownsville going northeast just an intersection with SR 369. They then cross the South Fork of the Forked Deer River before crossing into Crockett County.

Crockett County

US 79/SR 76 then enter Bells shortly afterwards to have a short concurrency with SR 88. They then have an interchange with US 412/SR 20 before leaving bells and entering farmland. They pass through the community of Fruitvale and the town of Gadsden, where they intersect SR 221, before crossing the Middle Fork of the Forked Deer River into Gibson County and immediately enter Humboldt.

Gibson County

They have an interchange with a new bypass around downtown and begin to follow it, turning north and widening to a 4-lane highway, and have a junction with SR 152 immediately after the interchange. They then turn east and have an intersection with US 45W/SR 5 to become concurrent with that route. US 70A/US 79/SR 76 then break away from the bypass, and US 45W/SR 5, at another intersection shortly afterwards, leaving Humboldt and narrowing back to 2-lanes and has an intersection with SR 187 shortly afterwards. They go through farmland once again and pass through Gibson, having a junction with SR 186, before entering Milan and intersecting US 45E/SR 43/SR 77/SR 104, and becoming concurrent with SR 77. They then intersect SR 425 before leaving Milan and widening to a 4-lane divided highway for a short distance before narrowing back down to a 2-lane to cross into Carroll County.

Carroll County

They then enter Atwood and intersect SR 220 shortly before US 70A and SR 77 pull away, at a Y-Intersection, to the east, while SR 76 continues to follow US 79. US 79/SR 76 continue northeast and pass through Trezevant, intersecting SR 105, before entering McKenzie to pass just to the south of downtown and intersect SR 436, SR 124, and SR 423 before having an interchange with SR 22 to leave McKenzie and cross into Henry County shortly afterwards and widen to 4-lane divided highway once again.

Henry County

US 79/SR 76 then immediately passes through the town of Henry, bypassing it while the old alignment through town is now named Pioneer Road. They then continue northeast to intersect SR 218 (Paris Bypass) before entering Paris to junction with US 641/SR 69, bypassing downtown to the southeast. They then intersect SR 356 before going through a business district before leaving Paris at another intersection with SR 218 (Paris Bypass). They then pass through countryside and intersect SR 140 south of Buchanan before entering Paris Landing State Park and junctioning with SR 119 before crossing the Ned McWherter Memorial Bridge over Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River into Stewart County.

Stewart County

US 79/SR 76 then enter the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area and intersect with SR 232 and several park access roads, including the SR 461 (The Trace), before narrowing to 2-lanes to enter Dover and leaving the park. In downtown they intersect with SR 49 before leaving Dover by crossing the Cumberland River as a 2-lane highway. It then widens back to 4-lanes 1 mile later and turns southeast at the intersection with SR 120. They then junction with SR 46 north of Indian Mound before crossing into Montgomery County.

Montgomery County

They then turn northeast again before passing through Woodlawn and intersecting with SR 233. US 79/SR 76 then widen to 5-lanes at the interchange with SR 374 and enters Clarksville. SR 76 and US 79 then merge with US 41A/SR 12 after passing through some neighborhoods and come to an intersection with US 41A Bypass/SR 13 just north of downtown, where US 79 breaks away from SR 76 to follow SR 13 north to Kentucky and SR 12 branches away to follow US 41A Bypass. US 41A/SR 76 continue south into downtown as a 2-lane road (as North 2nd Street) before turning east onto College Street (SR 48) before turning south again on University Avenue (SR 112, becomes concurrent with and is unsigned) before again turning east to follow Madison Street as they exit downtown and enter neighborhoods. They then curve to the southeast and pass by several businesses and have another junction with SR 374 before SR 76 breaks away from US 41A/SR 112, at another intersection with US 41A Bypass, and goes northeast, exiting Clarksville and switching cardinal directions from north-south to east-west. For four miles (6 km) past this junction, SR 76 widens to a four lane divided highway. It then has an interchange with I-24 (exit 11) in Sango and then funnels down to a two lane road. It then passes through Port Royal and junctions with SR 238 before crossing Sulphur Fork Creek into Robertson County.

This is a somewhat random picture of Tennessee State Route 76 in Clarksville, Tennessee. The stretch between US Route 41A and Interstate 24 (Exit 11) is a four-lane divided highway.

Robertson County

SR 76 continues northeast through farmland to enter Adams and come to an intersection with SR 256. The highway then turns left onto Church Street through downtown before coming to an intersection with US 41/SR 11. Here, while SR 76 turns east to become concurrent with US 41/SR 11, it becomes unsigned, and becomes a secondary highway. US 41/SR 11/SR 76 then leave Adams and goes south east and passes through Cedar Hill before entering Springfield and coming to an intersection with US 431/SR 65. US 41/SR 11/SR 76 turn south to become concurrent with US 431/SR 65 and enters downtown to come to another intersection with SR 49. SR 76 then leaves the concurrency to follow SR 49 east; leaving downtown and passes by a school before SR 76 breaks away from SR 49 just before leaving Springfield as it finally becoming signed once again. SR 76 goes through farmland before entering White House and having an interchange with I-65 (Exit 108) before entering downtown and having an intersection with SR 258. SR 76 then becomes concurrent with US 31W/SR 41, turning north, for approximately two-tenths of a mile before branching off to the east again.

Sumner County

At this point, SR 76 crosses in Sumner County and passes through some neighborhoods before leaving White House and going northeast through farmland once more. It continues northeast to intersect with SR 25 at a 4-way stop before passing through New Deal. SR 76 then comes to an end as a secondary highway at an intersection with SR 109 just south of downtown Portland.


Major intersections

FayetteMoscow0.00.0 SR 57 – Rossville, Grand JunctionSouthern Terminus; SR 76 begins as a primary highway
3 Bridges over North Fork Wolf River
SR 193 west (Macon Road) – Macon
Eastern terminus of SR 193
SR 195 west – Macon
Eastern terminus of SR 195; provides access to Fayette County Airport
US 64 (Fayette Street/SR 15) – Oakland, Whiteville
Bridge over the Loosahatchie River

SR 59 west – Braden, Mason
Eastern terminus of SR 59
SR 179 west (Dancyville Road) – Stanton
Southern end of SR 179 concurrency
Ko Ko
SR 179 east (Eurekaton Road) – Whiteville
Northern end of SR 179 concurrency
Stanton Koko Road to I-40 – Memphis, NashvilleI-40 exit 52
Hatchie National Wildlife RefugeBridge over Hatchie River
Brownsville I-40 – Memphis, NashvilleI-40 exit 56

US 70 west / US 79 south / SR 19 west (S Dupree Street/SR 1 west) – Nutbush, Stanton
Southern end of US 70/US 79/SR 1/SR 19 concurrency; SR 76 becomes unsigned

SR 19 east (Mercer Road) to I-40
Northern end of SR 19 concurrency

US 70 east (E Main Street/SR 1 east) / US 70A begins – Jackson
Eastern end of US 70/SR 1 concurrency; western terminus of US 70A; southern end of US 70A concurrency

SR 369 west (N Washington Street) – Downtown
Eastern terminus of SR 369
South Fork of the Forked Deer RiverBridge over South Fork of the Forked Deer River
SR 88 west (Main Street) – Alamo
Southern end of SR 88 concurrency

SR 88 east (Central Avenue)
Northern end of SR 88 concurrency
US 412 (SR 20) – Dyersburg, JacksonInterchange
SR 221 west – Alamo
Eastern terminus of SR 221
Middle Fork of the Forked Deer RiverBridge over Middle Fork of the Forked Deer River

US 70A Byp. east / US 79 Byp. north (SR 366 east)
Western terminus of US 70A Bypass and unsigned SR 366; southern terminus of US 79; interchange; bypass around the north side of downtown

US 45W Bus. north (N Central Avenue/SR 5 north)
Southern end of wrong-way US 45W Business/SR 5 concurrency

US 45W Bus. south (E Main Street/SR 5 south)
Northern end of wrong-way US 45W Business/SR 5 concurrency
SR 152 (E Mitchell Street) – Maury City, Medina

US 45W / US 70A Byp. west / US 79 Byp. south (Highway 45 Bypass/SR 366) – Trenton, Jackson
Eastern terminus of US 70A Bypass; Northern terminus of US 79 Bypass

SR 187 east – Milan
Western terminus of SR 187
Gibson SR 186 (Main Street) – Trenton, Three Way
Milan US 45E (S 1st Street/SR 43/SR 77 west/SR 104) – Bradford, Trenton, Jackson, LexingtonSouthern end of SR 77 concurrency

SR 425 west (Middle Road)
Eastern terminus of SR 425
SR 220 south (Church Street)
Northern terminus of SR 220

US 70A east (SR 77 east) – McLemoresville, Huntingdon
Northern end of US 70A/SR 77 concurrency
Trezevant SR 105 (Main Street) – Bradford, McLemoresville
Bridge over the South Fork of the Obion River
SR 436 south (Cherrywood Avenue) – McLemoresville
Northern terminus of SR 436
SR 124 (Cedar Street) – Downtown, Greenfield

SR 423 east (Shiloh Road)
Western terminus of SR 423
SR 22 – Gleason, Dresden, HuntingdonInterchange
HenryParis SR 218 (Highway 218 Bypass)Beltway around Paris
US 641 (Veterans Drive/Mineral Wells Avenue/SR 69) – Puryear, Downtown, Camden

SR 356 west (E Woods Street) – Downtown
Eastern terminus of SR 356

SR 218 south (Highway 218 Bypass)
Southern end of SR 218 concurrency; beltway around Paris

SR 218 north (Buchanan Road) – Buchanan
Northern end of SR 218 concurrency

SR 140 west – Buchanan, Puryear
Eastern terminus of SR 140
Paris Landing State Park
SR 119 north – Murray, KY
Southern terminus of SR 119
Kentucky Lake/Tennessee RiverNed McWherter Memorial Bridge over Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River
StewartLand Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
SR 232 south – McKinnon
Northern terminus of SR 232
SR 461 north (The Trace) – Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
Southern terminus of SR 461

SR 49 east (Spring Street) – Tennessee Ridge, Erin
Western terminus of SR 49
Bridge over Cumberland River
Big Rock
SR 120 north (Cadiz Road) – Bumpus Mills, Cadiz, KY
Southern terminus of SR 120

SR 46 south (Red Top Road) – Indian Mound, Cumberland City
Northern terminus of SR 46
SR 233 south (Lylewood Road) – Cumberland City
Northern terminus of SR 233
SR 374 east (Paul B. Huff Memorial Parkway)
Western terminus of SR 374; partial Beltway around Clarksville

US 41A north (Fort Campbell Boulevard/SR 12 north) to I-24 – Oak Grove, KY, Hopkinsville, KY
Southern end of wrong-way US 41A/SR 12 concurrency; provides access to Fort Campbell

US 41A Byp. south (N Riverside Drive/SR 12 south/SR 13 south) / US 79 north (Kraft Street/SR 13 north) / SR 112 begins
Northern end of US 79/SR 12 concurrency; northern terminus of US 41A Bypass; western terminus of unsigned SR 112; southern end of SR 112 concurrency

SR 48 south (College Street)
Southern end of SR 48 concurrency

SR 48 north (College Street) to SR 374 / I-24
Northern end of SR 48 concurrency

SR 374 west (Richview Road)
Eastern terminus of SR 374; partial beltway around Clarksville

US 41A Byp. north (Highway 41A Bypass) / US 41A south (Madison Street/SR 112 east) – Pleasant View, Ashland City
Southern terminus of US 41A Bypass; northern end of wrong-way US 41A/SR 112 concurrency; SR 76 becomes signed; SR 76 switches cardinal directions from north-south to east-west
Sango I-24 – Paducah, NashvilleI-24 exit 11
Port Royal
SR 238 north (Port Royal Road) – Guthrie, KY
Southern terminus of SR 238; provides access to Port Royal State Park
Sulphur Fork CreekBridge over Sulphur Fork Creek

SR 256 south (Cedar Hill Road) to I-24
Northern terminus of SR 256

US 41 north (SR 11 north) – Guthrie, KY
Western end of US 41/SR 11 concurrency; SR 76 becomes unsigned; SR 76 turns secondary
US 431 north (Memorial Boulevard/SR 65 north) – Adairville, KY
Western end of US 431/SR 65 concurrency

US 41 south / US 431 south (Memorial Boulevard/SR 11 south/SR 65 south) / SR 49 west (5th Avenue) – Greenbrier, Whites Creek, Pleasant Hill
Eastern end of US 41/US 431/SR 11/SR 65 concurrency; western end of SR 49 concurrency

SR 49 east (5th Avenue) – Orlinda
Eastern end of SR 49 concurrency; SR 76 becomes signed
White House I-65 – Nashville, LouisvilleI-65 exit 108

SR 258 south (Raymond Hirsch Parkway) to US 31W – Hendersonville
Northern terminus of SR 258
county line

US 31W south (SR 41 south) – Millersville, Goodlettsville
Western end of US 31W/SR 41 concurrency
county line

US 31W north (SR 41 north) – Franklin, KY
Eastern end of US 31W/SR 41 concurrency
Sumner SR 25 – Cross Plains, Gallatin
Portland231.44372.47 SR 109 – Gallatin, Downtown, MitchellvilleEastern terminus; SR 76 ends as a secondary highway
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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