Tennessee State Route 48

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State Route 48

TN 48; primary in red, secondary in blue
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length103.86 mi (167.15 km)
ExistedOctober 1, 1923[1]–present
Major junctions
South end SR 13 in rural northern Wayne County
Major intersections US 412 / SR 20 / SR 99 in Holenwald

I-40 Exit 163 in southern Dickson County
US 70 in Dickson

US 41A Byp. in Clarksville
US 41A / US 79 in Clarksville

I-24 north of Clarksville
North end KY 104 at the Tennessee-Kentucky State Line north of Clarksville
CountryUnited States
CountiesWayne, Perry, Lewis, Hickman, Dickson, Montgomery
Highway system
SR 47 SR 49

State Route 48 (SR 48) is a long north–south state highway in Middle Tennessee. It traverses six counties, and it is 103.86 miles (167.15 km) long.[2]

Route description

Wayne, Perry, and Lewis Counties

SR 48 begins as a primary state route in far northern Wayne County at a junction with SR 13. Then it travels through the southeastern corner of Perry County before entering Lewis County to intersect SR 20, and then U.S. Route 412 (US 412) and SR 99 in Hohenwald. After Hohenwald, SR 48 then goes due north to Hickman County.

Hickman County

SR 48 then runs concurrently with SR 100 near the Beaver Dam Creek Wildlife Management Area. It follows SR 100 to Centerville, where it intersects SR 50 and bridges the Duck River.

SR 48 becomes a secondary route after separating from SR 100 and intersects SR 230 at Nunnelly. It then traverses Pinewood, and then intersects the exit 163 interchange with Interstate 40 (I-40) not long after crossing into Dickson County.

Dickson County

It then enters the city of Dickson and intersects US 70 Business in downtown Dickson. SR 48 goes back to being a primary route and intersects with US 70/SR 1).

After exiting Dickson, SR 48 (as a primary highway) goes to intersect SR 49 in Charlotte, the Dickson County seat. SR 49 goes further north through Cumberland Furnace and then enters Montgomery County.

Montgomery County

It then enters Cunningham. When it reaches Cunningham, it runs concurrently with SR 13 from there to downtown Clarksville, where it intersects with SR 149 before crossing the Cumberland River to intersect US 41A Bypass/SR 12, and then US 41A/SR 12. After this point, SR 48 turns into a secondary state route for the remainder of its length. SR 48 runs concurrently with SR 13 again, but this time SR 13 is unsigned and US 79 is the main designation.

SR 48 splits from US 79 (Wilma Rudolph Boulevard) and then continues as Trenton Road. SR 48 (Trenton Road) then has an intersection with SR 374 (101st Airborne Parkway). SR 48 has two more intersections, one with SR 236, and then the exit 1 interchange on I-24 on the north side of Clarksville. Its northern terminus is at the Kentucky state line where the road enters Todd County, Kentucky and becomes Kentucky Route 104.

Major intersections

Wayne0.00.0 SR 13 (Waynesboro Highway) – Waynesboro, LindenSouthern terminus; SR 48 begins as a primary route
PerryNo major intersections

SR 20 east / SR 99 west (E 4th Avenue) to Natchez Trace Parkway – Summertown, Waynesboro
Southern end of SR 20/SR 99 concurrency

US 412 (Main Street/SR 20 west/SR 99 east) to Natchez Trace Parkway – Linden, Hampshire, Columbia
Northern end of SR 20/SR 99 concurrency
SR 100 west – Linden
Southern end of SR 100 concurrency
SR 50 east – Columbia
Southern end of SR 50 concurrency

SR 50 west to I-40 – Lobelville
Northern end of SR 50 concurrency
Bridge over Duck River

SR 100 east / SR 230 east – Lyles, Littlelot
Northern end of SR 100 concurrency; southern end of SR 230 concurrency; SR 48 becomes a secondary route

SR 230 west to I-40 – Waverly
Northern end of SR 230 concurrency
Dickson I-40 – Memphis, NashvilleI-40 exit 163
Bridge over West Piney River
Bridge over East Piney River
SR 47 north (E Walnut Street) – Burns
Southern terminus of SR 47

US 70 Bus. (College Street/SR 235)
US 70 / SR 46 (Henslee Drive/SR 1) – McEwen, White BluffInterchange; SR 48 becomes a primary route
SR 47 south (Charles Walton Speight Highway) – White Bluff
Northern terminus of SR 47

SR 49 east (Spring Street) – Ashland City
Southern end of SR 49 concurrency

SR 49 west (Van Leer Highway) – Vanleer
northern end of SR 49 concurrency
SR 13 south – Erin
Southern end of SR 13 concurrency

SR 149 west – Palmyra, Cumberland City, Erin
Eastern terminus of SR 149
Bridge over Cumberland River

US 41A Byp. south (Riverside Drive/SR 12 south)
Southern end of US 41A Bypass/SR 12 concurrency; bypass for US 41A around downtown

US 41A Byp. north (Riverside Drive/SR 12 north/SR 13 north)
Northern end of US 41A Bypass/SR 12/SR 13 concurrency; bypass for US 41A around downtown; SR 48 becomes a secondary route

US 41A north (N 2nd Street/SR 76 south/SR 112 west) – Oak Grove, KY, Hopkinsville, KY
Southern end of US 41A/SR 76/SR 112 wrong-way concurrency; provides access to Fort Campbell

US 41A south (University Avenue/SR 76 north/SR 112 east) – Pleasant View
Northern end of US 41A/SR 76/SR 112 wrong-way concurrency

US 79 south (Kraft Street/SR 13 south) – Dover
Southern end of US 79/SR 13 concurrency
Bridge over Red River
Dunbar Cave Road - Dunbar Cave State Park

US 79 north (Wilma Rudolph Boulevard/SR 13 north) to I-24 – Guthrie, KY, Russellville, KY
Northern end of US 79/SR 13 concurrency
SR 374 (101st Airborne Division Parkway)Partial beltway around Clarksville

SR 236 west (Tiny Town Road)
Eastern terminus of SR 236
I-24 – Paducah, NashvilleI-24 exit 1
KY 104 north (Clarksville Road) – Trenton, Elkton
Kentucky state line; northern terminus; SR 48 ends as a secondary route
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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