List of former Quebec provincial highways

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Former Quebec provincial highways
QC-1 (1952).svg QC-17 (1952).svg QC-108 (1952).svg
Highway markers for Routes 1, 17, and 108.
System information
Maintained by Transports Québec
NotesDecommissioned in 1972.
Highway names
ProvincialQuebec Route XX (Route XX)
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All Routes under 100 were renumbered in the 1970s. Some are now Routes in the 100-range; others became Autoroutes. Autoroutes are numbered under 100 and above 400, and the conflicting range was changed.[1][2][3]


Prior to the early the 1970s, Quebec's provincial routes were numbered from 1-108. With the development and subsequent expansion of the Autoroute system, as well as an effort to simplify route connections and reduce motorist confusion.[4] First proposed in 1966 with the intent of being implemented for Expo 67,[4] the changes did not occur until the early 1970s. As part of the renumbering, the present blue Autoroute and green Provincial highway shields were introduced.

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