Quebec Route 148

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Route 148

Route information
Maintained by Transports Québec
Length318 km[1] (198 mi)
History Route 8
Major junctions
West end Highway 148 at Ontario Border (near Pembroke, ON)
Major intersections A-5 / A-50 / R-105 in Gatineau
A-50 in Brownsburg-Chatham
R-158 in Lachute
A-50 / R-158 in Mirabel
A-640 in Saint-Eustache
East end A-440 in Laval
Highway system
R-147 R-153

Route 148 is an east-west highway in Quebec, Canada. It runs from junction of Autoroute 13 and Autoroute 440 in Laval in the Montreal region to the Ontario-Quebec border in L'Isle-aux-Allumettes in western Quebec. For most of its length, Route 148 follows the north shore of the Ottawa River where it acted as the principal route between communities in the Outaouais region until the completion of Autoroute 50 in 2012. At the Ontario-Quebec border in L'Isle-aux-Allumettes Route 148 continues into Ontario as Highway 148.

In Gatineau, Route 148 is concurrent with Autoroute 50 from Maloney Boulevard until the terminus of Autoroute 50 at des Allumettières Boulevard. Route 148 then continues west on des Allumettières Boulevard towards Aylmer. Prior to the opening of des Allumettières Boulevard in 2007, Route 148 was concurrent with Autoroute 5 between the Autoroute 50 junction and Saint-Raymond Boulevard.

The section of Route 148 between Lachute and Buckingham was the only major route on the north shore of the Ottawa River between communities in the eastern Outaouais region and Gatineau and Montreal. This section, especially the section between Masson-Angers and Montebello, has been the site of numerous fatal accidents over the last few years. Construction of Autoroute 50 to the north of Route 148 was completed on November 26, 2012, and now provides a faster and safer route between communities in the eastern Outaouais region and Gatineau and Mirabel.

For many years Route 148 included a section of Rue Principale west of A-13 and most of Boulevard Saint-Martin in Laval.[2]

Municipalities along Route 148

Municipalities listed in order from west to east:

Major intersections

Rivière des Outaouais
(Ottawa River)
Highway 148 west – PembrokeContinuation into Ontario
Pont Des Allumettes (Allumettes Bridge)
(via Île Morrison)
Pontiac16.910.5Crosses Chenal de la Culbute
Campbell's Bay54.387.4 R-301 north – Otter Lake, KazabazuaWest end of R-301 concurrency
Litchfield64.4103.6 R-301 south – Portage-du-FortEast end of R-301 concurrency
Shawville74.4119.7 R-303 south – Portage-du-FortEast end of R-303 concurrency
75.8122.0 R-303 north – Ladysmith, Otter LakeWest end of R-303 concurrency
Les Collines-de-l'OutaouaisQuyon98.7158.8 Chemin du Lac-des-Loups – Lac-des-Loups, QuyonFerry connection to Ottawa (to Ottawa City Road 7 (Ferry Road))
Gatineau137.3221.0Chemin Eardley / Boulevard des AllumettièresR-148 follows Boulevard des Allumettières
146.6235.9Boulevard Saint-RaymondInterchange
147.7237.7Promenade de la GatineauInterchange
148.1238.3Promenade du Lac-des-FéesInterchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
148.4238.8Rue LabelleRoundabout
148.8239.5Rue DemontignyRoundabout
149.0239.8 Boulevard Saint-Joseph (R-105 north)Roundabout
149.4240.4134 A-50 west (Autoroute Guy-Lafleur)
Boulevard des Allumettières – Pont Alexandra, Ottawa
West end of A-50 concurrency; exit numbers follow A-50; no access to A-50 west from R-148 east
135 A-5 – Centre-Ville, Ottawa, ManiwakiA-5 exit 2; no westbound entrance
152.494.7Pont des Draveurs (Draveurs Bridge) crosses the Gatineau River
152.6245.6138 Rue Saint-Louis (R-307)
153.5247.0139 A-50 west (Autoroute Guy-Lafleur) – MontréalEastbound exit and westbound entrance; east end of A-50 concurrency; R-148 follows Boulevard Maloney
155.1249.6Boulevard Gréber
163.1262.5 Boulevard Lorrain (R-366 north) to A-50
179.0288.1 R-315 north (Chemin de Masson) to A-50 – Montréal
43.069.2 Chemin du QuaiFerry connection to Cumberland (to Ottawa City Road 35)
PapineauThurso194.4312.9 Rue GalipeauFerry connection to Rockland (to Prescott and Russell County Road 8)
195.3314.3 R-317 north to A-50 – Ripon, Montpellier
Papineauville212.6342.1 R-321 north to A-50 – Saint-André-Avellin
Montebello219.6353.4 R-323 north to A-50 – Lac-des-Plages, Mont-Tremblant
ArgenteuilGrenville-sur-la-Rouge249.3401.2 R-344 to A-50 – Grenville, Hawkesbury
Brownsburg-Chatham265.0426.5 A-50 – Gatineau, MontréalA-50 exit 254
Lachute270.4435.2 R-327 north (Avenue de la Providence) – Brownsburg-Chatham, Mont-TremblantWest end of R-327 concurrency
270.6435.5 R-327 south (Avenue d'Argenteuil) – Saint-Andre-d'ArgenteuilEast end of R-327 concurrency
271.2436.5 R-158 begins
To A-50 / Avenue Bethany
R-158 western terminus; west end of R-158 concurrency
273.3439.8 R-329 south – Saint-HermasWest end of R-329 concurrency
274.2441.3 R-329 north – Gore, Morin-HeightsEast end of R-329 concurrency
Mirabel283.1455.6 R-158 east – Saint-JérômeEast end of R-158 concurrency
283.9456.9 A-50 – Gatineau, MontréalA-50 exit 272
Deux-MontagnesSaint-Eustache310.2499.2 A-640 – Oka, RepentignyA-640 exit 11
312.4502.8 R-344 (Chemin de la Grande-Côte / Rue Saint-Louis)
Rivière des Mille Îles312.5–
Pont Arthur-Sauvé (Arthur Sauvé Bridge)
Laval315.8508.2Boulevard Arthur-Sauvé / Avenue des BoisR-148 follows Avenue des Bois
316.5509.4Rue PrincipaleFormer R-148 alignment
318.9513.2 A-440 east / Montée ChampagneR-148 eastern terminus; A-440 western terminus; continues as A-440
Former alignment via Rue Principale and Boulevard Saint-Marin[2]
322.6519.2 A-13 – Saint-Eustache, MontréalInterchange; A-13 exit 12
325.8524.3 Boulevard Curé-Labelle (R-117)
327.9527.7 A-15 (TCH) – Saint-Jérôme, MontréalInterchange; A-15 exit 8
331.2533.0 Boulevard des Laurentides (R-335)
333.1536.1 A-19 to R-335 – Bois-des-Filion, MontréalInterchange; A-19 exit 7
325.8524.3 R-125 (Boulevard Pie-IX) / Boulevard VanierInterchange; former R-148 eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Rte. 148 through Lochaber.
Route 148 as seen from the roadside rest stop in Litchfield.
View on Route 148 east bound during snowstorm in Mirabel.
Western terminus, under construction, on Allumette Island

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