Quebec Route 112

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Route 112

Route information
Maintained by Transports Québec
Length319.0 km[1] (198.2 mi)
History Route 1 (Saint-HubertVallée-Jonction)
Major junctions
West end R-138 in Montreal
Major intersections A-20 / R-132 in Saint-Lambert
A-30 / R-116 / R-134 in Longueuil
R-133 in Richelieu
R-137 / R-139 in Granby
A-10 / A-55 / R-108 / R-141 in Magog
A-10 / A-55 in Sherbrooke
A-410 / A-610 / R-143 in Sherbrooke
R-161 in Weedon and Beaulac-Garthby
R-165 in Thetford Mines
R-173 in Vallée-Jonction
A-73 in Saints-Anges
East end R-275 in Frampton
Highway system
R-111 R-113

Route 112 is a busy east–west highway on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. Its eastern terminus is in Frampton at the junction of Route 275, and the western terminus is in Downtown Montreal (at the corner of Peel Street and Sherbrooke Street), after crossing the Victoria Bridge. The stretch between Vallée-Jonction and Sherbrooke is a very busy highway as it is the main link between the southern regions of Quebec, in particular the Beauce region and the Eastern Townships. Between Sherbrooke and Marieville there is less traffic, since Autoroute 10 is in close proximity to the highway. From Marieville to Montreal it is a very busy highway, in most parts a four-lane separated highway, upgraded to freeway standards in certain places.

Municipalities along Route 112

Route 112 near Magog, Québec
Route 112 near Thetford Mines

Major intersections

MontrealMontreal0.00.0 Rue Sherbrooke (R-138) / Rue PeelR-112 western terminus and follows Rue Peel; R-112 is unsigned
0.60.97Boulevard René-Lévesque
0.91.4 To R-136 west / Rue Saint-Antoine
1.82.9Rue Wellington / Rue PeelR-112 follows Rue Wellington; to A-10 east
2.21.4Crosses Canal de Lachine
2.54.0Rue Bridge / Rue WellingtonR-112 follows Rue Bridge
St. Lawrence River3.8–
Pont Victoria (Victoria Bridge)
LongueuilSaint-Lambert6.410.3 R-132 / A-20 – Varennes, La Prairie, U.S.A.A-20 exit 78; R-112 is signed east of A-20 / R-132
7.512.1Avenue Victoria
Longueuil8.814.21 R-134 (Boulevard Taschereau) / R-116 begins – La Prairie, Pont Champlain, Pont Jacques-CartierInterchange; R-116 western terminus; west end of R-116 concurrency; exit numbers follow R-116
2Boulevard ÉdouardInterchange
13.321.44 Chemin de Chambly / Boulevard Cousineau – Saint-Hubert Airport
R-116 east (Boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier) – Beloeil, Saint-Hyacinthe
Interchange; east end of R-116 concurrency; R-112 follows Boulevard Cousineau
18.229.3 A-30 – Sorel-Tracy, Vaudreuil-DorionA-30 exit 73
La Vallée-du-RichelieuCarignan24.839.9 R-223 north – BeloeilWest end of R-223 concurrency
Chambly27.143.6Boulevard FréchetteTo A-35
29.547.5 R-223 south – Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuInterchange; east end of R-223 concurrency
RouvilleRichelieu30.649.2 R-133 to A-10 – Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Marieville37.059.5 R-227 to A-10 – Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Marieville Centre-Ville, Mont-Saint-Grégoire
Rougemont43.770.3 R-229 north – Rougemont, Saint-Jean-Baptiste
46.574.8 R-231 north – Saint-Damase, Saint-Hyacinthe
Saint-Césaire51.282.4 R-233 to A-10 – Sainte-Brigide-d'Iberville, Farnham, Saint-Hyacinthe
Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford58.393.8 R-235 to A-10 – Ange-Gardien, Saint-Pie
La Haute-YamaskaGranby68.9110.9 R-137 north – Sainte-Cecile-de-Milton, Saint-Hyacinthe
71.0114.3 R-139 to A-10 – Roxton Pond, CowansvilleInterchange under construction
Waterloo93.3150.2 R-241 north / R-243 north – Roxton Falls, ValcourtWest end of R-241 / R-243 concurrency
94.2151.6 R-241 south – Bromont, CowansvilleEast end of R-241 concurrency
Shefford96.0154.5 R-243 south to A-10 – Lac-BromeEast end of R-243 concurrency
MemphrémagogSaint-Étienne-de-Bolton106.7171.7 To A-10 – Saint-Étienne-de-BoltonA-10 exit 100
Eastman112.0180.2 R-245 south to A-10 – Bolton-Est, Mansonville
R-141 south – Orford
A-10 – Sherbrooke, Montreal
A-10 exit 115; R-141 signed as south but heads north (circular route)
126.7203.9 R-141 (Rue Merry) to R-247
127.4205.0 R-108 east (Rue Princeipale) – Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley
130.7210.3 A-55 to A-10 – Sherbrooke, Montreal, StansteadA-55 exit 33
132.8213.7 A-10 west / A-55 south – Montreal, StansteadA-10 exit 123; no eastbound exit to A-10 west / A-55 south; west end of A-10 / A-55 concurrency; R-112 follows A-10 / A-55 service roads
Sherbrooke133.8215.3 R-249 north – Saint-Denis-de-BromptonA-10 exit 123
137.0220.5 A-10 east / A-55 north – Sherbrooke, DrummondvilleA-10 exit 128; east end of A-10 / A-55 concurrency
148.0238.2 A-410 to A-10 / A-55 – Montreal, Drummondville, Cookshire-EatonA-410 exit 4
150.6242.4Boulevard Jacques-CartierAccess to Université de Sherbrooke and R-216 south
153.8247.5 Rue des Grandes-Fourches (R-143)
12e Avenue / 13e Avenue (R-216)One-way pair
160.4258.1 A-610 to A-10 / A-55 – Montreal, DrummondvilleRoundabout; A-610 eastern terminus
Le Haut-Saint-FrançoisEast Angus172.7277.9 R-214 east / R-253 south – East Angus, Cookshire, Lac-Mégantic
175.4282.3Rue Saint-JeanPartially grade-separated
Dudswell188.1302.7 R-255 – Asbestos, Bishopton
Weedon204.9329.8 R-257 south – Gould, FontainebleauWest end of R-257 concurrency
205.9331.4 R-257 north – Ham-SudEast end of R-257 concurrency
213.0342.8 R-161 south – Lac-MéganticWest end of R-161 concurrency
Les AppalachesBeaulac-Garthby220.4354.7 R-161 north – VictoriavilleEast end of R-161 concurrency
Disraeli230.2370.5 R-263 north – Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur-de-Wolfestown, Saint-FortunatWest end of R-263 concurrency
231.1371.9 R-263 south – Sainte-Praxède, Lambton, Grand lac Saint FrançoisEast end of R-263 concurrency
Thetford Mines251.0403.9 R-165 north (Rue Saint-Désiré) – Saint-Ferdinand, Plessisville
258.8416.5 R-267 (Rue Saint-Alphonse) – Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf, Centre-Ville, Adstock
266.2428.4 R-269 north (Rue Poirier) – Pontbriand, Saint-AgapitWest end of R-269 concurrency
267.8431.0 R-269 south (Rue Saint-Georges) – AdstockEast end of R-269 concurrency
Thetford MinesSaint-Pierre-de-Broughton boundary273.8440.6 R-271 north – Saint-Pierre-de-Broughton, Saint-Jacques-de-LeedsWest end of R-271 concurrency
Sacré-Cœur-de-Jésus278.5448.2 R-271 south – Sainte-Clotilde-de-Beauce, Saint-Éphrem-de-BeauceEast end of R-271 concurrency
Beauce-CentreSaint-Frédéric295.7475.9 R-276 east – Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce
La Nouvelle-BeauceVallée-Jonction305.5491.7 R-173 south (Rue Principale) – Saint-GeorgesWest end of R-173 concurrency
305.8492.1 R-173 north – LévisEast end of R-173 concurrency
Vallée-JonctionSaints-Anges line308.4496.3 A-73 – Québec, Saint-GeorgesA-73 exit 81
Frampton319.7514.5 R-275 – Saint-Malachie, Sainte-Marguerite, Saint-Odilon-de-CranbourneR-112 eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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