Quebec Route 117

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Route 117

Route Transcanadienne
Route information
Maintained by Transports Québec
Length663.9 km[1] (412.5 mi)
History Route 11 (LavalGrand-Remous)
Route 11A (MontrealLaval)
Route 58 (Grand-RemousLouvicourt)
Route 59 (LouvicourtOntario border)
Major junctions
South end A-15 / A-40 (TCH) in Montreal
Major intersections A-440 in Laval
A-15 (TCH) in Laval
A-640 in Rosemère
A-50 in Mirabel
R-158 in Saint-Jérôme
A-15 (TCH) in Sainte-Adèle
A-15 (TCH) in Val-Morin
A-15 (TCH) in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
R-107 in Mont-Laurier
R-105 in Grand-Remous
R-111 / R-113 in Val-d'Or
R-109 in Rivière-Héva
R-101 in Rouyn-Noranda
North end Highway 66 / TCH near McGarry, ON
Highway system
R-116 R-122
Route 117 at La Conception

Route 117, the Trans Canada Highway Northern Route, is a provincial highway within the Canadian province of Quebec, running between Montreal and the Quebec/Ontario border where it continues as Highway 66 east of McGarry, ON. It is an important road since it is the only direct route between southern Quebec and the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region.

Route 117 was formerly Route 11 and ran from Montreal north towards Mont-Laurier and then followed the Gatineau River south towards Gatineau. This routing is joined with Autoroute 15 from Montreal northwards towards Mont Tremblant. Route 117 also takes in the former Quebec Routes 58 and 59.

Along with Autoroute 15 to Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, it is also listed as a branch of the Trans-Canada Highway. Ontario Highway 17 is also a branch of the Trans-Canada Highway but is an unrelated route that parallels it by about 200 km (120 mi).

Route description

This description of Route 117 follows it from southeast to northwest.

Route 117 starts in Montreal at the Decarie Interchange where Autoroute 40 and Autoroute 15 (Decarie Expressway) meet.

117 Fin/End sign at the end of Marcel Laurin Blvd. in Montreal, Québec

From the Decarie Interchange, Route 117 goes north on Marcel-Laurin Boulevard to Keller Boulevard. It continues from Laurentian Boulevard to Keller Boulevard, southbound only, or on Lachapelle Street from Keller Boulevard, northbound only, and crosses the Rivière des Prairies over the Lachapelle Bridge to Île Jésus. It continues through the Laval neighborhoods of Chomedey, Fabreville and Sainte-Rose, northbound as Boulevard Curé-Labelle, Boulevard Chomedey at the former Chenoy's deli, left turn at Boulevard Cartier and back into Boulevard Curé-Labelle, southbound as Boulevard Curé-Labelle.

At the Rivière des Mille Îles, it crosses over the Marius Dufresne Bridge to the "North Shore" (of the Rivière des Mille Îles). Then, Route 117 runs parallel to Autoroute 15 until Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts and goes through the Laurentian mountains. Towns along the route in this section include:

After Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Route 117 continues as a four-lane divided highway and winds its way through Laurentides Regional County Municipality until it reaches the town of Labelle. From then on to the Ontario border, Route 117 is mostly a standard two-lane highway. In Grand-Remous, Route 117 crosses the Gatineau River and intersects with Route 105, which goes southwest to Maniwaki and Gatineau. Towns along the route in this section include:

Highway 117 at the Dozois Reservoir

From Grand-Remous, the route heads north for some 220 km (140 mi) through undeveloped wilderness, most of which is part of La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve. While the reserve is popular for a variety of outdoor activities, services along the road are sparse. This section is often considered one of the most dangerous routes in the province because of numerous fatal accidents, some involving tractor-trailers. During the winter, the route is often extremely slippery, even during dry and clear days. The few communities along this section are:

After the intersection with Route 113, which continues north to Lebel-sur-Quévillon, Route 117 heads west to Ontario where it becomes Highway 66. The section between Rouyn-Noranda and Arntfield runs concurrent with Route 101. Towns along the route in this section include:

Major intersections

MontréalMontréal0.00.0 A-15 (Autoroute Décarie) / A-40 (TCH) (Autoroute Félix-Leclerc / Autoroute Métropolitaine) to A-520 – P.-E.-Trudeau International Airport, Ottawa/Gatineau, Laval, QuebecDécarie Interchange
A-15 exit 70; A-40 exit 66; R-117 follows Boulevard Marcel-Laurin
Boulevard DécarieNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
2.03.2Boulevard Côte-Vertu
4.16.6Boulevard Henri BourassaBecomes Boulevard Laurentien north of intersection
4.67.4Boulevard KellerSouth end of one-way pair; northbound follows Rue Lachapelle; southbound follows Boulevard Laurentien
5.69.0Boulevard Gouin
5.99.5One way transitionNorth end of one-way pair
Rivière des Prairies6.0–
Lachapelle Bridge
Laval7.011.3Chomedey Boulevard / Cartier Boulevard
9.815.8Boulevard Saint-MartinFormer R-148
11.718.8 A-440 (Autoroute Jean-Noël-Lavoie)A-440 exit 19
14.523.3 A-15 (TCH) (Autoroute des Laurentides) – Saint-Jérôme, MontréalA-15 exit 14
Rivière des Mille Îles17.6–
Marius Dufresne Bridge
Thérèse-De BlainvilleRosemère19.130.7 R-344 (Chemin de la Grande-Côte)
RosemèreSainte-Thérèse line20.833.5 A-640 – Repentigny, Saint-EustacheA-640 exit 22
Mirabel35.657.3 A-50 west to A-15 – Mirabel International Airport, Lachute, GatineauA-50 eastern terminus; at-grade
La Rivière-du-NordSaint-Jérôme40.565.2 R-158 (Boulevard Lachapelle) to A-15
46.074.0 R-333 north (Boulevard des Hauteurs) – Saint-HippolyteR-333 southern terminus
46.574.846 To A-15 – MontrealInterchange; R-117 south uses exit 46
Les Pays-d'en-HautSainte-Anne-des-Lacs57.993.2 To A-15 / Chemin de Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs – Sainte-Anne-des-LacsA-15 exit 57
Sainte-Adèle63.8102.7 To A-15 / Chemin du Mont-GabrielA-15 exit 64
A-15 (TCH) south – MontrealNorthbound entrance and southbound exit; northbound exit and southbound entrance from A-15; A-15 exit 67
68.2109.8 R-370 east (Chemin Pierre-Péladeau) to A-15 north / Rue MorinR-370 western terminus
70.1112.8 A-15 (TCH) south – MontrealEntrance only to A-15 south
Les LaurentidesVal-Morin75.5121.5 A-15 (TCH) south – MontrealNo northbound exit; northbound exit and southbound entrance from A-15; A-15 exit 76
A-15 (TCH) / Chemin de la Montagne / Chemin de la Rivière – Montreal, Mont TremblantA-15 exit 86
86.2138.7 R-329 south (Rue Principale) / Rue Desjardins / Rue Raymond – Centre-Ville, Saint-Adolphe-d'HowardRoundabout; south end of R-329 concurrency
89 A-15 (TCH) south / R-329 north – Saint-Donat, Sainte-Adèle, MontrealA-15 northern terminus; north end of R-329 concurrency; south end of Trans-Canada Highway; R-117 south uses exit 89
Mont-Blanc107.1172.4107Rue PrincipaleInterchange
Mont-Tremblant113.6182.8Rue Siméon – Centre-VilleRoundabout
114.7184.6Rue Vaillancourt – Centre-VilleRoundabout
116.3187.2116 R-327 (Rue Léonard) – Huberdeau, LachuteInterchange
117 R-323 south (Chemin de Brébeuf) – Montebello, BrébeufInterchange; R-323 northern terminus
119Montée RyanInterchange
La Conception126.3203.3126Route des TulipesInterchange
Labelle139.7224.8140Boulevard du Curé-LabelleInterchange
142.4229.2143Chemin Augustin-LauzonInterchange
144.8233.0145Boulevard du Curé-LabelleNorthbound exit and entrance
146.0235.0Chemin de La Minerve / Boulevard du Curé-LabelleRoundabout under construction
Antoine-LabelleRivière-Rouge160.0257.5Chemin Deslauriers / Rue L'Annonciation SudRoundabout
162.1260.9162 La Macaza – Mont Tremblant International Airport, Rivière-Rouge Centre-Ville, La MacazaInterchange
162.1260.9 R-321 – Nominingue, L'AscensionRoundabout
Lac-des-Écorces209.8337.6 R-311 north – Chute-Saint-Philippe, Mont-Saint-MichelSouth end of R-311 concurrency
210.2338.3 R-311 south – Val-Barrette, KiamikaNorth end of R-311 concurrency
Mont-Laurier222.9358.7 R-309 – Gatineau, Ferme-Neuve
240.0386.2 R-107 south – AumondR-107 northern terminus
La Vallée-de-la-GatineauGrand-Remous257.3414.1 R-105 south – Maniwaki, GatineauR-105 northern terminus
La Vallée-de-l'OrVal-d'Or429.8691.7 R-113 north – Senneterre, Lebel-sur-QuévillonR-113 southern terminus
508.3818.03e Avenue / Rue Saint-Jacques – Centre-VilleRoundabout
510.7821.9 R-397 north (Boulevard Jean-Jacques-Cossette) – Centre-Ville, BarrauteRoundabout; R-397 southern terminus
511.7823.5Rue de l'HydroRoundabout
513.6826.6 R-111 north / Chemin Sullivan – TerrebonneRoundabout; R-111 southern terminus
516.5831.23e Avenue / Boulevard BarretteRoundabout
Malartic540.3869.5Rue de l'Accueil / Chemin du Camping-RégionalRoundabout
Rivière-Héva555.4893.8 R-109 north – AmosR-109 southern terminus
Rouyn-Noranda572.5921.3 R-395 north – PreissacR-395 southern terminus
614.5988.9Avenue Larivière – Rouyn-Noranda Centre-VilleRoundabout; former R-117 alignment
622.11,001.2 R-101 north – D'Alembert, D'AlembertRoundabout; south end of R-101 concurrency
625.61,006.8Boulevard Rideaux – Rouyn-Noranda Centre-VilleFormer R-117 alignment
627.21,009.4Avenue Davy / Rue ManthaRoundabout
644.51,037.2 R-101 south – Ville-MarieNorth end of R-101 concurrency
663.91,068.4 Highway 66 west / TCH – Kirkland LakeContinuation into Ontario
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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