Quebec Route 143

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Route 143

Route information
Maintained by Transports Québec
Length165.8 km[1] (103.0 mi)
Major junctions
South end US 5 in Derby Line, Vermont
Major intersections R-247 in Stanstead
A-55 / R-141 in
R-208 in Hatley
R-108 / R-147 in Lennoxville (Sherbrooke)
A-10 / R-112 / R-216 in Sherbrooke
R-222 in Bromptonville (Sherbrooke)
R-249 in Windsor
R-116 / R-243 in Richmond
R-139 in Saint-Nicéphore (Drummondville)
A-20 (TCH) / A-55 / R-122 in Drummondville
R-224 in Saint-Bonaventure
North end R-132 in Saint-François-du-Lac
Highway system
R-141 R-147

Route 143 is a north/south highway on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River. Until the mid-1970s when the province decided to renumber all highways other than autoroutes, it was known as Route/Highway 5. Its northern terminus is in Saint-François-du-Lac, at the junction of Route 132, and the southern terminus is in Stanstead, at the border with Vermont where the road continues past the Derby Line–Stanstead Border Crossing as U.S. Route 5 through Derby Line to New Haven, Connecticut.

Since Autoroute 55 closely parallels Route 143 for most of its length, much commercial traffic chooses the former. However, it is a very busy route and takes much traffic from the border to the Sherbrooke local area. Route 143 closely follows the Saint-François River between Sherbrooke and Ulverton.

The road is often in notoriously poor condition, since its original cement was laid directly on a gravel road in the mid-1920s. It has been extensively resurfaced to the point the pavement is now more than three feet thick in places, but it heaves extensively at every spring thaw.

Municipalities along Route 143

Major intersections

RCM or ET Municipality Km Junction Notes
Southern terminus of Route 143
Memphrémagog Stanstead 0.0
US 5 south
5 SOUTH: to Derby Line, Vermont
R-247 247 NORTH: to Ogden
247 SOUTH: to A-55
A-55 55 SOUTH: to I-91 in Derby Line, Vermont
55 NORTH: to Stanstead-East
Stanstead-East 17.6 R-141 141 NORTH: to Ayer's Cliff
141 SOUTH: to Barnston-Ouest
Hatley 22.0 R-208 (Overlap 0.6 km) 208 WEST: to Ayer's Cliff
208 EAST: to Compton
Coaticook Waterville 36.2 Rue Gosselin EAST: to Waterville
40.8 R-108 (Overlap 6.0 km) 108 WEST: to Hatley Township
44.1 R-147 147 SOUTH: to Compton
Sherbrooke Lennoxville 46.8 R-108 (Overlap 6.0 km) 108 EAST: to Eaton
Sherbrooke 50.8 R-216 216 WEST: to Magog
216 EAST: to Stoke
51.9 R-112 112 WEST: to Rock Forest (Sherbrooke)
112 EAST: to Fleurimont (Sherbrooke)
Bromptonville 58.3 R-222 (East end) 222 WEST: to Saint-Denis-de-Brompton
61.8 Rue Laval WEST: to A-55
Le Val-Saint-François Windsor 74.7 R-249 249 SOUTH: to Saint-François-Xavier-de-Brompton
249 NORTH: to Val-Joli
Richmond 90.2 R-116 (Overlap 1.9 km) 116 EAST: to Cleveland
91.3 R-243 (Overlap 1.1 km) 243 NORTH: to Saint-Félix-de-Kingsey
92.1 R-116 (Overlap 1.9 km) 116 WEST: to Durham-Sud
92.4 R-243 (Overlap 1.1 km) 243 SOUTH: to Melbourne
Drummond Saint-Nicéphore 120.6 R-139 (North end) 139 SOUTH: to Wickham
Drummondville 129.2
R-122 (Overlap 0.3 km) 122 EAST: to Saint-Charles-de-Drummond (Drummondville)
122 WEST: to Saint-Germain-de-Grantham (Drummondville)
A-20 (TCH) 20 EAST: to Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover
20 WEST: to Saint-Eugène
Saint-Bonaventure 148.8 R-224 (East end) 224 WEST: to Saint-Guillaume
Nicolet-Yamaska Saint-François-du-Lac 165.8 R-132 132 WEST: to Saint-Gérard-Majella
132 EAST: to Pierreville
Northern terminus of Route 143

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