Quebec Route 173

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Route 173

Route information
Maintained by Transports Québec
Length142.4 km[1] (88.5 mi)
History Route 23 (U.S. borderLévis)
Route 1 (Vallée-JonctionSaint-Maxime)
Route 28 (BeaucevilleLévis)
Major junctions
South end US 201 / SR 6 at Sandy Bay Township, Maine, US
Major intersections R-204 to A-73 in Saint-Georges
R-108 in Beauceville
R-112 in Vallée-Jonction
A-73 / R-171 in Scott
A-20 (TCH) in Lévis
North end R-132 in Lévis
Major citiesLévis, Saint-Georges, Sainte-Marie, Vallée-Jonction, Beauceville
Highway system
R-172 R-175

Route 173 (Route-du-Président-Kennedy) is a major north/south highway on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. It is named after John F. Kennedy. Its southern terminus is at the Armstrong-Jackman Border Crossing in Saint-Théophile in the hamlet of Armstrong, at the border with Maine (U.S. Route 201 / Maine SR 6), and its northern terminus is in Lévis at the junction of Route 132. Route 173 follows the Chaudière River for most of its course, from Saint-Georges, down to Scott, where the route takes a more northeastern route towards Lévis, crossing the Etchemin River in the municipality of Saint-Henri-de-Lévis.

Municipalities along Route 173

Quebec Route 173 in Pintendre

Major intersections


US 201 south / SR 6 east – Sandy Bay, Skowhegan
Continuation into Maine
Armstrong–Jackman Border Crossing
17.027.4 R-269 west – Saint-Théophile, Saint-Martin
Saint-Côme–Linière31.350.4 R-275 north – Saint-Zacharie
Saint-Georges43.369.7 R-204 west – Saint-MartinSouth end of R-204 concurrency
46.574.8 R-271 north – Saint-Benoît-Labre
47.676.6 R-204 east to A-73 north – Saint-Prosper, QuébecNorth end of R-204 concurrency; to A-73 southern terminus
Beauce-CentreBeauceville62.4100.4 R-108 west – Saint-Victor
Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce74.3119.6 R-276 west (Avenue du Palais) – Saint-FrédéricSouth end of R-276 concurrency
76.7123.4 R-276 east to A-73 – Lac-EtcheminNorth end of R-276 concurrency
La Nouvelle-BeauceVallée-Jonction85.6137.8 R-112 west – Thetford MinesSouth end of R-112 concurrency
85.9138.2 R-112 east to A-73 – Saints-Anges, QuébecNorth end of R-112 concurrency
Sainte-Marie95.9154.3 R-216 west – Saint-ElzéarSouth end of R-216 concurrency
97.5156.9 R-216 east – Sainte-MargueriteNorth end of R-216 concurrency
Scott105.2169.3 R-171 north – Saint-Bernard, Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon
106.1170.8 A-73 – Québec, Saint-GeorgesA-73 exit 101
Route CarrierTo R-175 north
Saint-Isidore114.5184.3 R-275 south – Sainte-HénédineSouth end of R-275 concurrency
Saint-Henri124.4200.2 R-218 west – Saint-Lambert-de-LauzonSouth end of R-218 concurrency
124.8200.8 R-275 north – Lévis (Saint-Jean-Chrysostome)North end of R-275 concurrency
127.9205.8 R-218 east – Saint-AnselmeNorth end of R-218 concurrency
128.9207.4 R-277 south – Saint-AnselmeRoundabout
A-20 (TCH) – Québec, Rivière-du-LoupA-73 exit 101
Boulevard Alphonse-DesjardinsTo Lévis–Québec ferry
142.4229.2 R-132 (Boulevard Guillaume-Couture)R-173 northern terminus
143.0230.1Rue Saint-GeorgesRoute-du-Président-Kennedy northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Closed/former
  •       Concurrency terminus

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