Quebec Route 116

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Route 116

Boulevard Sir Wilfrid-Laurier
Route information
Maintained by Transports Québec
Length267.3 km[1] (166.1 mi)
History Route 5 (RichmondSaint-Nicolas)
Route 9 (LeMoyneSaint-Simon)
Route 32 (Saint-SimonRichmond)
A-16 (Unbuilt; LeMoyneSaint-Hubert)
Major junctions
West end R-112 / R-134 in Longueuil
Major intersections A-30 in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
R-133 in Mont-Saint-Hilaire
R-137 in Saint-Hyacinthe
A-20 (TCH) in Saint-Simon
R-139 in Acton Vale
A-55 in Richmond
R-122 / R-161 in Victoriaville
R-165 in Princeville and Plessisville
A-20 (TCH) / R-171 in Lévis
East end R-132 in Lévis
Highway system
R-113 R-117

Route 116 is an east/west highway on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. It runs between Route 134 in Longueuil and Route 132 in Lévis, connecting the south shore areas of Montreal and Quebec City; it also serves the administrative regions of Montérégie, Centre-du-Québec, Estrie and Chaudière-Appalaches. Until the mid-1970s it was known as Route 9 between LeMoyne (presently part of Longueuil) and Saint-Simon; Route 32 between Saint-Simon and Richmond; and Route 5 between Richmond and Saint-Nicolas (presently part of Lévis).[2]

Route description

Route 116 begins in Longueuil at the junction of Route 134 (Boulevard Taschereau) in Borough of LeMoyne and called Boulevard Sir Wilfrid-Laurier, and name that it holds until Autoroute 20 east of Saint-Hyacinthe. Route 116 shares a concurrency with Route 112 until Saint-Hubert, just south of the Saint-Hubert Municipal Airport, to the junction of Autoroute 30 in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. This section is a controlled-access Autoroute-grade freeway. This portion was once envisioned to be part of Autoroute 16. An unofficial extension of Route 116 as thought of by locals, from the western terminus follows the Route 134 limited access expressway to the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

East of Autoroute 30, Route 116 is a high-volume, divided expressway with at-grade intersections as it passes through the growing South Shore suburbs of Montreal. It overlaps with Autoroute 20 for 6 km (4 mi), then has lighter traffic counts up to Richmond. Between Richmond and Plessisville traffic is heavier as it passes bigger towns as it is located further away from Autoroute 20; however the section from Plessisville and Lévis does not have much traffic due to its proximity to Autoroute 20.

Municipalities along Route 116

Major intersections

LongueuilLongueuil0.00.01 R-112 (Rue Saint-Louis) / R-134 (Boulevard Taschereau) – La Prairie, Pont Victoria, Pont Champlain, Jacques Cartier Bridge, MontréalInterchange; R-116 western terminus; west end of R-112 concurrency; west end of freeway
Boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier west end
2Boulevard Édouard
4.57.24 R-112 east (Boulevard Cousineau) – Longueuil, ChamblyEast end of R-112 concurrency; access to Saint-Hubert Municipal Airport
8Boulevard des PromenadesEastbound exit uses exit 9
9 A-30 – Sorel-Tracy, Vaudreuil-DorionA-30 exit 76; eastbound exit to A-30 west uses exit 8
11.318.2Boulevard SeigneurialAt-grade; east end of freeway
La Vallée-du-RichelieuMcMastervilleBelœil line21.835.1 R-229 north (Rue Bernard-Pilon)West end of R-229 concurrencey
Belœil24.038.6 To R-223 (Rue Richelieu) – Chambly, Vieux BelœilPartially grade separated
Richelieu River24.315.1Pont Jordi-Bonet (Jordi-Bonet Bridge)
Mont-Saint-Hilaire24.639.6 R-133 (Chemin des Patriotes) – Otterburn Park, Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuPartially grade separated
27.143.6 To A-20 / Grande Allée
29.747.8 R-229 south (Chemin Benoît) – Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Saint-DamaseEast end of R-229 concurrency
Les MaskoutainsSainte-Madeleine33.754.2 R-227 to A-20 – Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Saint-Damase
Saint-Hyacinthe43.570.0 R-231 south (Avenue Castelneau) / R-235 south – Saint-Damase, Saint-PieR-231 northern terminus; west end of R-235 concurrency
45.673.4 R-235 north (Boulevard Choquette)East end of R-235 concurrency
46.775.2 R-137 north (Rue Sicotte) / Avenue de la ConcordeWest end of R-137 concurrency
47.476.3 R-137 south (Avenue Saint-Louis) – GranbyEast end of R-137 concurrency
50.881.8 R-224 / A-20 – Granby, Saint-Simon
Saint-Simon57.392.2141 A-20 (TCH) west – MontréalWest end of A-20 concurrency; eastbound access to R-211; exit numbers follow A-20
Boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier east end
58.093.3143 R-211 south – Saint-Valérien-de-Milton
Saint-SimonSaint-Liboire boundary60.497.2145Saint-Simon, Saint-Liboire
62.9101.2147 A-20 (TCH) east – QuébecEast end of A-20 concurrency
ActonActon Vale82.3132.4 R-139 south – Roxton Falls, GranbyWest end of R-139 concurrency
83.1133.7 R-139 south – Wickham, DrummondvilleEast end of R-139 concurrency
Le Val-Saint-FrançoisMelbourne115.5185.9 A-55 – Drummondville, SherbrookeA-55 exit 88
Richmond117.0188.3 R-143 north / R-243 south – Melbourne, UlvertonWest end of R-143 / R-243 concurrency
117.7189.4 R-243 north – Saint-Félix-de-KingseyEast end of R-243 concurrency
118.9191.4 R-143 south – WindsorEast end of R-143 concurrency
Les SourcesDanville135.5218.1 R-255 north – Kingsey FallsWest end of R-255 concurrency
137.1220.6 R-255 south – Val-des-SourcesEast end of R-255 concurrency
Saint-Christophe-d'Arthabaska167.0268.8 R-161 south (Avenue Pie-X) – Chesterville, DisraeliWest end of R-161 concurrency
Victoriaville168.8271.7Boulevard des Bois-Francs – Centre-Ville
170.5274.4Boulevard Jutras
173.4279.1 R-122 west / R-161 north (Boulevard Pierre-Roux) – DrummondvilleR-122 eastern terminus; east end of R-161 concurrency; to A-955 north
L'ÉrablePrinceville183.5295.3 R-263 – Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, Saint-Norbert-d'Arthabaska
185.5298.5 R-165 north to A-20 – Saint-Louis-de-BlandfordWest end of R-165 concurrency
Plessisville193.5311.4 R-165 south – Saint-Ferdinand, Thetford MinesEast end of R-165 concurrency
195.0313.8 R-267 south – Inverness
195.6314.8 R-265 north to A-20 – Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes
Lyster216.7348.7 R-218 west – Notre-Dame-de-LourdesWest end of R-218 concurrency
218.8352.1 R-218 east – Sainte-Agathe-de-LotbinièreEast end of R-218 concurrency
LotbinièreDosquet232.8374.7 R-271 to A-20 – Laurier-Station, Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbinière
Saint-Agapit246.0395.9 R-273 north to A-20 – Saint-ApollinaireWest end of R-273 concurrency
246.6396.9 R-273 south – Saint-GillesEast end of R-165 concurrency
Saint-Gilles252.0405.6 R-269 south – Saint-Gilles, Thetford Mines
Lévis261.0420.0 R-171 north (Route Lagueux) to A-20 – Saint-Nicolas, QuébecWest end of R-171 concurrency
261.7421.2 R-171 south (Rue du Pont) – Saint-Lambert-de-LauzonEast end of R-171 concurrency
271.2436.5 A-20 (TCH) to A-73 – Montréal, Pont Laporte, Québec, Rivière-du-LoupA-20 exit 311
273.8440.6 R-132 to R-175 – Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly, Pont de Québec, Lévis (Centre-Ville)R-116 eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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