Winnipeg Route 90

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Route 90

Kenaston Boulevard
Century Street
King Edward Street
Oak Point Highway
Brookside Boulevard
Route 90 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by City of Winnipeg
Length24.8 km[1] (15.4 mi)
Major junctions
South endPTH 100 (TCH) (Perimeter Hwy)
Major intersections
North endPTH 7 north / Mollard Rd
Highway system
Route 85 Route 95

Route 90 is a major north-south arterial route in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It begins at the South Perimeter Highway (PTH 100) and ends at the city's northwest limit, where it continues north as PTH 7. Route 90 is designated as the city's airport route, as it passes by Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.[2]

Route description

Route 90 follows Kenaston Boulevard between the south Perimeter Highway and the Assiniboine River, through the suburbs of Waverley West, Fort Garry, and Tuxedo. North of the river, Route 90 enters St. James and follows Century Street to St. Matthews Avenue. Between St. Matthews and Dublin Avenues, it splits into separate one-way streets, with Century as the northbound and King Edward Street as the southbound. The route follows King Edward Street to the CP Carberry line underpass, after which Route 90 follows Oak Point Highway and later Brookside Boulevard before leaving the city and becoming PTH 7 approximately one kilometre south of the North Perimeter Highway (PTH 101).[3]


Kenaston Boulevard

Kenaston Boulevard is named after E. C. Kenaston, who was responsible for the development of Tuxedo, one of the main suburbs that the street passes through. Until the 1980s, it was a minor road that extended south to Scurfield Boulevard and was primarily used to access the inland cement plant and quarries located near present-day Fort Whyte. In order to accommodate increased traffic and development in the area, Kenaston Boulevard was extended to Abinojii Mikanah in the early 2000s and later all the way south to the Perimeter Highway in 2015.[4] Proposals currently exist to appropriate land former belonging the Canadian Armed Forces' Kapyong Barracks to widen the road between the rail crossing and the St. James Bridge.[5] A separate proposal would see the route extended south of the Perimeter Highway to Highway 75, providing a western bypass of St. Norbert.[6]

Oak Point Highway

Oak Point Highway in Winnipeg is an unattached remnant of an old road leading to Oak Point, Manitoba, which is now part of PTH 6.[7]

Major intersections

From south to north; all intersections are at-grade unless otherwise indicated:

Street NameLocationkm[1]miDestinationsNotes
Kenaston BoulevardFort Garry0.00.0 Perimeter Highway (PTH 100 (TCH))
Kenaston Boulevard south end
1.20.75 Waverley Street (Route 80 north)
4.83.0 Abinojii Mikanah (Route 165 west)Grade separated
5.73.5Scurfield Boulevard
6.44.0 McGillivray Boulevard (Route 155)To PTH 2 / PTH 3
7.04.3Lindenwoods Drive / Columbia Drive
Tuxedo8.85.5 Sterling Lyon Parkway (Route 145) – Outlet Collection Winnipeg
9.25.7Wilkes AvenueNorthbound exit only
9.86.1Taylor Avenue
10.66.6 Grant Avenue (Route 105)
11.47.1 Corydon Avenue (Route 95) – Assiniboine Park, Zoo
12.57.8Academy RoadPartially grade separated
Assiniboine River12.88.0St. James Bridge
Kenaston Boulevard north end • Century Street south end
Century StreetSt. James-Assiniboia13.28.2 PTH 1 (TCH) / Portage Avenue (Route 85) – Downtown WinnipegGrade separated
13.68.5Ness Avenue – Polo Park
14.18.8Silver Avenue – Polo Park
14.48.9St. Matthews Avenue
Century Street (northbound)
King Edward Street (southbound)
14.59.0King Edward Street south end (one-way transition)
14.99.3Ellice Avenue
15.39.5Sargent Avenue
15.79.8 Wellington Avenue – Airport
16.610.3Century Street north end (one-way transition)
King Edward Street16.910.5 Dublin Avenue (Route 57 east)
17.410.8Notre Dame Avenue – Red River College
18.411.4 Logan Avenue (Route 47 east)
Oak Point HighwayWest Kildonan18.711.6King Edward Street north end • Oak Point Highway south end
19.211.9Selkirk Avenue
Brookside Boulevard20.812.9Oak Point Highway north end • Brookside Boulevard south end
21.513.4 CentrePort Canada Way (PTH 190 west) / Inkster Boulevard (Route 25 east) – CentrePort Canada
24.815.4Mollard RoadWinnipeg city limits; continues as PTH 7
R.M. Rosser26.416.4 Perimeter Highway (PTH 101)
PTH 7 north – Stonewall, Teulon, Arborg
Interchange; exit 60 on PTH 101
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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