Manitoba Highway 3

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Provincial Trunk Highway 3

Boundary Commission Trail
Route information
Maintained by Manitoba Infrastructure
Length395 km (245 mi)
Major junctions
West end Hwy 18 at Saskatchewan border near Pierson
Major intersections PTH 83 at Melita

PTH 21 near Deloraine
PTH 10 near Boissevain
PTH 18 at Killarney
PTH 5 at Cartwright
PTH 34 near Pilot Mound and Crystal City
PTH 31 near Darlingford
PTH 14 between Morden and Winkler
PTH 23 near Roland
PTH 13 at Carman
PTH 2 at Oak Bluff

PTH 100 (TCH) at Oak Bluff
East end Route 155 at Winnipeg city limits
Rural municipalities
Major cities
Highway system

Provincial Trunk Highway 3 (PTH 3) is a major provincial highway located in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It runs from the Saskatchewan boundary (where it meets Highway 18) to the southwest city limits of Winnipeg, where it continues as Winnipeg Route 155 (McGillivray Boulevard). Prior before to the implementation of Winnipeg's City Route System, it extended to Pembina Highway.

West of its junction of PTH 14, PTH 3 is designated as the Boundary Commission Trail,[1] commemorating the historic red river cart trail which connected western communities to the North-Western Territory and to British Columbia.[2]

Route description

Junction between PTH 3 and PTH 10, between Bossevain and the International Peace Garden

PTH 3, and the Boundary Commission Trail, begins at the Saskatchewan border, with the road continuing east Saskatchewan Highway 18 (Hwy 18) towards Gainsborough and Estevan. The highway heads east to bypass Pierson to the north, where it has a short concurrency (overlap) with PR 256 and crosses a railroad line. It now leaves Pierson behind and heads for several kilometers, having an intersection with PR 252 near Elva before joining PTH 83 in a concurrency and heading north up the Souris River valley. They enter the town of Melita, where they have a junction with PR 445 before PTH 3 splits off and heads east along the southern edge of town. The highway crosses the Souris River to leave Melita, and the river valley, to head for a few kilometers to cross into the Municipality of Brenda - Waskada at its first intersection PR 452.

PR 452 joins PTH 3 in a concurrency for roughly 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) before splitting and heading south towards Waskada. PTH 3 curves to the southeast, after crossing another railroad track, to pass through Medora, where it has a short concurrency with PR 254, before curving back eastward to cross into the Municipality of Deloraine - Winchester. The highway now shares a roughly 8-kilometer-long (5.0 mi) concurrency with PTH 21 before splitting off at Deloraine, though it mainly bypasses the town along its western and southern sides. PTH 3 travels near the southern coastline of Whitewater Lake (as well as just 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) north of Turtle Mountain), where it junctions with PR 450 (which leads to Lake Metigoshe) before crossing into the Municipality of Bossevain - Morton.

PTH 3 crosses several streams and creeks as it makes its way to an intersection with PTH 10 (John Bracken Highway), roughly halfway between the town of Bossevain and the recreation areas of Turtle Mountain Provincial Park and the International Peace Garden. The highway crosses into the Municipality of Killarney - Turtle Mountain shortly thereafter, having a junction with PR 346 near Ninga before entering the town of Killarney. It passes through some neighborhoods along the southern edge of town as it travels along the southern coastline of Killarney Lake to come to an intersection with PTH 18. PTH 3 joins PTH 18 and the two head south to leave Killarney and head south for a few kilometers before PTH 3 splits off near Lena, heading east to have a junction with PR 458 near Holmfield before entering the Municipality of Cartwright - Roblin.

PTH 3 travels through the town of Cartwright, where it has an intersection with PTH 5 and crosses Badger Creek , before continuing east to have a junction with PR 442 just south of Mather before entering the Municipality of Louise. It has an intersection with its alternate route, PTH 3A near Clearwater, before crossing Cypress Creek and becoming concurrent with PTH 34. They head north through Crystal City, having another intersection with PTH 3A and PR 423, and Pilot Mound, where it has an intersection with PR 253, before PTH 3 splits off and heads eastward into the Municipality of Pembina.[3]

Intersection of PTH 2 and PTH 3 during a construction project in Oak Bluff

PTH 3 now goes through some switchbacks as it crosses the Pembina River valley, having a short concurrency with PR 242 in the town of La Rivière. The highway leaves the river valley behind and heads due east to Manitou, where it has an intersection with PR 244 and starts paralleling a railroad. It makes a short jog to the south for a couple kilometers before curving back eastward to have an intersection with PR 528. PTH 3 travels along the southern edge of Darlingford, where it junctions with PTH 31 and PR 240, before traveling into the Rural Municipality of Stanley.

PTH 3 travels through the community of Thornhill before entering the city of Morden, passing directly through the city center and having an intersection with PR 432, though it does avoid downtown just a few blocks to the south. The highway widens to a four-lane divided highway as it leaves the city, heading east for 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) to come to an intersection with PTH 14 just outside the city of Winkler, where PTH 3 heads north as a two-lane and Boundary Commission Trail follows PTH 14 eastward to PTH 32. The highway passes by Winkler Bible Camp before entering and traveling through the Rural Municipality of Roland for the next several kilometers, having a junction with PTH 23 near Roland, before crossing Shannon Creek and entering the Rural Municipality of Dufferin.

PTH 3 enters the town of Carman and travels through a neighborhood before coming to an intersection between PTH 13 and PR 245 in a business district just south of downtown, with PTH 3 turning right and heading eastward to travel through another neighborhood before leaving Carman and heading eastward through Homewood to cross into the Rural Municipality of Macdonald.

PTH 3 immediately passes through Sperling, where it has an intersection with both PR 205 and PR 336, before curving northeastward, paralleling a railroad line to travel through Brunklid, where it has intersections with PR 305 and PR 332. The highway now passes through Sanford, where shares concurrencies with PR 334 and PR 247, as well as crossing the La Salle River. PTH 3 enters Oak Bluff at a roundabout intersection with PTH 2 (Red Coat Trail), continuing northeast along the eastern edge of the community to an intersection with PTH 100 (South Perimeter Highway / Trans-Canada Highway). Winnipeg Route 155 (Route 155) starts here, and the two head northeast concurrent with each other along McGillivray Boulevard to the Winnipeg city limits in the Fort Whyte neighborhood, at an intersection with Brady Road. PTH 3 ends and Route 155 / McGillivray Boulevard continue into the city.[4]

The entire length of Manitoba Provincial Trunk Highway 3, with the exception of the short section between Morden and Winkler, is a rural two-lane highway.[5]

PTH 3's junction with PTH 100 (South Perimeter Highway / Trans-Canada Highway) and Route 155 (McGillivray Boulevard) in Oak Bluff

Major intersections

Two Borders00.0 Hwy 18 west – Gainsborough, EstevanContinuation into Saskatchewan
106.2 PR 256 north – Tilston, Piersonwest end of PR 256 overlap
127.5 PR 256 south – Lyleton, Minoteast end of PR 256 overlap
Road 166 Westformer PR 456 south
2214 PR 252 north – Elva
2717 PTH 83 south – Minotwest end of PTH 83 overlap
Town of Melita PR 445 west
4025 PTH 83 north – Virdeneast end of PTH 83 overlap
Two BordersRoad 154 Westformer PR 458 south
↑ / ↓5031 PR 452 north – Napinkawest end of PR 452 overlap
Brenda – Waskada5434 PR 452 south – Waskadaeast end of PR 452 overlap
Medora6239 PR 254 north – Lauderwest end of PR 254 overlap
PR 254 southeast end of PR 254 overlap
Deloraine – Winchester7547 PTH 21 north – Hartneywest end of PTH 21 overlap
8352 PTH 21 south – Bottineaueast end of PTH 21 overlap
9760 PR 450 south – Lake Metigoshe Recreation Area
Boissevain – Morton11270Road 119 West - Max Lakeformer PR 446 south
11773 PTH 10 (John Bracken Highway) – Boissevain, Peace Garden
Killarney – Turtle Mountain13081 PR 346 north – Ninga
Road 106 Westformer PR 346 south
14691 PTH 18 north – Killarney, Ninettewest end of PTH 18 overlap
15697 PTH 18 south – Rollaeast end of PTH 18 overlap
169105 PR 458 north – Holmfieldformer PR 340 north
Cartwright – RoblinCartwright179111 PTH 5 – Glenboro, Jamestownformer PTH 28 south / PR 258 north
191119 PR 442 north – Mather
Louise203126 PTH 3A east – Clearwater
210130 PTH 34 south – Devils Lakewest end of PTH 34 overlap
215134 PTH 3A west / PR 423 east – Clearwater
Crystal City217135Hay StreetPTH 3/34 turns northeast
Pilot Mound224139 PR 253 west – Glenora
229142 PTH 34 north – Hollandeast end of PTH 34 overlap
Pembina241150 PR 242 north – Somersetwest end of PR 242 overlap
La Rivière242150 PR 242 south – Snowflakeeast end of PR 242 overlap
Manitou252157 PR 244 north – Notre Dame de Lourdes
260160 PR 528 south – Kaleida
268167 PTH 31 south / PR 240 north – St. Claude, Langdon
StanleyRoad 34 West - Miami, Thornhillformer PR 338 north
Colert Road - Colert Beachformer PR 434 south
City of Morden286178 PR 432 (Mountain Street)
Stanley292181 PTH 14 east – WinklerPTH 3 branches north
Boundary Commission Trail continues on PTH 14 east
Roland311193 PTH 23 – Swan Lake, Roland
Town of Carman326203 PR 245 west (4th Avenue S) – Roseisle
PTH 13 north (Main Street) – Elm Creek
PTH 3 branches east
DufferinOld 248 Roadformer PR 248
Macdonald347216 PR 336 south to PR 205 – Sperling, Rosenort
Brunkild PR 305 – Ste. Agathe
PR 332 – Starbuck, Lowe Farm
374232 PR 334 – Sanford, Headingley, Domain
375233 PR 247 west – Sanfordwest end of PR 247 overlap
377234 PR 247 east – La Salleeast end of PR 247 overlap
Oak Bluff387240 PTH 2 – Treherne, Kenora
388241 Perimeter Highway (PTH 100 (TCH)) / Route 155 begins – Brandon, Kenorawest end of Route 155 overlap
City of Winnipeg395245 McGillivray Boulevard (Route 155 east) / Brady Road southWinnipeg city limits; PTH 3 eastern terminus; continues as McGillivray Boulevard (Route 155)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes


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