Manitoba Highway 2

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Provincial Trunk Highway 2

Red Coat Trail
Route information
Maintained by Manitoba Infrastructure
Length315 km (196 mi)
Major junctions
West end Hwy 13 at Saskatchewan border near Sinclair
Major intersections
East end PTH 100 (TCH) near Oak Bluff
Rural municipalities
Highway system

Provincial Trunk Highway 2 (PTH 2) is a 315-kilometer (196-mile) highway in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It runs from Highway 13 at the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border to Winnipeg's Perimeter Highway near Oak Bluff.

PTH 2 is the Manitoba portion of the Red Coat Trail.[1][2]

Manitoba Highway 2 in the RM of Pipestone

Route description

Typical guide signage along PTH 2

PTH 2 begins in the Rural Municipality of Pipestone at the Saskatchewan border, with the road, and the Red Coat Trail, continuing west as Saskatchewan Highway 13 (Hwy 13) towards the town of Redvers. The highway heads east, along with the Red Coat Trail, to pass along the northern edge of Sinclair, where it shares a 4-kilometer-long (2.5 mi) concurrency (overlap) with PR 256, before making a sharp curve to the south, then another to the east as it passes through Linklater. It now passes through the town of Reston and the community of Pipestone, where it has an intersection with PTH 83, before crossing into the Rural Municipality of Sifton.

PTH 2 pass just a few kilometers to the south of Oak Lake as it travels through the communities of Findlay and Deleau, where it has an intersection with PR 254 and have a several kilometer long concurrency with PTH 21, which involves a sharp curve to the north, then the east. The highway crosses into the Municipality of Souris - Glenwood at the second intersection with PTH 21.

PTH 2 has an intersection with PR 347 before crossing Plum Creek to enter Souris. The highway crosses a railroad track and passes through neighborhoods before having an intersection with PTH 22 and PR 250 at the northern edge of downtown. It begins paralleling the Souris River and leaves Souris as it passes along the south side of Souris Glenwood Industrial Air Park and crosses another railroad track. Shortly thereafter, the highway crosses into the Municipality of Oakland - Wawanesa at an intersection with PR 348.

Shot of PTH 2 during the summer

PTH 2 passes just to the north of Carroll before having a short concurrency with PTH 10 (also known as the John Bracken Highway), where it crosses yet another railroad track. It heads east to pass on the southern edge of Nesbitt, where it has an intersection with PR 346, before curving southeast, having an intersection with PR 344 and crossing the Souris River for the second and final time. The highway travels along the southern edge of Wawanesa, having intersections with Tenterfield Road (which leads to Dunrea) and PR 340 (which leads to Wawanesa proper), before crossing into the Municipality of Glenboro - South Cypress.[3]

PTH 2 makes a sharp curve to the south, then east, to have intersections with PTH 18 and PR 530, before heading due eastward to cross a creek and pass through Glenboro, where it junctions with PTH 5. The highway travels along the northern edge of Cypress River, where it has an intersection with PR 342 and crosses the river of the same name, before entering the Rural Municipality of Victoria.

PTH 2 curves more northeastward as it passes through Holland, where it has an intersection with PTH 34 and parallels a former railroad line, before entering the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne. The highway becomes more curvy as it passes through Treherne, where it has a concurrency with PR 242, and Rathwell, where it junctions with PR 244, before crossing into the Rural Municipality of Grey.

Distance sign along PTH 2 between St. Claude and Elm Creek

PTH 2 crosses PR 305 before going through a switchback and traveling through St. Claude, where it crosses PR 240. It goes through another switchback as follows along the northern and eastern edges of Haywood before traveling through Elm Creek, where it has intersections with PTH 13 and PR 247, as well as crossing over a railroad track. The highway continues northeast to pass through the communities of Culross and Fannystelle, where it has an intersection with PR 248, before entering the Rural Municipality of Macdonald.

PTH 2 in St. Claude

PTH 2 passes through Starbuck, where it has an intersection with PR 332 and crosses the La Salle River, before heading due east to have an intersection with PR 424 and a short concurrency with PR 334. The highway now travels along the southern edge of Oak Bluff, where it meets PTH 3 at a roundabout shortly before PTH 2, and the Red Coat Trail, both come to an end at an intersection with PTH 100 (South Perimeter Highway / Trans-Canada Highway).[4]

The entire length of Provincial Trunk Highway 2 is a rural, two-lane highway traveling through the relatively flat prairies of southern Manitoba.[5]

Typical scenery along PTH 2, taken here between Holland and Treherne


Before the implementation of the Winnipeg's city route system, PTH 2 shared McGillivray Boulevard with PTH 3 to Pembina Highway. This roadway is now designated as Winnipeg Route 155.

Major intersections

Pipestone00.0 Hwy 13 west (Red Coat Trail) – Redvers, WeyburnContinuation into Saskatchewan
Sinclair106.2 PR 256 south – Tilstonwest end of PR 256 overlap
148.7 PR 256 north – Cromereast end of PR 256 overlap
Reston2516Road 160 Westformer PR 252 south
2616Road 159 Westformer PR 252 north
Pipestone3522 PTH 83 – Virden, Melita
SiftonDeleau5937 PR 254 – Oak Lake Beach, Lauder
6742 PTH 21 south – Hartneywest end of PTH 21 overlap
↑ / ↓7547 PTH 21 north – Griswoldeast end of PTH 21 overlap
Souris – Glenwood7949 PR 347 eastformer PR 454 south
Souris9157 PTH 22 south – Elgin
PR 250 north – Alexander
↑ / ↓10666 PR 348 north
Oakland – Wawanesa11370 PTH 10 north (John Bracken Highway) – Brandonwest end of PTH 10 overlap
11873 PTH 10 south (John Bracken Highway) – Boissevaineast end of PTH 10 overlap
Nesbitt12578 PR 346 south – Margaret
13383 PR 344 east – Wawanesa
13886Tenterfield Road – Dunreaformer PR 344 south
13986 PR 340 north – Wawanesaformer PR 344 north
Glenboro – South Cypress14489 PTH 18 south – Killarney
14791 PR 530 north
15898Road 88 West – Stocktonformer PR 340 north
16099Road 86 West – Belmontformer PR 340 south
Glenboro167104 PTH 5 – Carberry, Baldur, Cartwrightformer PR 258
Cypress River180110 PR 342 south – Glenora
VictoriaHolland196122 PTH 34 – Austin, Pilot Mound
Norfolk TreherneTreherne209130 PR 242 south – Somersetwest end of PR 242 overlap
213132 PR 242 north – Rossendaleeast end of PR 242 overlap
Rathwell219136 PR 244 south – Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes
227141 PR 305 – Long Plain
GreySt. Claude233145 PR 240 – Portage la Prairie, Roseisle, St. Claude
Road 35 Westformer PR 338 south
Old 338 Road 32 West – Haywoodformer PR 338 north
Elm Creek259161 PTH 13 – Oakville, Carman
261162 PR 247 east – Sanford
Fannystelle278173 PR 248 – Elie
MacdonaldStarbuck290180 PR 332 – Dacotah, Brunkild
298185 PR 424 north – Springstein
302188 PR 334 south – Sanfordwest end of PR 334 overlap
306190 PR 334 north – Headingleyeast end of PR 334 overlap
Oak Bluff313194 PTH 3 to PTH 100 (TCH) west / Route 155 east – Winnipeg, Carman
315196 PTH 100 (TCH) east (Perimeter Highway) – KenoraPTH 2 eastern terminus; no eastbound left turn
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

External links

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  • Official Highway Map - Published and maintained by the Department of Infrastructure - Provincial Government of Manitoba (see Legend and Maps#1 & 2)
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